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For King and Country! Pike & Shotte – new Starter Set

When you’re used to paying GW prices other systems seem so much cheaper.  Yet there are times when you see some amazing deals that seem to good to be true.  Recently it’s been bought to my attention that Warlord Games have released Pike & Shotte.  A set of rules based on Black Powder for wargaming in the 16th and 17th centuries and now Warlord Games have released starter sets for just £60.

So I placed an order with my local shop (Wargames Emporium) and they even offered the regular 10% off of this, meaning for £54 I received:

  • 208 page hardback full colour rulebook
  • 82 Miniatures consisting of
    • 58 Pike & Musket inc Command
    • 12 Cavalry
    • 12 Firelocks

That, as I hope you agree is quite an amazing deal.

So if you fancy playing English Civil War or Thirty Years War or any other battle/war in the 16th and 17th Centuries then pick up these rules, and better still pick up a starter box and find someone else who wants to play.

Go down to your local bricks and mortar shop and order it, or go online and use folks such as Wayland Games.

I plan to make a Parliamentarian force, so looking for those of Royalist blood.  Right I’ll leave you now with some pictures of the box, I’ll not be putting any of these together just yet as I’m still working on my Vikings, but I have taken the time out to get excited.