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April is Warmachine month


I started to write a post a few weeks back about arranging my time better, sadly and rather ironically I didn’t finish it, and now it seems moot.  What I was trying to do was to tailor each month towards a specific game system.

As April will be the first month of this new system, I have decided that I shall make April the month of Warmachine.

Why Warmachine when I have countless other game systems with miniatures that need my love, care and attention.  Not sure.  I think it may be that I’ve been following Tor Gamings KS project and there’s mention of a new rulebook in A5 format.

My first foray into Warmachine came last summer where I used the Menoth from a 2 player starter box and started to play against fellow Warmachiners at my local club, plus I had a game around a friends house whom I’d met through the club.  Anyway time moved on and I played only a handful of games and being me I bought a load of figures even before I had a chance to test them in the field.

So it seemed like the Tor Gaming idea sparked off interest as I pulled from my shelves all the A5 rulebooks I have and inspected the Warmachine one in great detail as I never did before.

Advance forward some 36 hours since I did that and the curse I have started to bubble and then boil inside my head….

I gave in and spoke to a friend via FB who was kind enough to help me restart my learning.  He (thanks Mick) did me a big favour and emailed me via Privateer Press’s ‘War Room’ app 4 army lists, of 15 points (1 list) and 25 points (3 lists).

Receiving these I analysed them and spent time reading about some of the units I’d never fielded before (the Temple Flameguard etc) as I previously hadn’t bought the unit and played what I had.

However it didn’t stop there.  I popped into town on Friday and picked up the Retribution of Scyrah faction book as I like the look of robots and stuff, plus I think the paint scheme talks to me, but back to Menoth.

Looking over the 4 lists, I could almost make 1 of them with the models I have, almost. I’d need 2 more solo units, so popping into town yesterday I asked around the Independent Games Shops about these solos and sadly neither had them.

Not a real issue, but as I said I don’t like fielding Proxy’s.  I therefore today spent time going over all 4 of the lists and tweaked 2 of the lists that I was sent.  Mick was kind enough to give me some basic rules on what to pick for low level points matches, the Avatar warjack and a choir being the most common.

Mick also advised me to stick to one Warcaster and basically go from there.  Previously I had chosen Thyra as she led the Daughters of Flame whom I bought and as a pairing they worked very well until a Cryx Warcaster caused ‘rough ground’ around himself that slowed everybody down…  It was a bit of a blow to me at the time how the main portion of my force was ‘removed’ from play so quickly.

Menoth seem to buff themselves rather than rely on high DEF/ARM and so I’ve chosen to use Feora, Priestless of the Flame as my main Warcaster and Grand Scrutator Severius for my lower point games just as someone who’s different.  He is after all classed as an ‘old man’.

Here’s my 15 point Severius based list:

  • Grand Scrutator Severius – War Jack Allowance: +6
    • – Blessing of Vengeance – Points Cost: 7 (6 paid using Severius’s WJ allowance)
  • Avatar of Menoth – Points Cost: 11
  • Vassal Mechanik – Points Cost: 1
  • Choir of Menoth – Leader & 3 Grunts: Points Cost: 2

The reason for this selection was based around trying to get a good count of models on the field after spending all those points on the Avatar make sure I had extra bang elsewhere.  Picking Severius chosen Warjack, the Blessing of Vengeance gives me an Arc Node to throw all those lovely spells a bit further up the battle field.  As the Avatar doesn’t have any need for focus from Severius there should be plenty going spare for spells and putting the max focus onto the BoV and his spells.

The choir being a small unit need to remain as far from the Avatar/BoV as possible, yet within range for their Hymms, they don’t need the ‘Spell Immunity’ hymm for the Avatar so I saves me the issue of what Hymm to sing.  Let’s hope they remain alive long enough.

Lastly the Vassal.  Very cheap at 1 point and useful

Here’s my 25 point Feora list:

  • Feora, Priestess of the Flame – Warjack Allowance: +6
    • – Devout – Points Cost: 5 (5 paid using Feora’s WJ allowance)
  • Avatar of Menoth – Points Cost: 11
  • Eiryss, Angel of Retribution – Points Cost: 3
  • Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist – Points Cost: 2
  • Vassal Mechanik – Points Cost: 1
  • Holy Zealots – Leader and 5 Grunts: Points Cost: 4
    • – Monolith Bearer – Monolith Bearer: Points Cost: 2
  • Choir of Menoth – Leader & 3 Grunts: Points Cost: 2

My thinking here is that the Devout will stay in base to base contact with Feora, as it is able to protect her using Spell Barrier and Shield Guard.  The Vassal would remain behind both until needed to repair the Devout (depending on my dice rolling of course).

But now to the hard work, I need to build some of these models for the first encounter on Thursday and those that I don’t have, I have ordered from Gifts for Geeks and I hope they can get them too me as soon as possible.

So a building plan, tomorrow build, Wednesday paint – just get some basic base colour paint on the Choir as these are used in both lists and it’s only 4 figures and requires no building or priming as they’re ready to paint.  The idea is to focus on a few units and learn how to use them, once I know that they’re good I’ll paint them up.

As a challenge to myself I’ll be trying to paint up one unit per week, or one light jack per week, or one heavy ‘jack per fortnight.  We shall see.

Anyway expect a battle report from this thursdays first games, I don’t expect to win, I don’t expect to remember how to play but I do expect to have some fun.