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More strange goings on in the world of Relicia….a game of football being played?

I’ve been absent from my blog for a good while.

Sadly my evenings and weekends have all been occupied with the extension to my home here in Yorkshire. I didn’t realise the time it would take to clean rooms of their clutter to allow carpets to go down, clear those rooms that were used to have them fitted with new carpets, only after doing all of this to paint the rooms. Madness.

Anyway I digress as I’m here to talk about the Relics Armistice League. What’s that you ask? Well the world of Relicia is rather dark, well more than dark, it’s very dark and deadly,  just like in the 41st century there’s a lot of war going on.

Relics Armistice League Logo

However in one part of the world, (an island I believe) they hold games of fantasy football centered around league and tournament formats.

Now these games of football are not what you’d expect. That’s not quite true, knowing Relics they are like you expect. The ball is metal and spiked allowing you to injure other players with it, there are players who are ‘Brutes’ and their job is to maim an oppositions player (if you so choose) and pretty much it’s lethal.

Just imagine the speed of Rugby, mixed with the aggression of Relics mixed in with a feeling of American football and then you’re almost there.  From my inside knowledge it’s going to be excellent, but it’s in design still and some time off…

To start the ball rolling on this, the nutter behind TOR Gaming has decided to create a Kickstarter Project for the Britanan All Stars.  The project is looking for £5,500 to aid with the funding required to concept, sculpt, mould make and cast the first official team of which there are 9 exclusive miniatures that are just lovely.

The initial team is based on the Britanan faction from Relics.  So you have stitchpunk dolls all padded up to play ball….

Here are some of the sketches that the project has been showing.

Gavin has started to release some player profiles. Here’s the first that he posted today.

Terry Jones – Britanan All Stars

Relics is an excellent game, and this is going to be an excellent game, the miniatures are looking good and there’s simply no excuse as £22 willl pick you up 12 models!  (Assuming you’re based in the UK otherwise there’s a shipping fee of £10 to be added).

So don’t wait for me to carry on talking about this, see for yourselves here and go and pledge.  If you do pledge please mention this blog or leave me a comment.

I backed the Britanan All Stars Kickstarter Project

I backed the Britanan All Stars Kickstarter Project

Anyway expect to see lots of updates for this project and the best way of doing that is going to the source, but you never know I may get some insider exclusives!