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Current life, well current thinking

I’m doing an OU (Open University) module at the moment on Java (the programming language – not the coffee bean).

I’ve been coding for so long nothing surprises me and Java doesn’t.  Being an old skool C++ coder it’s just a step up with a lot of the niggly issues all taken care of and I like it.

Of course the only reason I’m learning Java is due to my OU degree is made up from a few core Java modules and that I want to get into coding stuff for Android.

I have an idea of a small desktop based app (to start) that reads in a series of folders and creates a LastFM compatible list of Artist Names and Album Titles so that I can post my music collection.

I don’t know enough Java to do this without the help of Google, but I know what to do and so it’s a matter of finding out what commands to use more than anything.

This is how I learnt to code though in the first place.  I knew what I wanted to do (text adventure on the BBC B back in ’82) I just needed to do it….

So perhaps I will, and maybe i’ll post some code here and find out how friendly, maybe there’s also a LastFM API method that will allow to make a post without doing anything?