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First post on our new home, all about Call of Cthulhu of course

Greetings All,

I’ve not done anything with my blog properly for a long long time, so I’ve decided that I shall try to rekindle my interest in my blog, since, well I’ve been busy doing so many things for so long for others, it’s about time I did something for me.

Right so back to this post.

Chaosium, the people behind the excellent Call of Cthulhu RPG have had a torrid time over the last few years.  It seemed the Kickstarters for both Horror on the Orient Express and Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition really ‘broke’ the old Chaosium.  However since those darker days a few years back it once again appears as if the good ship Chaosium is once again sailing through the good waters.  Now that the new company is in place it’s easy to see that they’re focusing on their ‘bread and butter’, this being Call of Cthulhu but also the venerable Runequest, or RQ for short.  I’ll do a post about the new RQ soon, and how I’m kind of involved in part of it’s evolution.

Back to CoC.  The 7th Edition has some important changes.  Now the system is D100 based for everything, Luck is a resource, Major wounds are a real pain, and well, lots of dice rolling.  The quality of the 7th Edition products though speaks for itself.  Bringing itself upto date with ‘other’ RPG products, we see all the newer products, Doors to Darkness, The Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic, etc are all filled with superb coloured artwork, not to mention page layouts that are also full colour and bring the range back together.

I’ve been on a crusade though to pick up all their older 6th Edition books.  Some of these books of course were the best material of those days, for example Spawn of Azathoth, a deadly campaign of investigation Mi-Go and lots of luck.  One of my book shelves is now almost entirely taken by my CoC products that I have in print.  I have lots more in PDF form (takes far less real world space), but recently I’ve needed the physical book, more to ‘tip’ my hat at them and show my faith in their products.

I”ve continued to bring CoC products to the VTT Fantasy Grounds.  Still in my opinion the best VTT out there, and I’ve been converting the scenario books ‘Doors to Darkness’ (which we’re playing a session tonight) and slowly working on the Grimoire, both should be ready for the end of the month… but a lot more FG products are calling to me, sooo many.

Right until the next post, on Doors to Darkness…