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Going to War, raising a Viking Great Army – Stage 2 (Part 1) building it.

Here we go again then, day 2 (was when I started this, it’s now day 6) of the week without kids and now I’m onto the build element of my Viking Great Army.

In an earlier blog I mentioned that we’re having a Dark Age campaign at the club in November using the Clash of Empires rules and so I bought a Viking Great Army (VGA) direct from Great Escape Games and then I wrote my army list.

To recap, here’s a picture of what I have available to build, and next to that a breakdown of what exactly it is..

The Viking Army Deal contained the following:

  • 2 boxes of Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen (88 figures total)
  • Artizan Designs Viking jarl and standard bearer, plus 2 hersir
  • Crusader Miniatures 20 bondi
  • Crusader Miniatures hirdmen command and berserkers
  • Crusader Miniatures 8 archers (skirmishers)

Plus I also received a Viking Lord Miniature (still to locate him!)

Next thing I did was to email Jim (Products of Wargamers) asking him to about the total number of bases that I wanted, plus asking him if they sell movement trays.

He (as always) quickly replied and told me he could make the bases I required and the movement trays and that he’d be in touch with the costs of them, I’m still awaiting this and the bases – so time to send him another email I think.

I’ve also bought some Shield Decals and some bases for this miniatures.

The Shield Decals were bought from Little Big Men Studio.  I asked my club members where I can buy shield decals/transfers and when I look at the Little Big Men Studio I liked what they had so I told my brain to use them.  I had a few questions and so I contacted them (via the website) and within a few hours, Steve had replied to me with my answers.

I bought the following stuff:

Order 1:

Order 2:

Total cost, was for Order 1, £24 plus £1 P&P, Order 2 was £9 plus £1 P&P, total cost £35.

If I’d ordered both orders together, it would have cost £37.50, because any order over £25 is sent out using Special Delivery which costs too much I think for a little A5 letter.

At this time I’m waiting on these as well, but I only ordered them yesterday so it’s too early to have them.

So what i’ve started to do is to remove some of the models (the metal miniatures to start), clean the seams, the flash etc and glue their shields on so that as soon as the bases turn up, I can glue and then get them undercoated.

Here’s a few pics of the Hirdmen Command made by Crusader Miniatures.






Behind those you can see the Gripping Beast Plastic Viking Sprues, these will be done post all the metal figures.

Next come the Crusader Miniature Berserkers







These chaps will be the first I paint of my Vikings, I think they’re excellent..

Next up comes the Crusader Miniatures Bondi with Bows, this time a pack of 8 miniatures rather than 4 as shown in the first 2 packs opened and dealt with.







So that’s all for Part 1, Part 2 will show the further metal miniatures opened up, cleaned and photographed, 3 more packs of Crusader Miniatures and 1 Artizan Designs.

I have to at this point comment that the Crusader Miniatures are excellent, nicely detailed without going over the top and pretty clean casts, not a lot of seams or flash to clean off.  But my main gripe is that any packs of 8 (that i’ve opened, ie the Bondi with Bows) just repeat the models twice, rather than having 8 different figures.