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For the Emporer! – 40k Open Day (Blog 2 of 2)

So where was I, writing a follow up to this blog post….

Oh yes, my friends eldest and I had just finished our lunch (I had the fat slob double burger thing – quite nice) and so after my hip flask purchase we ambled upstairs into the hall of miniatures.

Mighty impressive I think and a touch of humour as well in places.

Once again my lack of ‘I have a camera, let’s take lots of shots’ has caught me out here, but I took some (mainly Black Templar) and my friend took a lot more (see the Eldar Titan), so here goes the pictures in a nice gallery format.

So what happened next?

Well it was time to go to the Seminar ’40k – Designing the new rules’.  It was being held in an area through Bugmans Bar where previously I’ve eaten during a Forgeworld event.

Sitting on some sofa’s on a stage were Jeremy Vetok, Jervis Johnson and Matt Ward.

Sorry that I didn’t take pictures, again brain freeze.

They answered a series of pre-asked questions mainly regarding rules but also fluff.  After that they opened the floor for questions and I had two but only time to ask one directly.  My question was “Let’s say you’re a Space Marine and I’m trying to shoot you, why would hiding behind that sofa offer you cover save, when in fact it will make me harder to hit you, take it further imagine you’re in a pill box, if I hit you it’s your armour that saves you, not the cover around you.”.  Matt Ward answered and said something along the lines of “It’s a crazy old rule that we didn’t get rid of”.  Jervis then took the microphone and explained that in 4th Edition that decided to make a decision to remove modifiers from the to hit, to wound and to save rolls, so instead they thought of that and it’s the way things will stay for the moment.”

Then the session ended, it was a very quick hour.

I approached Matt Ward and first fumbled my ‘to find my autograph pen’ roll and he signed my 40k Collectors Edition using his own pen.  We had a brief chat about Blast templates and why Orcs are as accurate as Space Marines.  At first he didn’t get my point, as Marines have a BS of 4 and Orcs 2 so Marines would deviate 2″ less, it was then I pointed out that both had a 1 in 3 chance of hitting due to the dice having 2 faces with a hit.  Then he got it, explained again it was an older rule, but sadly didn’t suggest that there would be any changes in the future.  Perhaps it’s a bit too early to plan 7th Edition, but I suspect it’s not, I suspect things were wanting to be changed, but didn’t make the cut.  I also get the impression that they couldn’t have too many changes so the existing player base and I can agree with that.  A quick chat with Jeremy and he signed my book, top man really – really really into the passion of the 40k universe.

A saunter then back into the main hall, a look around, a few more photographs and then a chat with John Blanche, again I should have taken a photo! I had a good chat about upcoming British Artists and the lack of them, his style (and my lack of fondness for a lot of it) and then he signed my book. He wrote the words “Burn Heretic”, perhaps in reply to my words…

After a few more chats it was time for the trip home.

It was a good day, I enjoyed it.  I could have (and should have) made more of it, I was a little shell shocked, tired really as it was a long round trip – but I may go back in November for a painting Masterclass session…. perhaps the Hive Tyrant, not sure, the cost isn’t the issue – it’s what I get out of the day and I’m not a fan of doing these things solo.

However I did manage to get my 6th Edition Collectors book signed by Alex Boyd, John Blanche, Jeremy Votek and Matt Ward… a few more names to get I think!

Right, i’ll sign off now, I am thinking of doing a further blog post on this, mainly the additional pictures, not sure yet, but I’ll leave you with some excellent pictures of the 1st Founding Imperial Fists Chapter..

For the emperor!

For the Emporer! – 40k Open Day (Blog 1 of 2)

Saturday 14th July 2012 after the launch of the latest edition of 40k, Games Workshop ran an Open Design day.  I saw this as a great opportunity to pick up some signatures for my collectors edition of the new rulebook.

Now before I go on, let me state that a number of these pictures are from a friend who came with me (thanks Greg), I, even had my camera with my but as I don’t take it many places I just didn’t think to take pictures!  I did a few of the models etc, but nothing of any real interest as to what was going on.

Due to my missus being away and the desire to not take my two young children I went down to Peterborough dropped them off with my folks, picked up a friend and his (older than my) kids and then headed up the A1 and across the A52 to find this:

After being directed to park up, we made our way into the Warhammer World building and were greeted by a couple of staff who replaced our tickets with wrist bands.  At this point sprung upon us were choices for which seminars we could attend during the day.  Let’s say we were very surprised at this and luckily for others trying to get in there wasn’t a mass of people being held up.

This wasn’t so well handled.  We umm’d and arrr’d and made a few decisions after which we were told we could pop down and pick up another seminar voucher if we changed our minds.

Anyway walking up the stairs and into the gaming hall we saw the stalls of the various departments, here are a couple of pictures of what we saw:

After going around and looking at what there was, we started to talk to a few people.

First we talked at a couple of sculptors.  One was working on creating a total new model.  I don’t what who he was, or what the model would be (Page 159 – middle picture) but he did say it was be quite hard because the picture was 2d.  I asked what concepts they got and he said that depends on what they’re creating.  Normally all weapons would be drawn for them to sculpt but some models themselves would just be some basic sketches and they would be allowed to create the model how they saw it, assuming it was in the spirit of what was needed.

We then spoke about why Plastic models are creating ‘3 up’.  I was given two answers, but the basic was that when creating the stainless steel moulds they had to be careful that there were no sharp points on the sides, and for the details that were needed, they were best created larger and shrank down by a computer to the correct size.  It did say that a normal 28mm model can take a few weeks to sculpt and that a 3-up model a lot longer and a lot more sculpting putty.  The models themselves seemed to be a mix of Super Scupley FIRM Grey and what looks like GW’s own ‘Green Stuff’.

So here are some pictures of what I saw on display – they really are excellent stuff.  Sadly the models were put in glass cabinets that had mirrors at the back (to keep them lighted I think).  However do you recognise any of these, I sure do…

I then next moved on to find some of the people responsible for putting the 6th edition together, I knew Matt Ward would be at the seminar later and hoped I could get him there.  So next over to the art area.

My first conversation was with a young chap who helped put the books together.  He’s one of them men who put all that time into making sure the text reads and flows well and fits into the space it has.  Oddly enough he was there to help people with their painting skills.  We talked about the new Citadel range of paints.  He explained how it had all been put together which now makes total sense.  You have the base colours and then all the highlighting layers available without the need to mix any.  Plus the layering paints are also thin enough that you don’t need you use a thinner.  I do also have the comment that the new Painting Guide book is excellent and very well thought about.

Once finished with him I went off and talked to some of the artists, finally I had found my cover artists, Mr. Alex Boyd.  He was kind enough to sign my book and we spoke about how long it took, how he did it and what he thought of it, the cover that was.  It was a shock to find out how long that cover art had taken, but when he told us of the story of it (and showed us the original painting it was based on) we could understand why.  I also spent a bit of time talking to the chap who does all the uniform guides for GW (not just the 40k but the WHFB stuff as well).  That was quite interesting and as we spoke he let me into some information that the Black Templars may NOT get another codex as they’re not a founding chapter, they are a second founding from the Imperial Fists.  Now that I look at the pictures we took, and some pictures in the new rulebook are all about the Imperial Fists – so are they about to get their own codex and the BT be a section within?  The word on the web is that BT are next then Tau, we shall see…

Popped over the the FW guys and bought a copy of the new release Aeronautica and some artwork for myself.  I picked up from the Black Library stall 3 limited edition prints.  All by Jon Sullivan we have 2 of the 3 prints right here, sadly I couldn’t find the best one that I have and the pictures are crap.

Another look around and then it was time for my friend and his youngest to go and take part in a sculpting and detailing miniatures seminar.  I took his eldest and went into Bugmans Bar, ordered lunch and drinks and of course I had to have a Bugmans…. it’s ok, not great.

Next up I looked around the Bugmans Shop and bought myself a hip flask.  No real need for one, but just wanted one.

After this half way point in the day and still a good 45 minutes until the Seminar on the ‘Rules design’ for 6th Edition, Liam and I headed up stairs to the hall of miniatures.

Sadly though this is the end of this blog, if I go on any further you’ll die of boredom, so come back in a days for part 2.  More info from various folks, a chat with John Blanche, chat with Matt Ward and a brief chat with Jerm Vortek.

Until then remember ‘For the Emporer!’