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A short update….

Hello all,

Just a quick update on things.

Right, blog postings.  I’ve got a few on the go at the moment, these are all work-over-time type postings.

For example, I’m still typing up (and sorting out the pictures) for my 40k Open Day Blog 2 of 2 (which may become 3 posts!).  That’s taking some time as there’s a lot of messing and re-writing and so on.

However I also have a post on my Clash of Empires army that will soon be in full swing, on top of that I have a second post of Empire of the Dead showing my progress on my Gentlemen’s Club and off of that a, blog post on bases and basing, namely Black Cat Bases (being used for my EotD Gentlemen’s Club) and Product for Wargamers MDF bases that I’ve bought for my Black Powder Naps.

That is not the end, oh no.  I’ve also bought the War of the Ring rules, plus now ordered the Lord of the Rings (Games Workshop) rules, along with an army based on the Angmar lists as found in the Moria and Angmar army list book!

Phew, so much going on.

I’ve also sent GW an email, a plead more like.  I’ve asked them if I can arrange to interview Matt Ward, Jerm Votek or Adam Troke (the writers of 40k 6th Edition).

Anyway bed beckons, so I best sign off.

Hope to finish the 40k follow up blog tomorrow.


Empire of the Dead

A recent release from desks of West Wind Productions brings us ‘Empire of the Dead‘.  A VSF/Steam Punked Gothic Horror skirmish war game based in Victorian England in the year 1888….

I picked this up purely because of the title and the fact that it was a steam punk game and these days I seem to want to read as many rules sets as I can get my hands on (and for good reason).

First impressions are that this is a very well presented book.  The quality of the book is excellent, the feel and atmosphere of the game are contained within and you feel that it’s a great start.  My one issue with it was the asking price.  For £30 you get 152 pages of full colour, that’s very expensive.  For 50% more money you could pick up the new 40k Rulebook which is 450 pages.

In fact nothing is ‘reasonably’ priced if you look at EotD, as the figure sets are £25 for 8 figures.  You get them of course in a lovely box (the presentation is excellent) but the box is overly huge, and I mean overly huge, a complete waste of space.  You could get the 8 figures inside a large blister pack quite easily and as so I feel the cost is too much.

That didn’t stop me from picking up 3 of the boxes, I picked up:

    • Gentlemen’s Club

    • The Brotherhood

    • Victorian Zombies

After a first read of the book the rules seem very simple and didn’t require much re-reading to learn them.  I did find that during my first watching of the game that the simple rules didn’t work so well, a lot of down time due to having to discuss the rules and on one page an example of the rule (Bravery Test) contradicting the description of how to take the test.  It did seem quite apparent that these rules have not been that well play tested, or they didn’t put enough decent examples in the book to truly explain the rules.

There are four main factions in the game, these are:

  • Holy Order
  • Lycaon
  • Nosferatu
  • Gentlemens Club
    • Sons of the Empire
    • Darkfire Club
    • Wulfen Jaegar
    • Zendarian

That said, my wargaming group (GIMPS – Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames) are running a campaign.  EotD has a special campaign section in the main rules, which reads like a campaign is perhaps the best way to focus on a decent number of games.

I shall be having my first game on Monday night, I need to prepare my figures though, so that means a trip into the shed and some spraying…I am going to create a Gentlemen’s Club with the Darkfire Club Affiliation (so I can use my Zombies!).

The Darkfire club are practitioners of Black Magic…. according to the fluff, they’ll do anything to get what they want.  Nice. I just need to learn the rules, how to pick my spells and plan some use of them.  Of course the main issue with any game is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy and until I get any experience I won’t know.

Seem that you can’t pick the Mob or spells when you start and you only get a 1 in 10 change of a spell.  That in my opinion is a bit naff as you need to be able to raise a zombie mob or cast some spells around to make the Darkfire club come into their own.

So then if you want to play the game, you need to buy some more nice figures, these people have some great figures and i’m going to buy some my self.

The first place then in the UK:

Ironclad Miniatures

This figure is known as ‘Tobias’, for me he looks very very nice.

You can buy this man from here.

Next we come do someone else in the UK, Foundry Miniatures.

For some nice figures look here, here’s a picture of one pack.

But I’ve saved the best for last….

Love the figure of Clive, I can see him as the leader of my Darkfire club with a purple suit.

You can get this and a lot more excellent figures from ‘Lead Adventure’ here.  The are based in Germany and priced in Euro (€) with shipping for decent number of minis at €7.90

So tomorrow I’ll going to start to paint one of the Gentlemens Club, I hope anyway.

Have fun