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Starting with Romans – Part I

Good evening everyone and such apology for being away for such a long time.

As someone who likes Wargaming I have decided that it was time I picked up an army so that I could play Ancients. So at Triples here in Sheffield I decided that I will do just that.

Hail Caesar Rule Book

A number of my fellows have told me that the best set of Rules for this period is Warlord Game’s ‘Hail Caesar’.

As a liker of their other rules that I have (Black Powder and Pike & Shotte) it didn’t take me long to decide to pick these up.

So I popped over to the Warlord Games shop and lucky for me, they had a mini-sale on.  They were doing special prices for the main rules and the expansions, so without much deciding I picked up the main rules and the supplement book:  ‘Late Antiquity to Early Medieval‘.

This supplement provided army lists for a large number of forces of this period and were perfect for my current Viking forces (for SAGA and Clash of Empires) plus for my designs for some Romans.

The supplement itself is 84pages (full colour softback) written also by Rick Priestly and covers 60 army lists (shown at the end of this post).

At Triples then I decided to hunt down some Romans.  I had decided upon the Republican Roman being the army I wanted.  At this time in history they weren’t as well turned out as they were in their Imperial days and so being just like me I thought these were the chaps.

Oh to find out later in the day that I had chosen perhaps the hardest period of the Roman Army to build an army.

I didn’t know that earlier in the day so I visited a few stalls and finally came away with 3 boxes of Warlord Game’s “Caesar’s Legions” (28mm).  A good buy at £18 for 24 plastic soldiers.  That means for £54 I have 2/3 of a Division (in the Army Lists/Rules it’s normally 4 ‘units’ to a Division).

Upon waking up the next day (without a hangover – nice considering we drank quite heavily post Triples) I decided to make up one of the boxes.  After about an hour I have my 24 Romans all standing in their various ways ready.  A pop into the garage and soon they were all undercoated black.

Now that just defies the normal me, normally I don’t build models so quickly but these are very easy to build.  One head, One arm with weapon and later the shield, that’s all you need to do.

So now I have 24 of 72 figures undercoated what are my plans?

First off, find a nice quiet time and a nice tutorial somewhere on painting up Republican Romans and then paint these Romans, base these Romans and then find someone to beat me using these Romans.

But for now I’ll continue to locate more models (coming in Part 2)

Anyway that’s it, as stated earlier here’s the breakdown of the army lists in the book that I have picked up.



60 Army Lists in the  ‘Late Antiquity to Early Medieval‘ Supplement book.

  • Palmyran
  • Middle Imperial Roman
  • Sassanid Persian
  • Goths
  • Early Saxon
  • Franks
  • Huns
  • Late Imperial Roman
  • African Vandals
  • White Huns
  • Gepids
  • Spanish Visigoths
  • Ostrogothic Italy
  • Early Byzantine
  • Lombards
  • Scots-Irish
  • Arthurian-British
  • Welsh
  • Merovingian Franks
  • Avars
  • Picts
  • Khazars
  • Arab Conquest
  • Bulgars
  • Tang China
  • Thematic Byzantine
  • Arab Empire
  • Carolingean Franks
  • Pecheneg
  • Anglo Saxon
  • Rus
  • Vikings
  • Almoravid Moors
  • Fatamid Egypt
  • Tagmatic Byzantine
  • Al-Andalus
  • Christian Spain
  • Ghaznavid
  • Liao China and Kara-Khitan Khaganate
  • Norman
  • Seljuk Turks
  • Feudal French
  • Feudal Germans
  • Feudal Polish
  • Early Hungarian
  • Ayyubid Egyptians
  • Sung China
  • Italo-Norman
  • Feudal Scots
  • Early Russian
  • Khwarazmian Persian
  • Comnenian Byzantine
  • Burid and Zengid Syria
  • Japanese
  • Plantagenet English
  • Lombard League
  • Crusaders
  • Later Welsh
  • Teutonic Crusaders
  • Mongol