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16th Regiment of Dragoons (Light) – 28mm Perry Miniatures

A spare few moments I have, and so another post I bring.

This time, my recently painted Perry Miniatures British Cavalry, depicted as the 16th (Queens) Regiment of Light Dragoons.  These chaps were painted by Artmaster Studio whom I use for all my Naps stuff as I love their style.  They’re not the cheapest but the end results justify the costs.

Recently I’ve posted the Highlander Battalion they painted up.  You can read/see more about that here.

So I was very happy to see the Cavalry turned around so very quickly (2-3 weeks).

Here’s a gallery of images.

I hope you agree they’ve done a fine job, and maybe one day soon I’ll play some more Black Powder and be able to field these.  Knowing the way I issue orders they’ll turn around and advance off the battlefield…but won’t they do this in a fine style!

My time is up, time to post this and move on….

A rather special post coming soon, not Black Powder, nor SAGA, nor 40k/30k, WHFB or Warmachine BUT something footy like…


A short update….

Hello all,

Just a quick update on things.

Right, blog postings.  I’ve got a few on the go at the moment, these are all work-over-time type postings.

For example, I’m still typing up (and sorting out the pictures) for my 40k Open Day Blog 2 of 2 (which may become 3 posts!).  That’s taking some time as there’s a lot of messing and re-writing and so on.

However I also have a post on my Clash of Empires army that will soon be in full swing, on top of that I have a second post of Empire of the Dead showing my progress on my Gentlemen’s Club and off of that a, blog post on bases and basing, namely Black Cat Bases (being used for my EotD Gentlemen’s Club) and Product for Wargamers MDF bases that I’ve bought for my Black Powder Naps.

That is not the end, oh no.  I’ve also bought the War of the Ring rules, plus now ordered the Lord of the Rings (Games Workshop) rules, along with an army based on the Angmar lists as found in the Moria and Angmar army list book!

Phew, so much going on.

I’ve also sent GW an email, a plead more like.  I’ve asked them if I can arrange to interview Matt Ward, Jerm Votek or Adam Troke (the writers of 40k 6th Edition).

Anyway bed beckons, so I best sign off.

Hope to finish the 40k follow up blog tomorrow.


Black Powder – My Plan

I’m playing Black Powder on the 19th of this month, that’s 9 days.

Here’s what I require to take:

To have enough models ready for the 19th July.
  • 3 Battalions of Line Infantry (108 models)
  • 2 Battalions of Highlanders (48 models)
  • 14 Hussars
  • 12 Dragoons
  • 3 Cannons
  • 16 Rifles

So if we tally them up, that’s a lot o f models, now as at this time, here’s a breakdown of what I have:

  • Line Infantry (26 built – 82 to build)
  • Highlanders (24 built – 24 to build)
  • 1 Cannon (2 to build)
  • 16 Rifles (None)
  • 0 Hussars (14 to build)
  • 0 Dragoons (12 to build)

That’s quite a short fall I think, and with just 8 days to complete the majority of it!

Without further ado, here’s the plan.  I’ve decided to split what I need to do into smaller chunks so I don’t get bored of one thing.
  • 6 Highlanders
  • 12 Line Infantry
  • 6 Highlanders
  • 12 Line Infantry
  • 12  Line Infantry (Two Battalions now complete)
Not around.
  • 18 Line Infantry
  • 12 Highlanders (Two battalions now complete)
  • 18 Line Infantry (Three Battalions now complete)
  • 2 Cannon’s
  • 12 Dragoons
  • Colonels
  • Hussars if possible.
Base, and the spray the blighters!
That’s a lot of models, anyway it’s now 12:16am on Thursday, next update tomorrow.
Wish me luck, I’m going in!
Didn’t achieve much tonight, do have 1 Battalion of Line Infantry finished and based.
That means Thursday needs to be a busy day, I need to built at least 24 Line Infantry and 6 Highlanders!
24 Line Infantry complete, stinking headache so knocking it on the head
Due to work I may have to cancel the game, there’s a lot to do, but I could get more painted before the rescheduled match…..

Victrix Highlanders

As the gods are against me going down to Bristol for the weekend, i’ve decided to use the time i’ve ‘gained’ to start to build up the vast number of 28mm Napoleonic miniatures that I need for my upcoming game of Black Powder in a few weeks.

For that game I’m hoping to provide my own troops rather than borrowing from others.

My list of models I have are as follows:

  • 5 x Box of Perrys British Line Infantry (200 figures)
  • 2 x Box of Victrix Highlanders (1 Box of Centre Company, 1 Box of Flank Company).
  • 8 Blisters of British Cavalry
  • 2 Blisters of Colonels/Generals.

So my focus for the moment is to build up some Highlanders, as I need fewer of these than I do the Line Infantry.

If we open up a box, this is the contents and the amazement of 60 miniatures for £22!

This box gives us:

  • 4 Officers in trousers
  • 4 Standard Bearers
  • 4 Pipers
  • 4 drummers
  • 4 NCO’s
  • 24 infantry in march attack/advancing poses
  • 12 infantry in standing firing/loading poses
  • 4 infantry kneeling firing
  • 72 heads in feathered Highland Bonnets
  • 48 backpacks to be used with all figures with the exception of the officers, standard bearers and pipers

Anyway, let’s look at what we get when we open up the box.

The first thing I notice about Victrix figures is that the boxes are that bit deeper than anyone else and when you open up the box you see the large number of sprues.  The sprues are made from a  lighter plastic than you see from GW/PP/Perrry’s but the good news is that it’s easy to clean, easy to cut the pieces out and more importantly (for me) plastic glue works (I use Humbrol Poly Cement).

However it’s not all good for me, personally I find that Victrix arms are a law to themselves, they are just a real pain to fit, especially when you have to glue the two arms together as well (holding the rifle to aim for example).  This means that you have ‘gaps’ at the back of the arms as this picture shows.

This gap is easy to sort, but something you shouldn’t need to do so.  I am not alone in my issue with the arms, a number of fellow wargamers also speak of this.  What is worse though is that if you compare these models to the Perry Miniatures British Line Infantry I find that those arms 90% of the time fit without issue.

One thing we shouldn’t perhaps forget is that we get 60 figures in a box, that’s 37p each and you can forgive them a few annoyances as these figures are meant to be built en masse for large unts where you do a battlefield quality paint job and not a set of figures to enter for the Golden Demon award etc.

For Black Powder I’ve decided to use a base of 45x40mm as found on a great website here, It also agrees with the basic Perry base for their Line Infantry.  This means that only 4 figures will be on one base, and six bases are needed for a Unit/Battalion, so that means 24 figures per Unit.  This then means that each box will built two Units! and we’ll still have 12 other figures as well.  We could use these to build a large Unit (using 8 bases).

So to date I’ve built 24 of these, that’s enough for a Battalion for our Black Powder game.  I’ll do another post detailing my mad plane to field enough models to make it worth doing!

Until then Huzzah!