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The C’thu are coming…

Greetings all,

I trust you’ve all had a better xmas holiday break so far than I’ve had. I got a present off my eldest a day early – it was her stomach bug.  Not eaten that little for so many years, unusual and lack of ale hasn’t helped.

Well 2015 has been such a busy year.  Not just for me personally but also in the world of gaming, be that RPG/tabletop or War Gaming or even Video Gaming, an amazing year really.  I’ll be posting a recap of it next week but something new is happening in 2016…

Tor Gaming have started to release information about their up and coming Kickstarter Project.  The project is for the latest faction to see the light of day, and follows on from the hugely successful Ridend that were launched earlier this year.

Here’s a video teaser posted a few days ago on their facebook page and then on youtube.

So who are the C’thu?  Well aside from a new faction they’re a race influenced by the Cthulhu Mythos of H.P. Lovecraft.  Now I’m a huge fan of Lovecraft.  Whilst I’m not his most avid reader I have found myself lost within the world he created.  This has all come to the point where any faction for any game that’s influenced/based upon gets my attention and oh my, the C’thu have.

They’re for the Relics tabletop war game by Tor Gaming.  The chaps based in Sheffield (UK) have been producing Relics for about 5 years and the C’thu marks the 6th faction based on race to be released (there’s a Mercenary faction making a total of 7) and brings Horror to the game.  Horror being a lingering effect that makes you soil yourself (not really but your morale takes a hit).

The Kickstarter project goes live on 5th January 2016 and shows that Tor Gaming have moved with the times and now use 3d sculpting (Russ Charles) to create their figures.  A move that I like very much as with 3d sculpts you can see detail that you can’t really see in greens.

Here are some 3d sculpts that I’ve managed to liberate off of their facebook group.  As you can see lots of lovely detail and I love the mi-go influenced flying ‘thing’ that’s part of the starter set!

Here are some concept art as well, you can compare the sculpts against some of their concepts.  Of course, until models are actually mastered things may change but I’m hoping we get what we see!

If you love the Relics fiction then you can find some great new stories for the C’thu and then maybe find out more about them before the KS project starts.  So go off to the TG website and find it here.

Also here’s a new picture for ‘C’thu vs Ridend’ it’s very very very good.  This was done by Christian Schwager (see his FB page) who does all of the concept art for each figure for TG (well has done for many many years).

C'thu vs Ridend

C’thu vs Ridend

And now here is the story written by Dan Fellows for that picture – read and then run!

The bloodcurdling cries of the Ridend rang out into the night as the cult of C’thu rampaged through their woodland homes in the outback settlement of Wensnett, butchering without prejudice all who dared to stand in their path. The C’thunian Warriors snarled and spat as they brought their swords crashing down upon the skulls of their enemies, mauling and clawing at their foes as their slithering jaws snapped wildly. It was a blur of madness within the forest and the only way to distinguish the mature C’thunian from the younglings was by the length of the twisted tentacles that spewed forth from their slimy maws in a grotesquely tangled fashion. In every respect they were horrific to look upon and their characteristics were clearly gifted to them by the Last God whose image they resembled so greatly.

In the middle of the chaos an avatar of C’thu, a great Prime, directed the rabble. A being of pure filth, his corrupted flesh poured out from beneath his rusted armour and he dribbled from his dog like mouth as he spoke, muttering incoherently in a cursed tongue as he offered blood sacrifices to his patron.

The Hag Kin of the woodland realm watched helplessly from the shadows as the beasts slaughtered the Ridend children of the forest and torched their homes. There would surely be vengeance for this cruel deed acted out upon on them but for the time being, outnumbered and ambushed they were forced to simply observe as the monstrous Rapthorgul tore down the treetop homes of the peasants with startling ease; its jaws gnashing and slashing at the desperate victims as they tried to flee from the horror.

The Cult of C’thu had ambushed the Ridend for no other reason than to cause them suffering. There was no political or monetary gain to be gotten from the assault; it was simply destruction for the sake of it. The vicious hounds of Cantaaris had made their way into the village in the dead of night ahead of the main forces and killed many of the frail and the young, ripping their throats out as they slept. The youngling C’thunian Hunters had followed closely behind them, running ahead of their fathers and brothers in order to prove themselves and further their own status within the pack. In their attempt to prove their worth in the eyes of C’thu they had performed the most heinous and disgusting acts upon the Ridend, even going so far as to smother the tiny Ridend infants; snatching them from their cradles and the arms of their mothers, ignoring their harrowingly desperate pleas for mercy.

Those who were able to willingly took their own lives by plunging to the floor of the forest as they witnessed the slaughter of the infants, rather than live to become the playthings of the sick minded C’thu. Those who attempted to resist them were quickly put to the sword while the ruling Ridendean elders were resigned to suffer the worst torment imaginable.

The lords and ladies were stripped of their clothing and possessions before being presented before the Prime, they shook with fear as the combined forces of the C’thunian tore down their homes around them while the younglings sneered and spat at them. The Prime raised his arms to the heavens and roared his tainted curses loudly as he beckoned for the assistance of his god. A thick cloud of black smog fell over the elders, smothering them. They choked and gasped for air as the wind stripped the flesh from their bones and twisted them into a new unique form. As the smoke cleared all that remained of the elders was a gibbering mush of slimy flesh that slithered across the forest floor, warping and absorbing the bodies of the dead as the Cult of C’thu howled their harrowing songs of victory long into the night.

Lastly (for the moment) we come to the C’thu logo.  Look at this, looks great I think and I hope in the future that it’s on some badge and maybe more.  I’m sure we’ll find more about it during the KS Project.

C'Thu Logo

C’Thu Logo

Enough of this now, I’ll post again when the project goes live but join the FB page or sign up for the newsletter over at the Tor Gaming website so you don’t miss out because I may well run off screaming of some insanity when January 5th comes around.

Until my next post, keep gaming.




Relics Reinforcements 2 and a new Crowdfunding site…

Good Morning (and now afternoon) All,

I should be writing my Sunday Morning blog post on TGC but I thought I’d put this here as it will focus on the one thing, the Relics Reinforcements 2 project that’s happening on a new Crowd-funding website called ‘GamingFunder‘, and yes it’s just for us gamers!  So that means it should be quicker to find some new things and cheaper that only Crowd-funding websites for these ideas… more about that in another blog soon, but they do have a Facebook page if you want more news.

So back to the first project.  Let’s look at what this project is about.  I’m a long time fan of Relics (well as long as 3 years since I found it)  and I’ve never had my luck with the dice but have enjoyed the game itself as it’s different from all the others in how it works out if stuff ‘happens’ but also the look and feel of the models is not like anything else…

Now lets look at what the project is all about (stolen from the project page):

Help to fund the production of the Relics profiles remaining from the current rulebook. On top of that, there will be project exclusive mercenary sculpts usable by all factions!

So the starting target is £1200 ($2021USD) and it’s all ready reached that (after about 26 hours), and is now around 21% into the first Stretch Goal which will mean the HUGE Neum profile will have its model, the Ruina.  Now that’s not a huge total but it’s enough to get the project started.

Looking at the rule book and the project these are the profiles that still need models and here’s a nice list of them (by faction).


  • Heavy Dragoon
  • Rangers


  • Equites
  • Equitum
  • Ruina


  • DModer
  • Hunsmann


  • Brocken
  • Sol
  • Vicario

That’s a total of 10 profiles to fund which isn’t going to be a easy task as Relics isn’t stocked everywhere (but is slowing growing).  It therefore needs our help.  Looking down the various pledges it appears to be aimed at the new players as you can pick up a full army for £75 (available at this time) which is around $126USD and that price includes shipping!  That’s not a bad price for a large range of metal/resin models that won’t be a light package to send.

However the project hasn’t started with any of the remaining profiles, nope it’s done something better.  Scenery!  We’ve been after having some Relics scenery for our gaming boards for a good while and it’s nice to see something has happened.  First up comes some Portals.  These look good and will be useful for some games we play.

Next we can see that there’s a new profiles as well, a Mercenary that can be used by any faction.  I like that idea a lot and I like the figure that they’re giving to us if you back the project.

Look at him (it or her).  Looks very great don’t you think?  It’s going to cost £6.50 to add in but that’s one.  If you look at the project you can find his rules, but because this is a new profile (and it’s being tested) those rules/points/profile might change, don’t worry he’ll look very good on the table.

Next then we come to another Mercenary figure that they’re going to sell only for Tor Gaming Events, the Chronicler.  I don’t know much about this chap, but he looks very good as well.

So what’s next?  Well time to back it I think, plus look at all the add-ons (for their current models) and make a new army.  I’m thinking of getting a Neum army (I have Britanan already) and pick up the Mercenaries figures, from what I can see the £75 is still there, cool.

Also now just looking at the Stretch Goals and read an Update to say this will be changed, but down on that list are Objective Markers as well, now look at this guys!

WOW, just look at the Britanan Marker, lol, very good I think, very good.  Got to love the Orcnar one as well and look forward to hopefully being able to buy a Neum for my new army.

Right time for me to go out, but I’ll be back next week hopefully talking about the Stretch Goals that have been done…

Anyway if you want to find out more about Relics try first signing up to their forum here, and then have a look over at the Tor Gaming website.

Right I’ll be back in a few days, going to play some more Netrunner games and some Relics games I think!



Relics – The NEW rulebook, a first glimpse

So folks what brings me back here during a busy time in my life.

Well I’m happy to say that today I managed to get my hands onto the new Relics Rulebook.

As you may be aware if you’ve followed this blog I am a big liker of Relics because it’s quite different in how it’s rules work (which is copied in other games these days) from the ‘To Hit’ rolls also mean to wound and require you to roll pairs, ie with 2 dice you need 1’s on both or 6’s, as long as it’s a pair it doesn’t matter (well almost).  So I can with my snake eyes dice actually hit and do damage.

Anyway I digress, here’s a picture of the New Rulebook.

It’s the Collectors edition and so the cover is different from the main edition Rulebook and it cost just £22.  This is an absolute bargain when you consider the book is:

  • A5 Hardback – quality hardback with a square perfect bound spine.
  • 176 Full Colour decent quality paper pages
  • ~30 pages of rules using full colour diagrams
  • 13 profiles for each of the factions giving full breakdown of their stats and abilities – so no need to find out what ‘Doom Charge’ might mean.
  • Plenty of photo’s of the superb models
  • Full colour picture art from the amazing hands of Christian
  • Fluff – lots of fluff for everything but if you want more then visit the website.
  • v1.2 of the rules with all known issues resolved, updated rules for morale and more spells.
  • Only 200 Rulebooks printed for the Limited Edition all signed by Gavin

Enough of that, here are some pictures.

Anyway so my thoughts.

The new diagrams are superb and clear.   They functioned very well in the first edition of the rules but now they seriously stand out and are better than the GW versions.

Relics Collectors Edition v1.2 Rulebook - Full Colour Diagrams

The Profiles are expanded.  Each profile now has 2 pages.  Every one contains some concept art so now you can see/visualise what model you want, or find out what models you have plus some have expanded fluff, photo’s of the superb (and superbly painted) models and of course provide all stats, abilities and any spells that profile might have.

Relics Collectors Edition v1.2 Rulebook - Orcnar Profiles

Every page (bar the back pages for me!) are full colour.  Tor Gaming have used a system of tagging each page with the name of the section (top left or top right) and you’ll notice under the faction profiles that each profile has it’s factions logo in the corners of the pages.  Looks like a lot of time has been taken when updating the rule book for this edition and it’s done very nicely.

Now though the biggest change.  My major gripe with the first edition rules was the fact that I couldn’t read most of the fluff and some of the rules due to the lack of double line spacing and then font used.  This has been corrected.  Even though the font size is small (to fit all we need on an A5 page) it’s actually very clear.  I think this has to do with the coloured backgrounds, if so, that’s another excellent decision.

As I told you this is a A5 book, here’s a picture of it against the Osprey Game ‘In Her Majesty’s Name’ which itself is about two-thirds the size of A4.

Btw ignore IHMN it’s crap.

Lastly then the cover.  It looks like the Relics Logo and Tor Gaming Logo are branded in and this Rulebook was some journal.  That fits in perfectly with how some of the fluff is written and if you look at some of the pages you have journal notes as the background… very cleverly done.

Phew.  That’s a lot of praise.

Do I have any complaints?  Maybe a few niggles more than complaints.

I was expecting a ribbon bookmark as part of the book and my other niggle.  It’s a shame we still have a few profiles to be sculpted for each faction.  I am waiting for the Heavy Dragoons so I hope the sales of this rulebook go well as I know producing a book is not a cheap option and the funds could be used to build the last few.

Anyway best thing you folks can do is to pick yourself up a copy.  Looking at the TG website I can see the standard Edition (still A5 Hardback) is £18 and the very strictly limited edition (just 200 printed and I would guess they won’t last long) are just £22.

I welcome all decent comments and questions.



March is gone, so what have I been doing?


I should be out but instead I’m at home, writing this of course.

Now that March has gone (well nearly) it’s time to look at what’s happened.

First, let’s look at Relics.

As some of you might remember Tor Gaming ran a KS project called ‘Relics Reinforcements‘ during Jan/Feb, well time is moving on and so I thought I’d pop back to see what they were upto.

They’ve been busy.  If you look at the updates (some are only for backers) you can see that the models are still being sculpted (some are finished) and that Gavin has recently been working on the new rulebook.

That’s great news, my ONLY issue with Relics was the first Rulebook was a bit hard to read, the fonts and spacing, well let’s say they didn’t work with my eyes.  But look here, see how good the new Rulebook will look.

Reading from the update post it seems there will be two versions.  The first release a ~140 page A5 full colour hardback rulebook.  Nice.  A5 is a good size and I know if I have to take a Rulebook with me (40k/Warmachine) I prefer A5 versions and it being hardback means hopefully the cover/corners won’t get damaged too quickly.  Not that mine do, I take too much care, but I’ve seem some copies of them…

Next though and the interesting point is that they’re also going to release a Limited Edition release.  200 of these will be made and the cost is just £20, so I’ll order one of them via my KS pledge (limited to 1 per customer).  When I get mine, I’ll post a nice blog with photos.

Anyway onto some other KS projects that have my cash waiting for them and both have hit their targets so I know I’m going to get some goodies in the post later over summer.

First up we have Torn Armor (yes the U doesn’t exist but we the English can still read the word so no moaning).

A boardgame with some very nice figures being created for it.  I won’t go into much detail as you can find everything on their KS project webpage.  But time hasn’t run out yet for you to get a great deal so pop over now and pledge.

Second we have something very different, still a boardgame but a much darker game.

The KS project is called ‘Spinespur, the Survival Horror miniatures game‘.  Phew that’s quite a title.

This project has reached it’s goal but only just.  There are still 6 days left on it, so please if you like Horror games then take a good look at this.  It’s very interesting and one of the rules that I love is that when a character dies, they die with all their gear and you can pop over and loot them, amazing – now we just need Xbox/PC games to follow this.

And that’s the end of the KS stuff, back now to my SAGA Vikings.

During March I managed to paint 9 of them, a very poor result but a start.  That’s as many figures as I painted the entire of last year!  I will continue with them but I’ve been set a challenge that I shall post about in the week that follows.

Next we come to Warmachine.

This needs it’s own post, so I’ll just say that after looking at various rulebooks recently for a little project I picked up my Warmachine A5 rulebook and re-read parts of it.  Tonight I just happened to order more models and I’ve got a game of Warmachine on Thursday, I’ve not played Warmachine since last summer….

Lastly we come to GW.


There we are, quite simple wasn’t it.

I picked up the White Dwarf iPad subscription (£44 for the year was quite cheap) and had to go through reading all about the Tau.  Plus White Dwarf is 400 editions old, bloody hell I have some in the cupboard upstairs that are in their 70’s.  Yep, I’m old.

I had of course to order the Ltd Edition Tau Codex.  Tau have been a secret ‘like’ of mine for years but GW left them for dead.  So what we have is a small release, a few new models, a new codex and some existing models now in plastic.

Very much like the Warmachine section, this one needs a post all of it’s own and i’ll get that tomorrow I would hope.

Anyway I feel like painting some models, but I have guests and they are staying in my spare room/painting studio, so the Warmachine blog post next.


Relics Reinforcements, what’s going on?

Well Folks, it’s been just over 2 weeks since I made this post here regarding the start of the new Relics Kickstarter Project.

So after my ramblings earlier on, I thought I’d actually check on the progress and see what else my local War gaming company is upto.

First the Kickstarter project.  Well things are looking good in a sense and not so good in other.

At the moment there are 65 backers and a Total of £5692 which seems to keep changing despite the number of backer remaining around the same.  I can only presume that people are changing their pledges, well I hope if they are, that they’re increasing them as to be totally selfish I want my Heavy Dragoons and these are way off at the moment.

Luckily the initial £3k target got smashed in a few days, which means we have got the initial 4 models coming to us, these are:

That’s great progress as personally I was looking forward to being able to field a Bomber in my Britanan list.

To wet my appetite, Tor Gaming have released a Work in Progress of the Bomber and he’s looking just like the concept – great stuff!

Britanan Bomber – WIP

To also continue this theme of showing Work in Progress, we do actually have the finished Orcnar Nappa figures, look here!

Ocrnar Nappa sculpts

Things have continued to progress nicely with Tor Gaming listening to various comments as initially the first Stretch Goal was set at £6250 which was quite a jump.  The changes then split the stretch goal into smaller stretches with one figure at a time being unlocked.

So far we have the following extra models unlocked, but look on in fear that someone withdrawing their pledge could once again lock the Puppeteer.

In order of how they’ve been unlocked, we have:

I have to admit that seeing the Neum Domini in resin will be excellent.  The price is not too bad either, £13 for a large model and these days that’s actually pretty cheap.

So we come onto the one concept that’s not going to hit the stores near you as we’re £500+ off from it, and that’s this:

I hope that we can find in the next 9 days a lot of support as the models that I really want are some way off, the Huntsman and Heavy Dragoons for my Britanan forces.

But let’s not get our hopes down as Tor Gaming have been super quick to listen again to comment about ‘free’ stuff, as it’s the norm to reward backers with extra stuff on to of what the initial pledges state.

So far, we have seen the fact that damage markers are coming :), depending on your level of pledge you can get:

  • Dragoon Reward: 1 of your choice
  • Marksmen Reward: 2 of you choice
  • Highlander Reward or above: 3 of your choice

Here we have some of the WIP of those damage markers and look at that poor Trooper, his stuffing is coming out!

Looking good don’t you agree?

And phew!  It doesn’t stop there!

Christian, the artist behind the concepts and other Relics art has been busy on the postcard art and here’s a lovely example of the Britanans actually doing some damage (unlike mine who are let down by my poor rolling dice).

Troopers! Open Fire!

I wish I could stop there, but no!

Seems also that Tor Gaming are going to get some T-Shirts made and we can buy these with our pledge money.  The pledges work a bit different, rather than getting some of this, some of that and one of them etc, you get an amount of money to spend on ANYTHING, and in return on some pledges you get the free stuff listed above.

And now there’s more still, crumbs, perahaps another post to explain this one, but just to include it Tor Gaming have released to us the mass battle rules for Relics.  These are not the finished item, they’re a work in progress but now we can take our Relics miniatures and fight mass battles with Troopers in unit.

Download a copy of the rules from here, have a read and let Tor Gaming know what you think (I will).

Anyway I’m signing of now, this has become a rather large post with lots of images, but also coming (no images available) are Effect Counters that we can use to mark Spell Effects that linger etc.

So what are you waiting for, go over to the Kickstarter project page and pledge away, we need this information spread – go and post this onto all the other forums that you post in and let’s support this, 9 days to go and plenty to get!



Wargaming – the cost of making new games….well the models anyway!

Morning Folks,

I’ve been ill for a few days and now I’m really bored of it.

This morning I was thinking about war gaming again, well re-thinking about a game I wanted to create last year.

The problem is this.  The smaller companies just don’t have the money to make their games unless they’re lucky to have a friend who’s a sculptor, an artist for the concepts and a caster to make the models.  It seems that you really need these people unless you want to pay good money.

What am I talking about?

Very early last year I found out that Tor Gaming was based in Sheffield and when I really looked their are just 1.2 miles away from me at home.  I looked onto their website and it was one of the best around for indies/small wargaming companies so looked professional.

Plus then I looked at their main game (Relics) and the models that they’ve released, plus at that time they were about to run the Indiegogo project for the Neum faction.

That was great stuff and I thought, this is excellent, maybe they’ll be able to help me out with my ideas as I have some money I can spend.

Before I go on, can any of you think how much it costs to make a single metal 28mm model?

So I contacted them and Gavin replied and was happy to talk.  We had a get together and their offices and then I found out it wasn’t ‘them’ it was ‘just him’.  That’s not that correct really as his better half helps out and his dog, he has a writer elsewhere, plus he has some friends that help and so on, but day to day it’s Gavin and he does EVERYTHING.  You send TG an email and he answers, you post onto their forum and it would be him answering for TG, you check out their Facebook/Twitter and so on it’s him…. during the ‘day’ he also has to make sure the bills are paid, orders are processed and sent out, that he has a cup of tea and some lunch and that he’s made sure the new models are being created, sculpt or concepted, my lord what a lot of stuff to do per day and this doesn’t include testing, updating the rulebook etc etc!

I almost stopped in my tracks and thought he was mad.  Now we’re about a year on and I still think he’s mad because he’s continuing…. these days he’s got a number of other models released for Relics and now currently has a Kickstarter project running to help make up some of the last models from the initial factions in the rulebook.

But the project isn’t getting that much help.

I looked around at others over the last 6 months and some big companies using Kickstarter are making a small fortune (Mantic, MiniWargaming come to mind etc) yet the smaller companies who need the investment to continue their ranges get limited support.

At time of writing the Relics KS has just 65 supporters, that sucks.  I know that on average how many people read this blog and how many friends I have.

Anyway off I digress.

The cost of making a miniature stands at very high for those of us without the local friends.  I don’t know about Tor Gaming (who would share their costs with a madman?) but from my investigations last year I found:

Concepts – depending on your artist and the quality you can pay £40-£75 for a single concept (of a 28mm WWII soldier for instance)

Sculpting – depending on if you wanted multi-part or single cast you can pay from £80 – £300 for a single sculpt.

Casting – depending on the number of models per mould, but seems you need various moulds are these cost around £100-120 in total.

So let’s say I wanted pretty much the best, on par with the Perry Brothers then I can expect to pay per figure £375 just to have the figure concepted and sculpted.  Not to mention I’d perhaps have to pay for shipping and VAT on those prices.  Once we add in the casting and moulds we’re looking at £500 a figure.

How many figures do you need to launch a new range?  That all depends, but probably 2 factions with 8 figures on each side, blood and sand, that’s £8k for the ‘starter sets’.

Now coming back down to earth we can reduce costs by re-using the bodies and having new arms/heads but in a pack of 8 you don’t really want duplicates do you?

So on how on earth can we get back the 8k we’ve invested?

I suppose that all depends on the selling price, but we’ve also got to think about if we want to move the figures via a retailer and/or distributor market then it’ll take us a long long time.

For example, say we make £8 per box of figures (assume we have a GW price!) how many boxes do we need JUST to recover our costs?  Well basic sums say 900….

That’s not too shabby is it?  900 can’t be that many can it?  I’d be staggered if a new small company could shift that many boxes to retailers within the time frame they have to remain in business.  The chances are they’re trickle sell, but then to keep interest from the players who bought at the start, you need to continue to release new material, be that new figures, new rules, something and so the cost continues to build.

So this is where IndieGoGo/Kickstarter come in.  I could get some concepts drawn, I could then start a project and hope to raise the £8k just for the figures. Of course I’d need to set it higher to pay the 5% Kickstarter want, and the 5% that the payment system will want and so my £8k needs to be £9.6k.

It’s a huge effort, but with banks not wanting to lend money without very high costs it’s the only choice.

This is where we need to support our local games.

Any of you reading this have NOT pledged to the Relics kickstarter then please re-think this.  The rules are very good, the figures are excellent and you should feel proud that your money is going to help a company that is fighting against some very big companies and perhaps this year they’ll ‘make it’.

So click here, in fact find any project that means something to you and support it.  What’s £10/$15 to you?  Enough of them could make a difference.

Apologies for my ramble, but it irks me that the larger companies get thousands of sales every day (the products may be good) but that their taking away money from the smaller guys.


Relics Reinforcements!

I’ve been a bit slow off the mark with this one as one of my favourite war games launched a new Kickstarter Project a few days ago.

As those of you who have read my ramblings before may know, I’m quite a big fan of the mechanics of Relics and one of the factions within, that of the Britanan’s who are a faction of mainly stuffed dolls brought back to life by a Puppeteer….

If you’re into you tabletop war gaming and fancy trying something different to 40k/GW/Warmahordes/Dystopian etc then this is a great little game.  Very quick, easy to pick up and the rules are free to download!

If you needed any other excuse then I suppose you should look at the quality of the current range of models.  You’ll  then see why I like them so much and am very interested in some of the remaining units from the main rulebook being released.  To aid you locate how great the current range of Britanan’s are then look no further!  I’ve made a gallery that I’ve nicked off the Tor Gaming store just for your (and my own)viewing pleasure!

So when I saw an email telling me that Tor Gaming had launched a Kickstarter Project to raise the funds to make the remaining models from the rulebook I was very excited.  A quick look and wow, they are going to make the Bomber model 🙂

Bomber Concept

That is good news and at time of writing it’s even better news as they’ve smashed their target, gone through a first stretch target and looks like they’ll be successful enough that I may see the Heavy Dragoon released!  Which also means there’s no worry that it may or may not reach it’s target and you get anything.

It didn’t take me long and I decided to back this project (why wouldn’t i?).  I chose the Colour Party as I love those figures and being added to some fluff through my own story type thing sounds ace.  Depending on what else gets released I may up my pledge, but I really would want a Hardback edition of the book – alas there’s no mention of this, but if you read the end there’s mention of possible Ridend and C’thu releases….. I can’t wait for the C’thu.

Anyway I can now display this can’t I?


So then folks, what are you waiting for?  I want the Heavy Dragoon model released so this project needs a lot of support, so why don’t you support it and tell all of your friends to support it?  You know you should.

Last thing, any of you around the South Yorkshire area who want a game, just let me know.


For King Jorje! (A Relics battle-report – 350 points)

Greetings All,

This is the first in a new type of blog post that I am writing.  I shall be taking reports from some of the battles I do and this is the first.  Please post comments as to what you think and what adjustments you think I should make.  I know I need a better camera (or a more steady hand!).

So here it is, the 2nd Relics game I’ve had and the 1st Battle report i’ve ever written!


“Company Sergeant Major Archadson looked across the fields watching the arrival of the Orcnar. He quickly barked orders to his own troops to assemble in a line and for his Markman to hide closer to their lines as he knew the onslaught would begin soon.  Moving to the middle of the line he held his sword aloft and whilst slowing pointing the sword to the approaching Orcnar he shouted “Move to war! Move for King Jorje!'”

What now follows is a recap of the events of that evening.

The picture below shows the two forces facing each other across the soon to be bloodied battlefield.  The Britanan forces are those closest to the bottom of the picture.  A breakdown of each force follows.

The two forces facing each other across the field.

Britanans (348 points) (starting from the left):

  • Trooper Company (9 models – 63 points – Squad)
  • Dragoon Company (4 models – 48 points – Squad)
  • Company Sergeant Major (24 points – Commander)
  • Grenadiers Company (3 models – 66 points – Squad)
  • Trooper Company (9 models – 63 points – Squad)
  • Royal Arcanum Guard (50 points – Commander)
  • Marksman (34 points – Independent) (Hiding in the trees on the right)

Orcnar (356 points) (starting from left of the picture)

  • Docga (2 models – 46 points – Squad)
  • Docga (2 models – 46 points – Squad)
  • Beorn (64 points – Commander)
  • Eotan Rifan (43 points – Independent)
  • Niwian (8 points – Commander)
  • Unmann (6 models – 84 points – Squad)
  • Niwian (8 points – Commander)
  • Grymann (3 models – 57 points – Squad)

Now with the two forces listed and show we commence to the goings on.

Turn 1

Britanans win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Marksman shoots at the Grymann.  Marksman have the Outrider ability and are always considered to always be in Command Range.  They have Unreliable of 2 meaning a 2+ needs to be rolled on a single d6 for them to act.  A 5 is rolled and so the Marksman may shoot.
    The Marksman have a Ranged score of 4 so that’s 4d6 dice to roll for a hit (any doubles are considered successes).  The Grymann have a Defence on 1 meaning you removed 1d6 from the attack so the Marksman has 3d6 to try and obtain a double.   The 3 dice are rolled and a 2, 4 and 5 are shown.  Using the Marksman’s Sharpshooter skill (increase any 1 dice score by 1) the 4 is bumped up to 5, meaning one hit and as Grymann have Damage of 1 then that’s one kill, first blood to the Marksman.

The Britanan Marksman hiding in the trees.

  • Grymann advance but are out of range for any of their attacks.
  • Britanan left flank troopers advance 4″ towards the far left Docgas.
  • Right flank Docgas advance 8″.
  • Dragoons advance 8″ towards the centre Docgas (that haven’t advanced).
  • Centre Docgas advance 8″ towards the Dragoons.
  • Beorn advances 6″ then performs a Howl ability which allows the Eotan Rifan advance 3″ for free.
  • Right Flank Troopers advance 4″ up the field.
  • Eotan Rifan advances 6″
  • Colour Sergeant Major advances 4″
  • Unmann start to advance with their 5″ movement
  • Guard Company advances forward toward the oncoming Eotan Rifan and Beorn.

Britanan Troopers and Dragoons advancing towards the Orcnar Docgra.

Britanan Grenadiers, Troopers and Royal Guard advance towards the Orcnar Eotan, Beorn, Niwian, Unmann and Grymann.










Turn 2

Britanans win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Marksman passes his Unreliability roll with a 3 and shoots at the Grymann.  The Marksman have 3 dice to roll for a hit.   The 3 dice are rolled and a 5, 5 and 6 appear.  No need to use the Sharpshooter skill so one hit and we have another Grymann casualty.
    Now that the Grymann are down to 1/3 of their starting Unit strength a Morale Test is required.  In Relics a total of 12 is required.  7 is rolled, add their Morale score of 7 and we have 14.  Take 1 away for 1/3 strength resulting in 13 which is a pass.
  • Centre Docga charge the Dragoons and achieve the 10″ distance between the two.  A pair of Docgas crash into the 4 Dragoons.  Docgra have a combat skill of 4 so 4d6 are rolled, an extra d6 is added for charging.  The Dragoons have 0 defence (so no dice are removed) meaning both Docga roll 5d6… 3 Dragoons fall.
    This causes the Dragoons to make a Morale Test and they fail!  The company of Dragoons are now Shaken.

The Docga make contact when they charge the Dragoon Company.

The result of the Docga charge leaving 3 Dragoons dead and 1 still alive!









  • Right Flank Trooper Company advances and fires at the Eotan Rifan.  The 9 Troopers are split into 3 groups of 3.  This allows their standard Ranged skill of 2 to have an extra d6 for each of the Ganged Up Troopers (2d6 in total).  Eotan Rifan has a Defence of 1 so that means 1d6 is removed for each group.  Troopers have an Unreliabilityof 3.
    • Group 1 rolls and 2 of the 3 may act, 2d6 are rolled (2d6 + 1d6 for the second trooper minus 1d6 for the Defence) and a double 2 is rolled, a hit!  The Eotan Rifan has Hardened 4 which allows it to ignore any hit on a roll of 4+ on a d6, a 5 is rolled, the hit is saved!
    • Group 2 rolls and 2 of the 3 may act, 2d6 are rolled and no doubles are rolled meaning a Miss.
    • Group 3 rolls and all 3 pass their Unreliability test!, 3d6 are rolled (2d6 + 2d6 for the second/third trooper minus 1d6 for the Defence) and a double 4 is rolled another hit!  The Eotan Rifan rolls against his Hardened 4 and another 5 the hit is once again saved!
  • The Grymann advance and are now in range.for their Special Ranged Attack.  This attack works better the more models in the firing unit, as they’ve only one model left, the unit just rolls 2d6 and fail to hit.
  • Royal Arcanum Guard moves up and casts his first spell of this battle.  He casts Distraction.  The distance between the Guard and the Unmann determines the drain for the spell, it’s a drain of 4 dice (leaving the Guard 3 dice left in his power pool).  All three of these dice are used and 2,4 and 5 are rolled.  As a roll of 5+ is required the spell is a success, the Unmann are now marked as being activated for this turn.
  • Beorn moves up another 6″ towards the Company Sergeant Major and the Trooper Company. It then uses Howl to move the Eotan Rifan up another 3″ towards the same targets and also moves in front of Beorn attacking as a shield for it.
  • Grenadier launch their Grenade attack and Gang Up.  The Company Sergeant Major applies his Rapid Fire ability which means the Grenadier automatically pass their Unreliability rolls.  He also uses the No! Like This! ability which gives the Grenadiers an extra Gang Upattack, meaning two groups of two Grenadiers.
    • Group 1 (2 Grenadiers) have 4d6.  They target Eotan Rifan who has a Defence of 1 which leaves them with 3d6.  A 4,4 and 2 are rolled meaning a hit!
    • Group 2 (1 Grenadier and 1 free Gang Up)  have 4d6.  They also target the Eotan Rifan and so have 3d6.  A 4,4 and 1 are rolled another hit!
    • The Eotan Rifan rolls against his Hardening 4 and fails both rolls with a 1 and a 2.  Eotan Rifan receives 2 wounds.
  • Eotan Rifan then takes umbrage and charges the Grenadier Company.  It rolls 3 on a 1d3 (making 9″ charge) and reaches the Grenadiers who were 8.5″ away.  It has 4d6 + 1d6 for charging against a 0 Defence Grenadier.  3,3,1,1,5 are rolled which means 2 doubles and thus 2 hits.  2 Grenadiers fall… (we made a mistake here and removed 2 Grenadiers – that shouldn’t have happened as they have 2 Damage each and so only one should have been removed).
  • Left Flank Trooper Company open fire on the approaching Docga!  3 Groups of 3 Troopers Gang Up and help each other.
    • Group 1 rolls 2 of 3 Unreliability rolls.  They shoot with 3d6 and a hit is scored!  The Docga makes a Hardened 5 roll and passes with a 6!  No wound.
    • Group 2 rolls 2 or 3 Unreliability rolls.  They shoot with 3d6 and a hit is scored!  The Docga makes a Hardened 5 roll and fails, it takes a single wound.
    • Group 2 rolls 2 or 3 Unreliability rolls.  They shoot with 3d6 and no hits are scored.
  • Those Docga then approached the Trooper Company.
  • Company Sergeant Major then loses his sense and charges the Eotan Rifan, he gets 3d6 to hit (3d6 + 1d6 charge – 1Defence) and rolls a 2,3 and 6, that’s a miss!
  • The Niwian moved forward.
  • The final Dragoon moves into combat with the Docga that destroyed them this turn and misses his attack.

Turn 3

Orcnar win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Right flank Docga charge the Left flank Troopers and crash into them!  5d6 (4d6 + 1d6 for charging) are rolled by both scoring 1 hit for the first Docga and 2 hits for the second.  That’s three dead Troopers.

Right flank Docga charge the left flank Trooper Company and 3 fall!

  • Royal Arcanum Guard moves up and casts Distraction on the Eotan Rifan,  All the power dice are needed for this but it’s a success and the Eotan is marked as activated for this turn meaning the Company Sergeant Major and the lonely Grenadier may live until the next turn.
  • The final Grymann advances further and attempts a Scream attack.  This affects the Marksman who now has to make a Morale Test.  A Morale Test requires a 12 or more.  The Marksman has a Morale score of 8 and rolls 11 on 2d6 meaning he’s passed.
  • Right flank troopers use their ranged attack on the approaching Beorn.  The Company Sergeant Major uses his Rapid Fire ability so the troopers automatically pass their Unreliabilityrolls.  3 Groups of 3 Troopers fire.
    • Group 1 roll 3d6 and get 1 hit.  The Beorn fails his Hardened 4 roll!
    • Group 2 roll 3d6 and get no hits!
    • Group 3 roll 3d6 and get no hits!
  • Beorn charges the Troopers that just shot at him.  On the charge he has 6d6!  Using his Ferocious ability (this allows you to re-roll any 1 dice) he gets 2 hits meaning 2 dead Troopers.
    Using the Blood Ceremony ability he is able to heal 1 point of damage taken this turn.  The Eotan Rifan’s damage was done last turn so many only remove the damage it has taken.  The Beorn is now fully healed.
  • Company Sergeant Major attacks the  Eotan Rifan but sadly misses as he has just 2d6 and rolls 1 and 4.
Company Sergeant Major attacks the Eotan Rifian

Launching himself at the hulking monster, the Company Sergeant Major fails to wound it whils the single Grenadier looks on after having his other comrades killed off it the previous turn.

Beorn charges at the Trooper Company that have just opened fire on him! He dispatches 2 of them on this charge.

Left Orcnar flank

The last Grymann approaches the Marksman whilst the Unmann and Niwian follow close behind.












  • Docga that were in combat with the single Dragoon continue their onslaught.  They each roll 4d6 and the first Docga misses and uses the Ferocious ability but still rolls no doubles.  The second Docga doesn’t make the same mistake.  On the original 4d6 a single hit is scored, Ferocious ability is used and that brings in a second hit!  The lone Dragoon is now dead, the Dragoon Company is no more.
  • The lone Grenadier walks into combat (he’s within 2″ of the Eotan Rifan so cannot charge) and on his 2d6 roll he rolls a 4 and 5, a miss.
  • Unmann moved up closer to the lone Marksman.
  • Marksman then shoots at the last Grymann (after passing his Unreliability with a roll of 3).  With the 3d6 a 4, 5 and 6 are rolled.  Using the Sharpshooter ability the 4 gets bumped up to 5 meaning a hit and the final Grymann falls.  The Grymann have been wiped out.
  • Niwian move closer to the Britanans but still behind the Unmann.
  • The Left Flank Trooper Company attack the Docga.  As they’re in combat there’s no need to roll Unreliability(who wouldn’t fight for their lives in hand to hand?).  The Troopers are down to 6 Troopers and so group up in 3’s for the best odds.
    • Group 1 roll 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 for each Gang Up attack) and score 1 hit!  The Docga makes its Hardened 5 save and passes with a 5!
    • Group 1 roll 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 for each Gang Up attack) and score 1 hit!  The Docga makes its Hardened 5 save and passes with a 6!

Turn 4

Britanans win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Royal Arcanum Guard moves up and attempts a shot on Beorn.  He has 2d6 and misses.
    He then casts King’s Anger on the approaching Unmann.  Choosing carefully 1 (of the 7) power dice are discarded for the Drain value of the spell.  Then 3 power dice were used for the spell success.  The 3d6 were rolled and 1,1 and 6 came up, a success!  As only 1 success was rolled, the Area of Effect is 3″ radius (6″ diameter).
    Looking at the template used, both of the Unmann (they are classed as Independent so are hit as so) are within the Area of Effect and both Niwian are as well.

    • 3d6 are rolled against Niwian 1 and 2,2 and 5 are rolled, the first Niwian falls to the spells effects.
    • 3d6 are rolled against Niwian 2, these are 2, 3 and 6 so no hits.
    • 7d6 are rolled against the Unmann – (the Spell allows 2d6 + 1d6 for each full unit member, so the larger the unit…) 2 hits are rolled and so 2 Unmann are removed as they have 1 Damage score.

    Finally he tries to cast Distraction upon the Eotan Rifan but due to the distance 2 dice are removed from the 3 remaining power pool.  Leaving 1d6 for a success roll and a 2 was rolled, the spell wasn’t successful.

The King’s Anger spell caused a 6″ diameter AoE. Under which all of the Unmann and both Niwian units were caught.

2 Unmann and 1 Niwian killed in that spell blast.











  • Unmann move up on the Marksman but due to the Marksman being in difficult terrain they are not able to charge and reach him.
  • Right Flank Troopers moved into close contact with the Beorn.  There are 7 Troopers so group up in 3, 3 and 2.
    • Group 1 has 3d6 (2d6 Combat score + 2d6 Gang Up – 1 Defence) and roll zero hits.
    • Group 2 has 3d6 (2d6 Combat score + 2d6 Gang Up – 1 Defence) and roll zero hits.
    • Group 3 has 2d6 (2d6 Combat score + 1d6 Gang Up – 1 Defence) and roll zero hits.

    The Beorn roars with laughter.

The Marksman safe inside the woods watches as the Unmann approaches – soon after this picture was taken another Umann lays dead.

The Troopers attacked last turn move into combat and try to kill the monster that is if front of them.










  • Beorn then returns the hurt.  5d6 are rolled and only 1 hit is scored, 1 more dead Trooper.
  • Marksman makes his Unreliability roll (6) and then shoots at the very close Unmann.   Rolls 3d6 (Unmann have a Defence of 1) and rolls 3,4 and 5.  The 3 is bumped upto to 4 using the Sharpshooter ability and that’s 1 dead Unmann.
    They are now down to 50% unit size in this round thanks to shooting as so are required to make a Morale Test.  Looking at this they have a base of 7, they are not supported (as Britanan’s are closer) so are at -2 for that, they’re not in Command Range so -2 for that.  An 11 is rolled, 11 + 7 = 18 – 4 = 14.  A success as 12 is required.
  • The Eotan Rifan then attacks the Company Sergeant Major.  It has 4d6 and rolls 3,3,4 and 5.  Using the Brutal skill a single dice may have the score increased by 1.  The 4 then becomes a 5 making 2 hits in total.  The Company Sergeant Major has 2 Damage and is therefore the latest casualty.
    When a Commander dies, all units within its Command Range that are not in range of another Commander need to pass a Morale Test.
    The Right Flank Troopers are within range of the Royal Arcanum Guard and do not require a roll.  The single Grenadier is not so he must do.  He has a base Morale of 9 and a 9 is rolled making a total of 18.  He has -1 applied due to being in combat, -1 for being below half original unit strength and -2 for not being in command, so 18-4 = 14 which means he succeeds as that’s above the 12 required.
  • That very brave Grenadier goes to attack the Eotan Rifan but misses.
  • The right flank Docga in contact with the left flank Troopers attacks them.  Each Docga has 4d6 and the first rolls 1 hit (after a Ferocious re-roll was made), the second rolls zero hits even with the Ferocious re-roll!
  • The Troopers return the attack and split into 2 groups, 1 of 3 and 1 of 2.
    • Group 1 rolls 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 1 hit landed.
    • Group 1 rolls 3d6 (2d6 + 1d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 2 hits landed and one Docga is removed as a casualty!

    The Docga then require a Moral Test as they’re 50% or below of the original unit strength.  The Docga has a base Morale of 7 and 2d6 are rolled… a 4!  That’s 11 and not enough even without the -1 for being in combat applied.  The last Docga is Shaken.

Turn 5

Orcnar win the Initiative and decide to move first and things are not looking good for the Britanans!

  • The Unmann change focus and charge the Royal Arcanum Guard!  They number 3 and so Gang Up meaning 4d6 are to be rolled (4d6 + 2d6 Gang Up – 2 Defence).  The dice roll 1,1,3 and 5 a single hit!  The Royal Arcanum Guard has 2 Damage and so takes the hit.
  • That very brave Grenadier once again goes to attack the Eotan Rifan and hits!  The Eotan Rifan rolls his Hardened 4 and rolls a 2 and takes the hit!  That’s 3 hits against him now and he’s dead!  The Grenadier looks smug.  (It was at this point I noticed I should still have another Grenadier due to them having 2 Damage each).
  • The smug look of the Grenadier doesn’t last very long as the Docgas that finished off the Dragoons 2 turns ago have made it within charge range of him and do so…. they get 4d6 each and between them land 2 hits killing off that Grenadier.

The Docga charge and collide into the Grenadier who doesn’t last long after their opening attacks…

The activation marker is all that remains of the Grenadiers now.










  • The lonely Marksman succeeds his Unreliability test with a 4 and shoots at the final Niwian.  He has 3d6 (4d6 – 1 Defence) and rolls 3, 5 and 6.  Using Sharpshooter that 5 becomes a 6.  The Niwian falls dead from the hit.  Both Niwians have now been removed.
  • Beorn attacks the Troopers.  With his 5d6 he rolls just 1 hit, using his Brutal ability that becomes 2 hits.  The Troopers are now down to 4 which is 50% of less of original unit strength, Morale Test time!  A roll of 7 is made which added with the base Morale of 17 is 14.  The modifiers are -1 for being in combat and -2 for no support.  That’s -3 meaning the total is 11, the poor Troopers fail and are now Shaken.
  • On the left flank the Troopers attack the single Docga and split into 2 groups, 1 of 3 and 1 of 2.
    • Group 1 rolls 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 1 hit landed.
    • Group 1 rolls 3d6 (2d6 + 1d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 2 hits landed and the Docga is removed as a casualty!  That unit of Docga are no more.
  • Orcnar player has no units left unactivated.
  • The Trooper Company in combat with Beorn give it another go after seeing their fellow Troopers (well hear them) remove the Docga.  As this unit is Shaken they may not Gang Up and are reduced to 1d6.  It’s not possible to roll 1d6 and get a double so you’re allowed 2d6 but you need to roll a double 3,4,5 or 6.  The Troopers go around in turn and between them only one hit is scored but the Beorn gets a 6 for its Hardened 4 roll.

Turn 6

Britanans win the Initiative even though the Orcnar get a +1 to Initiative due to having less units than the Britanans.  The Britanans decide to move first to see if they can defeat Beorn…

  • The Marksman succeeds in his final Unreliability roll with a 4 and takes a shot at the pair of Docga that are approaching the Troopers near him.  He rolls 4,5 and 6 and bumps the 4 upto a 5.  (It should have been 4d6 as the Docga have 0 Defence).  The Hardened 5 roll is failed with a 3 and so the Docga take another hit, that’s 2 hits now and so a single Docga falls dead.
    A Morale Test is now required. A 5 is rolled and this doesn’t look good as that’s 12 in total without the modifiers so that means the Docga is Shaken and has to fall back, 1d3 + 4″directly away from the Marksman.  A 1 is rolled so that single Docga moves 5″ away.

The lonely Marksman takes aim at the Docga, the Beorn continues his bashing of the Trooper Company and the Unmann continue their fight with the Royal Guard!

  • Docga is activated and moved and a Morale Test is re-taken.  This time the roll is 9 which is a success (9 + 7 base Morale – 1 50% or less).
  • The Royal Arcanum Guard splits his power dice and tries to cast Distraction on the Unmann on him and Reinforced Stitching on the Troopers near him.  He fails both spell success rolls!
  • Beorn then starts to lay some hurt on the Troopers.  With his 5d6 he manages to score 2 hits, that’s 2 more Troopers dead, they’re now down to 2 Troopers.
  • The 2 Troopers activate and roll to hit Beorn.  One of them rolls a double 2 but that’s not a hit when you have 1d6.  At the end of their activation they must make a Morale Test as they’re Shaken (to see if they recover).  They fail the Morale Test and are still Shaken.
  • The Unmann attack the Royal Arcanum Guard and using Gang Up they get 4d6 (4d6 + 2d6 Gang Up – 2 Defence) and get 1 hit!  That Guard now has 2 hits and so becomes the latest casualty.
    As the Royal Arcanum Guard is a Commander all units within his 8″ Command Range must make a Morale Test.
    The Troopers in contact with Beorn make a Morale Test and fail!  As they are Shaken they are removed as they run off screaming hoping their stitching lasts!
    The Marksman is cool as something in the freezer for a week and brushes off the Morale Test.

The Trooper Company are running off the field, the Unmann have killed off the Royal Guard and the single Docga goes after the only Britanan unit left on the field that’s not the Marksman…an Orcnar win.

That is it.  The final Troopers left the field after throwing in a hand-stitched towel in the direction of the Orcnar.

Here we have the casualty pile for the Britanan and Orcnar forces.  The Britanan pile is quite large!

The collection of Britanans that had to leave the field mainly due to ‘death’.

The various Orcnar dead on top of their data sheets.









It was a great game, looked like the Britanan’s were going to lose a lot quicker when the Dragoons vanished, but they fought back and the Kings Anger spell is very powerful.  The Marksman also took out 5 models on his own, more than any other unit!

The Orcnar had Beorn.  He needs to be removed as quickly as possible, it’s very hard with it’s ability to heal itself so a lot of hurt needs delivering in one round.

This is a long post so i’ll sign off now.  If you’ve not played Relics you really must.  The Britanan and Orcnar are two easy to learn factions, even easier if you don’t want to use magic.

I’ll be playing more games of this and so am looking for more opponents so drop me a comment below (based in Sheffield, UK).





Dare you enter the realm of Relica?

Relics is a ‘Stitchpunk’ tabletop war game from Sheffield (UK) based TOR Gaming.

It’s different, very different, different dare I say in a good way?

Look watch this and then continue reading.

See,  for a set of wargame rules it’s quite different, but also when you read it (or watch it again) it’s quite simple to pick up.  There aren’t the seven hundred rolls just to work out if something has happened, it’s quick and can be run with a very small number of miniatures.

You can find a free set of the rules just here (with scenarios here) and if you pop to their website you can order the 2 player starter box sets quite cheap.

The fluff behind the realm of Relica is very dark and twisted, it’s strange in that I must be equally as twisted as the writer(s) as I quite like it!

They (TOR Gaming) have recently had a successful Indiegogo project and have raised enough capital to push ahead with the new starter sets and some new models along with the new Neum faction starter box.

They’ve also employed the skills of Worthy Painting to paint up the new models, and you should see some of them – the painting is most excellent.

Lastly TOR Gaming have a facebook page as well, at the time of writing this blog they are using one of their new models all lovely and painted up as their cover image.

So download the quick start rules, pop over to the website, ask away on the forums and then order yourself some excellent miniatures.  Slap some paint on them and then go beat up some Neum!  After all that and you fancy a game, drop me a line and we can arrange that – assuming your UK based and near me 🙂