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All the paints in the world, well the Warhammer world.

So it’s that time of the year it seems.

Games Workshop are making available all of their paints in one large bundle again.  Yep that’s correct, they’re offering in one go all of the newest range of Citadel paints.  I can remember a similar bundle being offered at first launch for stupid money and now they’re repeating it but have done a clever thing.  They’ve included a shelving system to help store that many paints, see this nice picture below.

So what exactly do you get for your money?  Well you get all 144 of the paints that they’ve made.

  • 70 Layer Paints
  • 34 Base paints
  • 15 Dry Compounds
  • 12 Shades
  • 6 Texture paints
  • 4 Glazes
  • 3 Technical paints

That’s a lot of paint and so knowing that GW sell their paints for £2.30 each they are selling this lot for £280.  Ouch, that’s still quite a lot of money BUT it’s got everything you need and for myself I prefer to buy all the paints and there’s nothing worse in this world that not having one that paint you need.

However these days I prefer to use Vallejo rather than Citadel paints.  Why’s that?  Well the reason was over the last few years I’ve wanted to use paints that had the same colour with different shades, ie rather than adding white to purple to get a lighter purple, I’d just make sure I’d picked up all the purples (lighter and darker) from Vallejo and would use them to mix paints.  That way you got a decent highlight that looked correct rather than just ‘more white or more black’ shaded colours..

GW copied this when they relaunched their paints and basically learned from what Vallejo have done.  I’ve used some of the paints and I can say that they’re better, but are they good enough to re-use?

For me I can’t say I’m too sure.  I still have a lot of their older paints and I also have a larger range of Vallejo and P3 to use (depending on the model) but I do have a load of Forgeworld figures that need painting in Death Guard colours….

Now comes the blatant link here.  If this is of interest to you, then Wayland Games are selling it at £50 off of the GW cost.  Here’s a nice link that takes you to the Wayland website where if you kindly purchase I shall be rewarded.


I have noticed they’re also including free shipping at the moment, not sure though if that includes this ‘bulky’ paint set. I have though added the Paint Set to the cart and then applied this offer and I did get free shipping. So if you order over £50 and enter in FREESHIP50 between the dates of Saturday 27th and Friday 9th November you should receive free shipping! I also noticed the entire offer was £228.08! So seems they’re giving you the VAT off the shipping off the offer total – seems a bit of a mistake!

Right that’s enough for this post. If you want the Citadel paints and have a spare £230 then this is the best time to order it. If you though only need 20-30 paints and you know what you want then order them as it’ll be a lot cheaper.

Until next time!

For the Emperor! A Dark Vengeance is soon to be upon us.

It’s been a few months since Games Workshop released Warhammer 40k 6th Edition and from what I can see, a lot of players feel it’s a good improvement upon 5th.  This of course means that over the next few years we’ll see updated codices for many faction but first off, we have the new 2 player starter box coming very soon (1st September 2012).

It’s called ‘Dark Vengeance’ and features the Emperors’ Dark Angels against chaos, Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines.  We have here a picture of the box (I do like black) and its contents.

There’s plenty of chatter on the net and there’s not much more to be said at the moment but the images released by Games Workshop make you wish time would move forward and hurry up until release day.

First off they are releasing the Limited Edition of the Box set which contains a limited Dark Angel miniature, that of the Dark Angel’s Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus and what an amazing figure we have.

Once the Limited Edition is sold out, they’ll be releasing the normal edition.  So if you want Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus and knowing GW, the Limited Edition will sell out very quick so I’ve ordered my box set from Wayland Games, and I’d ask you to order from them as well (link below) or from your local independent shop.


So then, what does this Box Set Include?  Well the Limited Edition contains 49 miniatures, plus the much sought after mini-rule book, some dice, markers and more.

Dark Angel Army.

  • Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus
  • Dark Angels Company Master
  • Dark Angels Librarian
  • 5 Deathwing Terminators
  • 10 Dark Angel Tactical Marines
  • 3 Ravenwing Bikes

Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marine army.

  • Chaos Lord
  • 6 Chosen Chaos Space Marines
  • Hellbrute
  • 10 Close Combat Chaos Cultists
  • 10 Ranged Chaos Cultist

Lastly we have the extras in the box.

  • Mini Rulebook (168 pages)
  • 48 page How To Play Booklet
  • 1 Reference Sheet
  • 1 Flamer Template
  • 1 Small Blast Marker
  • 1 Large Blast Marker
  • 1 Dice Pack
  • 2 Range Rulers

So for your £65 (£58.50 plus P&P from Wayland) that’s one hell of a great deal and the figures do look amazing on both sides.

Here’s a gallery of the miniatures (taken from Games Workshop website) and as you can see, you must buy the box even if you have your own Dark Angels/Chaos Marines. I myself have an almost finished Deathwing Army and now I know where I can find the variance I wanted to help build up the last unit I need….

Not that much to say now really.  Of course go to Games Workshop website and look at what else you need and then go to your Independent shop or if you shop online use Wayland Games.

Anyway until next time (when the box arrives) I’ll let you know what I really think.

Until then, For the Emperor!

War of the Rings – and how I started my interest in it.

Some days my madness works it’s way through my pocket and into the hands of retailers.

After my visit to Warhammer World I had my interest in Lord of the Rings Wargaming renewed and so was determined to give it a blast.  War of the Ring is the mass battle version of Games Workshops’ Lord of the Rings battle system.  It’s designed for large numbers of troops to be fielded on the battlefield and to be honest even though it’s a Games Workshop product, I’m very very interested.  I grew up on the Lord of the Rings, I’ve played and ran the RPG ‘Middle Earth Roleplaying’ and I hope one day to play that game again, anyway this is about War of the Ring and my experience of it.

So I went to Wargames Emporium (WE) my local shop to pick up some other Warmachine stuff I’d ordered and asked about War of the Rings (WotR) as I couldn’t see any books/models in the shop (they are Independent and stock a number of systems) so I asked the chap behind the counter (John) and he told me he thought he had a second hand copy of the Rules.  Within a minute he had located it and I had agreed to purchase it from him at a princely sum of £18  (£20 minus 10% as I get a club discount).

Didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted the Angmar army and so I quickly raised my first order with WE.

I bought off them:

2 Boxes of Mordor Orcs (these chaps)

The Witch King

The Tainted

Barrow Wights

I did also ask for the Moria and Angmar army list book and the Lord of the Rings Rulebook itself, however they couldn’t match the price Wayland Games were selling the LotR Rulebook (£30) so I had to go with  Wayland for that (at this point I’m still waiting…..)

Knowing that these models wouldn’t be enough for an army I had to make the trek to Games Workshop on the Moor in Sheffield to see what they had.

So paying full retail price I added the following to my Angmar force.

Morannon Orc Commanders:

Warg Riders:

As such that was it.

When I got home and decided to start to build these, I knew from more reading that I didn’t have a valid Angmar force so over to Ebay for more…

I managed to pick up an Out of Production 20 figure ‘Army of the Dead’.  These models are used for the Ghostly Legion, I picked up the Box (sealed still) for £29 including postage.  I could have picked up 2 boxes of the newer ‘Warriors of the Dead’ but I don’t like the models so much and my thinking was that if I needed more of these companies, I buy the newer boxes and I don’t have many duplicates.

They turned up in time and I built them, I had an army and I had written a list for a 500 point introduction game I was going to be having at the club on Thursday 26th July.  Dan was played WotR before but not enough to be familiar with the rules.

I also before I read the lists wanted a Cave Troll, so popped to the GW website and bought one of these, which turned out to be a bugger to glue together, it needs some green stuff…

So Thursday came and we had our battle.

These were the forces.


Warband A
4 companies of Orcs + Captain + Shields (165 points)
Warband B
3 companies of Orcs + Bows (60 points)
Warband C
2 Companies Ghostly Riders (120 points)
Dwimmerlaik  (125 points)

Fate/Fortune – Balefire Arrows (25 points)

Total 495 Points.


Warband A
4 Companies of Haldirs Elves (Legendary Formation) (295 points)
Warband B
2 Companies of Galadhrim Regiment  (90 points)
Warband C
2 Companies of Galadhrim Warriors  (90 points)

Fate/Fortune – Ancient Lore (25 points)

Total 500 Points.

When I arrived at the club, Dan was already there and setting up the table, a balanced amount of scenery and cover plus a single objective – take the centre hill and hold it for 2 complete rounds without your opponent contesting the objective.

WotR games last 8 rounds so it’s important that we both got a move on…as that hill needed taking!

It didn’t take long really for us to get into the rules, but we did have a few sessions of ‘finding rules’ or in one case, not finding the rules.  For example when you declare a charge and you make the distance you move up to base to base contact with the charged formation.  Once the fighting has finished the two formations split apart a little to show they’ve finished.  My question was, are they still ‘fighting’ as at one point my opponent said that as we’re not in base to base contact he can shoot my Orcs.  I found this a bit hard, you’ve done melee and then your opponents allow you to draw your box, notch an arrow and fire off against you.  We in the end (after 20 minutes of searching) agreed he could, it didn’t make much difference as I charged him again and caused him to break.

It was a good game, I enjoyed it a lot, it’s a fast set of rules, designed for mass battles as there’s a single ‘to hit and injure’ roll which leads to lots of troops dropping on a series of good rolls.  I can see why people complain that WotR is all about rolling high, it is, but also planning what units attack what and in what order make it just as tactical.

So after 6 rounds (of the 8) the game was mine.  The bow fire from my 3 companies of orcs, the spells (or lack of) from my Nazgul and some good rolling on my main Warband meant I won the day.  Those orcs are almost as deadly as the Elves in melee, not as skilled but a few good rolls helps and I did get them, you need though to take large formations of orcs as they die quickly to Elven bows.

I like it, like it a lot and I will play more.

I’ll give a decent review of it once I’ve played a few more games and I hope over the rest of summer that I’ll play more.  I’m also looking to create some battle rep type blog posts, will think about that as the time they take to write up is quite large – so perhaps plenty of pictures instead?

Right time to do something else.