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For King and Country! Pike & Shotte – new Starter Set

When you’re used to paying GW prices other systems seem so much cheaper.  Yet there are times when you see some amazing deals that seem to good to be true.  Recently it’s been bought to my attention that Warlord Games have released Pike & Shotte.  A set of rules based on Black Powder for wargaming in the 16th and 17th centuries and now Warlord Games have released starter sets for just £60.

So I placed an order with my local shop (Wargames Emporium) and they even offered the regular 10% off of this, meaning for £54 I received:

  • 208 page hardback full colour rulebook
  • 82 Miniatures consisting of
    • 58 Pike & Musket inc Command
    • 12 Cavalry
    • 12 Firelocks

That, as I hope you agree is quite an amazing deal.

So if you fancy playing English Civil War or Thirty Years War or any other battle/war in the 16th and 17th Centuries then pick up these rules, and better still pick up a starter box and find someone else who wants to play.

Go down to your local bricks and mortar shop and order it, or go online and use folks such as Wayland Games.

I plan to make a Parliamentarian force, so looking for those of Royalist blood.  Right I’ll leave you now with some pictures of the box, I’ll not be putting any of these together just yet as I’m still working on my Vikings, but I have taken the time out to get excited.


Clash of Empires – Vikings! The Age of Ravens Sourcebook and a bit more…

A few months back we had an offer posted on the Clubs forum, regarding Clash of Empires (CoE). This is described on Amazon as ‘Tabletop Wargaming Rules for Battles from Deepest Antiquity to the Medieval Era’.

I enquired into what CoE was really all about via our clubs forum and got told that it was all about historical gaming from all periods of history from Classical to Roman through to Viking, Dark Ages and through to the Medieval period of history, it sounded ace.

What was better though was that Great Escape Games were offering the club a great offer as they have recently released the second source book for CoE called ‘Age of Ravens’ which to my delight had Vikings.  As I keep being told I have vikings blood in me (I burn as soon as the sun comes out, I have a large frame, I am aggressive and I have a beard and a thirst for ale…) anyway I’ve always liked them since a school visit to the Viking Museum in York all those years ago.

The club deal was excellent and we received:

The main rulebook ‘Clash of Empires‘ nearly 200 pages of A4 lovelyness all contained within a hardcover.  Printed on what feels 115gsm silk paper showing that no expense has been spared and laid out in a way easy to find the section you want as they’ve colour coded the sections.

In this book as you’d expect you have rules concerning Army list creation, movement, combat, morale, game sequence, scenarios and everything you need to play. I’ve had a quick read of this, and I will write a blog post all about this in a few weeks when I’ve had the chance to do that and then had a chance to play this game at the club.

The next book we got was the ‘The Rise and Fall of Persia‘.  This is the first source book for CoE, just like the rulebook its a hardback, full colour, silk paper and it’s got 130 pages.  It allows you do built 28 armies lists from Classical armies, through to Persian Empire, Cyrus the Great, Peloponnesian Wars (Greek vs Greek) and Alexander the Great.

The last book we received is the book I first talked about above, the ‘Age of Ravens‘ and my favourite book (as it has the Vikings in it).  Once again it’s another hardbacked, full colour book with around 112 silky pages and allows you to build up to 18 different armies which are split into different times.

As it’s my favourite book of the three and I’ve read it more indepth than the others and so here I can go into a lot more detail. Do not worry, I plan to build an army for the first source book and when I do, I’ll let you know.

As mentioned, the book is split into three different times and within each of these are a number of Armies of that time.  Here are the three periods with the lists contained within.

  • Wolves Upon the Fold
    • Viking Raiders (c. 793-865)
    • Irish (Hiberno-Norse) (c. 795-1167)
    • Welsh (c. 700-1200)
    • Picts (c. 550-845)
    • Scots (c. 700-1124)
    • Middle Anglo-Saxon (c.700-1016)
    • Viking Great Army (c. 830-1130)
  • Invasion and Conquest
    • Later Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Danish (c. 1016-1071)
    • West Francia (c. 879-1100)
    • Breton (c. 750-1100)
    • Norman (c. 911-1100)
    • Anglo-Norman (c. 1072-1154)
  • The battle for Spain
    • Later Visigothic (c. 654-718)
    • Ummayad Invasion (c.711-750)
    • Early Christian Spanish (c.750-1040)
    • Al-Andalus (c. 756-1172)
    • Later Christian Spanish (c. 1040-1250)
    • Berber (c. 1039-1269)

Between each period you are given pages of photographs showing miniatures representing various units and armies from the period, pages of them in fact and all in full glorious colour.  Plenty of reference models shown and you’re told who makes them, and my flick through to find this information showed that a fair few seem to be made by Gripping Beast.

The book almost finishes up with three scenarios:

  1. Brunanburh 937 (Army of Atheistan (Middle Anglo-Saxon) vs Celtic-Viking Alliance (Viking Great Army))
  2. Val-ès-Dunes 1047 (Norman Rebel Barons (Norman) vs Franco-Norman Alliance (West Francia))
  3. Torrevicente 981 (Galib’s Rebel Alliance (Early Christian Spanish) vs Caliphate of Cordoba (Al-Andalus))

But then finally slips in some more information on wargaming in Viking Britain and Western Europe in the 9th-12th centuries.

My aim was to get into the Vikings and I was pointed towards the Viking Great Army.  Lucky for me Great Escape Games have read my mind and have produced a ready to purchase Army!

Here’s a link to that product, look at that £80 (plus a bit of P&P) for 128 models (28mm), of which it’s a mix of plastic (Gripping Beast) and soft metal (Artizan Designs and Crusader Miniatures).

The Viking Army Deal contains the following:

  • 2 boxes of Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen (88 figures total)
  • Artizan Designs Viking jarl and standard bearer, plus 2 hersir
  • Crusader Miniatures 20 bondi
  • Crusader Miniatures hirdmen command and berserkers
  • Crusader Miniatures 8 archers (skirmishers)

That looks like this:

As you can see, a great deal when compared with other games and this is enough for 2500 points.

So then my CoE plan, in a few weeks I’ll make the plastic figures up and then spend a week preparing them (trimming seams etc), give them a black undercoat (not sure how now my Shed has gone) and then get to work on overbrushing all the chainmail…

One thing I forgot was that as I was one of the first to get the new source book I received a bonus figure, according to the Great Escape Games website it’s a Viking Warlord!  Exactly what I need and here’s a picture.

Anyway until next time, have a good one and keep fighting.



Had a game a few weeks ago now of Maurice.

It’s a set of Tabletop Wargamming rules for the time when Gentlemen used to play at war.  Very simply put it covers a good range of years, pre Napoleonic so for us we played some Seven Years War stuff.

It wasn’t me who was meant to be playing though.  I got invited along to a game between Paul and Gavin at ‘the bunker’ and as it was my first time watching the system (even though I have the rules) Paul thought I should take over.

Let’s say that I lost, lost quite easily (even though I had some small victories) this was because it was all new to me and quite different from other games, even from other Sam Mustafa games such as Lasalle.

So then what makes is different?

The first big thing is the movement of your troops.  Very simply put you may only move one ‘force’ at a time.  A force is the name given to a number of units within 2 bases of each other.  Also to make things better, you need to ‘pay’ for the distance from your commander to the ‘force’ they want to order.

The game is used with cards, the cards offer events, bonuses, actions and you may play them at the right time.  They also have a number of it which you can use to ‘buy’ the order (pay for the distance as stated before).

Again, very different.  To add to the fun as well, depending on your actions you may or may not gather game cards, so you could end up (like I did) not being able to do anything as I didn’t have enough points on the cards to pay for anything.

I very much like this system and hope that as a club, we play more of it.

I picked myself up a French SYW army in 10mm from Pendraken, which cost a massive £23.20 for a complete army!

Paul (aka Goat – mentioned above) was good enough to provide me with some bases and some French flags.  All I need to do now is paint the blasted things.

Here are some pictures of what I bought:

As you can perhaps not see, that’s a lot of miniatures.

The SYW Army pack contains:

1 x Grenadier foot march attack w/o turnback (SYF6) – 30 Models
1 x 3pdr gun with crew  (SYF11) – 3 guns + crew
1 x Heavy Cavalry (SYF13) – 15 models.
2 x Tricorn foot march attack w/o turnbacks (SYF1) – 60 models
2 x Tricorn foot marching w/o turnbacks (SYF2) – 60 models

As a guide, we base 10 infantry or  5 cavalry per base which is 2″ by 1″.

So that’s quite a project must must must get my eyes checked and new glasses, would like to paint these chaps!

That’s enough for tonight, tomorrow I’ll post some details on the first of my 95th that have been returned….

Until then Huzzah!

Like Buses…

Breakfast is finished with, it’s 9:30am (9:36 to be precise) and I’m continuing to locate models that need painting.

It’s now 12:15 and a lot of work has been done.

Emails sent, letters written, tidying done and so on, and now here I sit again.

Packaged up my 95th Rifles to send to Artmaster Studios – very much looking forward to seeing how they’ve painted the other 16 I sent a few weeks back.  Sadly I’ve done some budgeting and i’ll be reducing the number of miniatures that I send to them.  I’d like to send them all, but here’s what I have in my British Army that needs painting.

Line Infantry: 180
Highlanders: 120 (60 Centre and 60 Flank)

2 Guns and 10 crew.

Hussars: 14
British Light Dragoons: 12
Household Cavalry: 12

Major Generals on Horseback: 3
Hanoverian KGL & Highlander Colonels on Horseback: 3

Now Artmaster charge a reasonable rate (this page doesn’t render well using FF). £10 per infantry and £20 per Cavalry, 10% postage and £1 per base, not too bad, but it all adds up.

Looking at what I have above, the cost would be:

  • Infantry: 300 @ £11 = £3300
    Cavalry: 38 @ £21 = £798
    Officers: 6 @ £21 (Museum Quality) = £126
  • Grand Total : £4224 – 10% (for larger orders) = £3801.60 then we add some P&P back on..


P&P is around 10% normally, however sometimes it’s £10 minimum and £75 maximum for orders, so that’s quite good I think, due to the demands from the Post Office!

Again not a bad figure for a fully painted army, but with the house extension and my set of rules that are moving along at some pace, I’m not sure what I can get painted.

My thinking is that I get them to paint up my better units and I paint up the lesser units and try and match their style (their style is what I really liked).

So there we have it, two blog posts in 24 hours, a bit like buses, you wait ages for one, and two turn up!

Anyway about to email Toby regarding miniatures….


Back, yes back – update on basic stuff, long post.

I’m currently writing my own set of Wargames rules, currently it’s titled ‘Empire of Sand’.  I have a domain for it, and should work on that, but too busy working on the actual rules.

Just ordered GW’s 40k 6th Edition.  Two copies.  Normal rulebook for the reading of, using and playing and the collectors for storing.  I plan to take that edition down to Warhammer World and find some of those responsible to sign it.

The madman in me is still living.

Wargamming though.  I had a short go of Maurice during the week.  I am really really liking that system, it’s very good, so good that I’ve ordered a 10mm French SYW army from Pendraken Miniatures.

I’m slowly building my 28mm Perry Brothers British Line Infantry Napoleonic mniatures.  I built up one Victrix gun and had that painted by Toby at Artsmaster.  He’s currently painting some 95th Rifles for me (16) which I should get back next week and then I’ll send him another 16, or maybe 36 redcoats…. not sure yet, trying not to spend money.


I found Artmaster Studios  just by random, looking somewhere for something and found an awful video.  Ah yes, I was looking for colours for the above models and just found someone with a painting video.

Emailed them, Toby replied and now he’s doing them.  It’s not cheap, approx £10 per model (and I have over 300 to paint) so I’m going to have to do some myself.  I do like the style though, like it very much.  It’s not how I’d paint, so i’m going to have to learn how to copy it so my units all fit in!

I should get off my bottom and paint things, I have so many things to paint.  Let’s see:

Warmachine – Menoth forces include Daughters of the Flame (6), Exemplar Errants (10), EE UA (2), Wracks (3), Holy Zealots (6), HZ UA (1), 3 Warjacks (3), Choir (6), 3 Warcasters (3). Cinerators (6) and Cryx, I have 4 Warjacks (4) and a Warcaster (1).  On top of these I have Solos, so I have Vassal,, EE Seneschal and others.

Warhammer 40k – Not sure where to begin, approx 300 Eldar, approx 200 Marines including Land Raider, Vindicator, 3 Drop Pods…..

Warhammer Fantasy Battle – 3 Batallions of Dwarfs (112 Warriors, 64 Rangers/Thunderers/Quarralers), 3 Cannons and 1 Bolt Thrower.  Plus Rune Lord and Rune Smith (both Finecast).

Clash of Empires – Viking Force (128)

British Napoleonic – 2 Artillery (10), Highlanders (120), Riflemen (16), Line Infantry (180).

Relics – all the starter sets, must be 40 figures.

Empire of the Dead – Gentlemen (8),  Brotherhood (8) and Victorian Zombies (10)

So a quick count, 55ish add 500 40k add 180 WHFB add 128 Vikings add 326 Naps add 40 Relics and add 26 EoTD, what’s that 1255.

Not included my new 10mm army (that’s on it way), or the 2 15mm armies I have here!

To help i’ve ordered from Warlord Games, one of these:

Warlord Games Desktop Painting Station

I’ve added some of their paint racks as well, I hope to be able to clear some space so I can pull the rack down, paint some figures, put the rack away etc.

Anyway that’s it for now.  I’ll post more when it happens, but changes are happening.


It’s been months

Crumbs, months it’s been since I posted here after my initial flurry of posts.

Let’s see what’s going on.

Picked up wargamming again – dropped OU.  OU was just proving to be too boring, and so decided to swap the time.  I also picked up Star Wars: The Old Republic and am currently playing that a lot until we’re all bored and move over to the next game.

Anyway more on that later on, got a solid days work to get through.