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Sons of Medusa – Badab Wars Chapter – A new project?

Greetings again,

Just as I thought I had enough on my plate I go and post something on a Facebook Group and then get an idea about a new project for the upcoming Warhammer World Doubles Weekend November 17/18th. However my brain wakes up the following day and I notice that it’s a WARHAMMER event NOT Warhammer 40k…. but still…..

A friend of mine has built a few of the Badab Wars era Chapters and I’ve always been wanting to – just never found one I liked them blammo! Dan suggests the Mantis Warriors and I pull out the Imperial Armour Badab Wars Part II Book turn to page 64 and there they all are, in their lovely colour plate glory, but a further flick and I see the ‘Sons of Medusa’ another great looking Chapter, and a quick review of them and it’s them I choose.

But as with all non-supported Chapters the lack of official shoulder pads/decals is a pain. Fear not though, a quick look on google and I find that the Bolter and Chainsword forum have a pretty impressive project – they have a series of Decals for a lot of chapters, here is the link.

So I locate the Sons of Medusa and find two decals, the main issue being that I can only print these in black and not white like they are, I cannot freehand the number I would require, but what I could do is paint a white circle and then put the decal over the top, giving the impression of the white background.

Here’s the link to the PDF that I think I shall be using.

Of course to print these decals will require decal paper and an Ink-jet printer, I have neither and the latter is probably expensive to acquire just for a sheet of decals.  I shall look into this, it’s possible I can borrow one, but here are a few places that you can acquire what you need and some instructions.

Decal Paper

Acrylic Spray (seals the ink)

Next comes to the question of what force.  Well if this is to be a 750 point force for the doubles, then we don’t have a lot of points to mess with.

We have 2 choices as to where to build the list from, we have the Space Marine codex and the Badab War Space Marine Siege Assault  Vanguard list, I think the latter serves best.  However it does mean we are limited to what we can field, certain options are not available, Drop Pods, Bikes, Scouts etc as the list is designed for boarding and assaulting other spaceships and orbital attacks where those things would not be of much use (I personally see Drop Pods as a great use in Orbital strikes but…..)

So that also means the basic make up of the list is different, we require:

  • HQ
  • 2 x Troops
  • Heavy Support

The last item on that list is the different item, we must bring a Heavy Support unit, nice.

The list also allows me to add (for 50 points) the boarding assault shields (Siege Mantlets) which allow you to re-roll your armour saves against shooting attacks.  So against most attacks they stand a darn good chance of surviving, plus we get to field these, which when painted up look like the chaps on the right (Imperial Fists Chapter).

I fancy buying them just to paint them, need though to come to terms with the colour scheme for the SoM, a spray is required, perhaps Army Painter Green.  Then a lighter green to start to build up the highlights, as I prefer to use Vallejo paints these days, a Vallejo green would be good, but with a bit of luck I found this using the power of Google and then via a Dakka Dakka link.

It’s quite a long video but goes from start to finish (uses an airbrush for base colour/highlights) but is a great guide, and I will be using it (and it gives me an excuse to get the airbrush out!).


So next time I’m off into town I shall pop to Wargames Emporium and pick myself up the missing paint colours that I need.  I’ve not made a list but it’s perhaps just the greens I need, I know I have the Airbrush Silver for example.  One thing that is interesting is his ‘wash’, an oil based wash that he can wash off, makes me think of the gloss varnish wash, either way Id use a GW wash and be more careful with it – but I do understand that they taint the colour and you normally have to repaint/highlight something – perhaps time to try something new.

Right then, it’s a deal.  I shall make the SoM, it’ll be a winter project.  I’ll talk to Dan, get a decent 750 point list, buy it, build it, paint it and then play it.


The Dawn of War, Day 6?

25 Years they say, has it really been 25 years since I first picked up Warhammer 40,000?  Then called Rogue Trader, that tome with the hardback cover all those pages of rules, drawings and some miniatures.  I can’t remember much about it.  I can remember building a Chapter and selecting the Space Wolves before GW went silly on them.

No such thing as a codex, but plenty of support in White Dwarf.  Good times, cheap figures, 2 Land Raiders in one box for £20 and plenty of drastic plastic beaked marines.  I though went Ork, picked up Waaarrggghhh the Orks and ‘Ere we go and built a bad moon force…. it was a shame what they did to the Dwarfs of Warhammer and I hope one day they return, return as Dwarfs are meant to be, short, strong and equally as stubborn.

So what’s the point of this post?

Not 100% sure is that answer, perhaps just an insight into how I think.  I played 5th Edition, only lost 1 game (only played a dozen) (and only lost that to a cheating opponent – as I later found out) and as such I can’t say I’m an avid 40ker..  Yet when GW announced 6th Edition I thought they’d actually learn from the changing wargamming world (where there share is shrinking) and as it’s 25 years later we would probably see a very nice effort to make this edition special.

Me being me, I bought the rulebook (from Wayland Games) and then went over to GW and bought the Collectors Edition.  The latter was £80 and a lot for a book?  Not really, i’ve seen books that cost much more that are half the size in pages, this is a collectors item and on Ebay I can already see them going for £300+.

Here are a few images of the standard and collectors editions.

So above you have images mainly of the covers, and more pictures of the various different coverings of the collectors edition.  That edition comes in a box that’s all marked up, it’s then inside a slip case which has a gate fold cover.  Inside the slip case is the rulebook and I have to say the quality of the book is excellent, well worth the £80 and for some worth over £300 already.

I have plans though for it.  I’m going to go down to Warhammer World for whatever events with some friends and I’ll take it with me, ask to see if I can get it signed by any of the artists/writers.  Some could say that’ll ruin it, I don’t agree.

What do I think of the new rules?  Not had a good chance to read them, I note the cover save still exists, which annoys me, since when does being behind a tree save me?  Surely it’s harder to hit me not hurt me if I’m hit….. vehicles have hull points and psykers have levels or somesuch.  I’m sure over time I’ll ingest all the rules and decide what I think.  Sadly the Black Templar don’t get too much of a mention in the miniatures showcase, not even a full page, yet the sisters do, I wonder if this is the future for the Templars?  I hope not, I want to finish painting my Templars at some point.

Talking of painting, finally booked myself an eye appointment on Thursday morning, assuming I get my glasses by the weekend I should be able to start reducing my massive collection of figures.

Anyway that’s enough for this post, 6th Edition, is it any better?  To early to say, but no big changes, nothing about 25 years and perhaps a pointless upgrade, time will tell.


Back, yes back – update on basic stuff, long post.

I’m currently writing my own set of Wargames rules, currently it’s titled ‘Empire of Sand’.  I have a domain for it, and should work on that, but too busy working on the actual rules.

Just ordered GW’s 40k 6th Edition.  Two copies.  Normal rulebook for the reading of, using and playing and the collectors for storing.  I plan to take that edition down to Warhammer World and find some of those responsible to sign it.

The madman in me is still living.

Wargamming though.  I had a short go of Maurice during the week.  I am really really liking that system, it’s very good, so good that I’ve ordered a 10mm French SYW army from Pendraken Miniatures.

I’m slowly building my 28mm Perry Brothers British Line Infantry Napoleonic mniatures.  I built up one Victrix gun and had that painted by Toby at Artsmaster.  He’s currently painting some 95th Rifles for me (16) which I should get back next week and then I’ll send him another 16, or maybe 36 redcoats…. not sure yet, trying not to spend money.


I found Artmaster Studios  just by random, looking somewhere for something and found an awful video.  Ah yes, I was looking for colours for the above models and just found someone with a painting video.

Emailed them, Toby replied and now he’s doing them.  It’s not cheap, approx £10 per model (and I have over 300 to paint) so I’m going to have to do some myself.  I do like the style though, like it very much.  It’s not how I’d paint, so i’m going to have to learn how to copy it so my units all fit in!

I should get off my bottom and paint things, I have so many things to paint.  Let’s see:

Warmachine – Menoth forces include Daughters of the Flame (6), Exemplar Errants (10), EE UA (2), Wracks (3), Holy Zealots (6), HZ UA (1), 3 Warjacks (3), Choir (6), 3 Warcasters (3). Cinerators (6) and Cryx, I have 4 Warjacks (4) and a Warcaster (1).  On top of these I have Solos, so I have Vassal,, EE Seneschal and others.

Warhammer 40k – Not sure where to begin, approx 300 Eldar, approx 200 Marines including Land Raider, Vindicator, 3 Drop Pods…..

Warhammer Fantasy Battle – 3 Batallions of Dwarfs (112 Warriors, 64 Rangers/Thunderers/Quarralers), 3 Cannons and 1 Bolt Thrower.  Plus Rune Lord and Rune Smith (both Finecast).

Clash of Empires – Viking Force (128)

British Napoleonic – 2 Artillery (10), Highlanders (120), Riflemen (16), Line Infantry (180).

Relics – all the starter sets, must be 40 figures.

Empire of the Dead – Gentlemen (8),  Brotherhood (8) and Victorian Zombies (10)

So a quick count, 55ish add 500 40k add 180 WHFB add 128 Vikings add 326 Naps add 40 Relics and add 26 EoTD, what’s that 1255.

Not included my new 10mm army (that’s on it way), or the 2 15mm armies I have here!

To help i’ve ordered from Warlord Games, one of these:

Warlord Games Desktop Painting Station

I’ve added some of their paint racks as well, I hope to be able to clear some space so I can pull the rack down, paint some figures, put the rack away etc.

Anyway that’s it for now.  I’ll post more when it happens, but changes are happening.