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As you would know if you read my blog here, I use a number of painting services to paint a majority of my models.

The reason why I pay others when this hobby is costly enough?  My eyes are far-sighted and even with new glasses, it’s hard to see the really fine detail.  The main reason though is time.  It takes around a month to finish off a unit (10-20) models of any 28mm.  I can only spend an hour or so here and there and recently due to my desire to change my skill set I’ve got even less time.

So without much further info, I’ll start here.


Towerhill Studio

A newly formed Studio under the wings of Tor Gaming.  Between them they hold a collection of Golden Demon painting awards and their work ranges from excellent to incredible.  Prices are based on a day rate and quotes are available from their website.  I now use them for all my 30k/40k, Warmachine and Maulifaux painting.  Simply stunning – go look.

Napoleonics – 28mm

Artmaster Studio

These people provide a fine service.  Nice and quick.  Top quality and always what I’m looking for.  Their prices are ok, not the cheapest and not the most expensive but when you get a whole Battalion of 36 models painted the cost is ouch.  Worth it though, and they’ve now painted Rifles, Artillery, Highlanders, Cavalry and soon some Line Infantry.

Seven Years Wars – 10mm

Nik Harwood

I found this chap by asking Pendraken Miniatures who does their painting.  I got a good reply with a few people and then one I found the most helpful was Nik and as such he painted up my French SYW 10mm army that I have as a banner on this site.  I sent him a Prussian force (must be a year ago) and keep stalling on it.  Hopefully he wants to do it and I’ll get it done.


There we have it, all the studios that I’ve used (and continue to use) on my blog.  Should you need any further info or recommendations then please let me know.






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