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Death Guard (Loyalist) – Kill Team Project – Update #1


After my post last month (where does time go?), time for a small update.

So I picked up from FW (at the Open Day 2014) some Scouts, a set of Mark III (Iron) Marines (x2 for 10) (with Phobos bolters and Shoulderpads) and a Death Guard legion Contemptor Dreadnought (plus more for my 40k in 40mins army later in the year) but these are the ones I think I will work on.

Now going back to the post here, we have 200 points and must pick the following:

0 – 1 Elite
0 – 2 Troops
0 – 1 Fast Attack

You also need to make sure you have minimum unit numbers, ie 5 marines, plus if your codex states you need more than 1 unit and so on.  It’s worth reading the rules because not all models can be taken (wound limits).

With that in mind, here’s list one:

5 x Scouts (with Sniper rifles and Camo Cloaks), maybe with a Heavy Bolter – around 70-83 points)

1 x Comtemptor Dreadnought (with Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters/Heavy Flamer and Twin-Linked Autocannon – kill of those Orcs/Nids – 20 points)


Scouts can be placed last and in cover so with the Rifles should be able to take out Elites

Dreadnought should be able to cope with large troop numbers such as Orcs/Nids


Low figure count.  Orcs/Nids could finish killing just 5 scouts quickly with numbers.

List two:

5 x Scouts (with Sniper rifles and Camo Cloaks), maybe with a Heavy Bolter – around 70-83 points)

6 x Marines (with Missile Launcher and Sergeant will have a Power Sword/Axe – 70 points plus 15 for the ML and 15 for the Power Weapon – 114 points)


Higher figure count

Lots of firepower with the ML and Heavy Bolter.


No mass killing as the ML has just 1 shot and the strength of the Frag missiles and AP rating won’t be killing many Marines.

List three:

Same as List two except, swap Power Sword for Jump packs on the Marines (18 points for these)

200 points is hard though to get in any decent SM army list.  These lists won’t win but they’re forming the 400 point army for later.   This is a start though, and I hope to get some painted soon (the scouts/marines are built – just need painting).

I have though got more Death Guard, more of that in the first 400 in 40 mins post coming later in the week.




Death Guard (Loyalist) – Kill Team Project

Good Morning!

It’s been about time I looked at what team I wanted for the Kill Team Challenge.  Yes I know it was to be finished before Feb but I’ve been busy, very busy.

This time next week I shall be getting ready to go to the Forge World Open Day held in GW’s Warhammer World.  I’ve been for the last 2 years and I’m hoping that it will be a good day.

So my plan then is to pick up want I need for my 200 point kill team from the GW shop or from FW themselves depending on what exactly I need.

First off I had to pick which codex I wanted to use.

Looking at which armies that I like and have the codex for this was my list:

  • Tyranids
  • Tau
  • Space Marines
  • Eldar

I do have the older codex for Imperial Guards and thus I did think about that, however I wanted to use my Death Korps of Krieg but the rules state that you can’t use any Forgeworld lists which means the DKK wouldn’t really be DKK and thus I removed them (for the moment).

So with a bit of a umm, and errr and ummm and errr again, I decided that I’ll play some Space Marines.

Now as far as they go I had to choose from

  • Black Templars
  • Mantis Warriors
  • Death Guard (Horus Heresy era)

It didn’t take long for me to choose the Death Guard.  Recently I’ve been listening to the Black Library’s Horus Heresy Audiobooks whilst I’ve been working away so of course the Death Guard are in my mind (think the audio books are advertising…).  I also happen to like the very basic colour scheme, shouldn’t take too long to paint up… (he says).

I should of course have chosen the Black Templars, but I have enough of them built already so it wouldn’t really be a project.

As I prefer the Loyalist (non Chaos) version I’ve chosen to base my Kill Team list on the vanilla Space Marine codex.

Current thinking is for a unit of Tactical marines and some scouts.  Not sure yet on equipment but I believe this is a nice base to build up from.  I know I could look at using bikes/land speeder/razorback but for the moment I’ll stick to infantry.

So here are the scouts I’ll pick up:

Legion MKIV Recon Squad

For the tactical squad, some Legion Mk III Iron Amour with Death Guard shoulder pads.

Legion Mk III Iron Armour

Now FW aren’t cheap, but unlike Orcs/Nids, you don’t need that many to fill 200 points.  Of course these 200 points are going to be the basis of my 40k in 40 minutes force later in the year, but let’s start small…

As for painting them, I found this on the net, from FW.

So ‘lifting’ from that document, here’s the colour scheme (this may change a little) that I plan to use.

Death GuardArmour:

  1. Undercoat with Skull White spray
  2. Wash with 50/50 mix of Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium
  3. Highlight with White Scar mixed with Lahmian Medium


  1. Basecoat with Castellan Green
  2. Highlight with 50/50 mix of Castellan Green and Elysian Green
  3. Highlight with Elysian Green


  1. Basecoat with Warlock Bronze
  2. Highlight with Runelord Brass

Right, time to clean the kitchen…. Cheers

16th Regiment of Dragoons (Light) – 28mm Perry Miniatures

A spare few moments I have, and so another post I bring.

This time, my recently painted Perry Miniatures British Cavalry, depicted as the 16th (Queens) Regiment of Light Dragoons.  These chaps were painted by Artmaster Studio whom I use for all my Naps stuff as I love their style.  They’re not the cheapest but the end results justify the costs.

Recently I’ve posted the Highlander Battalion they painted up.  You can read/see more about that here.

So I was very happy to see the Cavalry turned around so very quickly (2-3 weeks).

Here’s a gallery of images.

I hope you agree they’ve done a fine job, and maybe one day soon I’ll play some more Black Powder and be able to field these.  Knowing the way I issue orders they’ll turn around and advance off the battlefield…but won’t they do this in a fine style!

My time is up, time to post this and move on….

A rather special post coming soon, not Black Powder, nor SAGA, nor 40k/30k, WHFB or Warmachine BUT something footy like…


Cameron Highlanders (79th Regiment of Foot) – 28mm Victrix

Greetings All,

I should have posted this a good while ago, but life…anyway onwards.

Last summer I picked up 2 boxes of Victrix Highlanders.

It took me a good while to make up 6 bases worth (4 to a base) as I’m not a fan of building plastic figures… at least they’re plastic and not resin as superglue loves me more than the figures I’m building.

As I’m building a primary Peninsular Army I looked through the history books and I decided to get this unit to be  the 79th Regiment of Foot, the Cameron Highlanders.  The next Highlander unit I’ll build will be the Black Watch of course…

They took part in the following battles during the Peninsular Campaign.

You can find more info on them here (it’s a Wiki so might not be 100% accurate – but it’s easy to link!)

I posted them off to Toby at Artmaster Studios as I knew he’d already painted up some of my other 28mm Napoleonics and I prefer each army I own to have the same style of painting, plus I like the job he does, to me, one of the best historical painters in the business.  They now have a Facebook page, so go over and like them!

I picked up the flags from GMB Designs and then somehow forgot to include them in the parcel and then lost them in the house. After a while Toby managed to get hold of some and so completed the job.

Here they are, there’s 24 figures in total.  6 bases with 4 figures.

Splendid job I think and they match the Perry’s Infantry and Cavalry that I have a treat.

So what’s next? Toby has (and completed now!) some Perry’s Cavalry and some Perry’s Line Infantry to do. I’ll do more posts when they arrive back with me.

(And the Cavalry have arrived – just need to get some pictures!).


Good at buying, not so good at building, awful at painting

Morning Folks,

Last night I based up 16 more Vikings, some extra models I bought for my SAGA Viking Army.

I then looked on the painting station I use (it has the cutting board within) and on that station I have:

  • 3 Napoleonic British Line Infantry built an glued to their base.
  • 12 Napoleonic British Hussars, unbuilt and lying in pieces.
  • 8 Brotherhood models for the Westwind Empire of the Dead game.
  • 1 Gentlemens Club (Empire of the Dead) based and half painted.
  • 1 Plastic Gripping Beast Viking.
  • 16 Metal Vikings (Artizan and SAGA).
  • The Witch King on Horseback (unbased).
  • 1 Menoth UA (can’t remember the unit) undercoated and based.
  • 1 Menoth Light Warjack, based.
  • 5 Space Marines unpainted.
  • 1 Imperial Cadian Trooper.

and finally

  • 1 Space Marine painted in Black Templar colours.

This doesn’t include the bases (mainly wooden) 30 odd Vallejo paints and some tools.

What a mess.

So this lead me to think about do I just enjoy buying the miniatures and have a dream that one day I’ll have them all painted?  Well looking at the stats, seems for every 100 figures I buy, I base around 40 and of those 40 I painted around 4.

Should I stop buying miniatures?  Common sense would tell you that it would be a good thing, but part of me doesn’t like that idea.

If I then look at what I paint, seems I paint more of other peoples stuff than I do my own and get others to paint my stuff.  Why is that? Perhaps I know I won’t be happy with my own work, yet others seem to be very happy with mine, or is it the fact that when I paint something for someone else it’s always a unit….

I have been sorting out the spare room as we have friends staying in a few weeks and I must have around 1000 figures still in their boxes/blister packs, anything from Vikings/Normans through to Space Marines (FW and GW) through to Warmachine and Relics.


That’s a word I need to work with.

In my working world I’m good with that word, I can focus on what I need to complete before moving on, I can though also focus on many projects and switch between them as and when necessary, so why not with my home projects?

I could perhaps say that at work you’re are paid to complete these tasks, at home you’re not.  I don’t work for money but I do get the enjoyment out of delivering software on time.

How do I do this in my home world?  Maybe I do smaller things.  No point building and army if I’m going to paint a unit and then move on, but why not try the latter using the former?

The rest of March is a busy month for me with work and family so maybe I’ll try a project each month, and without going mad and planning ahead for the rest of the year maybe I start small.

Anyway I’ll sign off now, I’ve just brought down a Dwarf Battalion, so perhaps I’ll build some more Dwarfs that I won’t paint….



Models left to build and paint in 2013 – Part 1

Evening Folks,

On Tuesday night I started to make a list of all the figures I have still to build let alone paint as I was tempted to buy yet more!

So let’s see, and this list isn’t complete as I couldn’t get to some of the boxes (smaller boxes though luckily!).

Pike & Shotte

Black Powder – all to build and paint

  • 144 Perry British Line Infantry
  • 14 mounted Hussars.
  • 90 Victrix Highlanders

Black Powder – Other

  • 24 other Perrys metal cavalry to paint

40K – all to build and paint

  • Space Marine
    • 2 Drop pods
    • Preadator
    • Land Raider
    • Vindicator
    • 2 Rhinos
    • 2 Boxes Death Wing Terminators
    • Terminators
    • Command Squad
    • 3 Boxes of Scouts
    • 2 Land Speeders
    • 1 Attack Bike
    • 2 Dreadnaughts
    • Dark Vengeance Box
    • Battleforce
  • Eldar
    • 2 Boxes of Dire Avengers
    • Guardians
    • 2 Grav Tanks
    • Harlequin Troupe + Death Jester and Shadowseer
    • Farseer and Warlocks
    • Battleforce
    • Shining Spears
    • 2 War Walkers
    • Striking Scorpions
    • Banshees
    • 2 Wraithlord
  • Necrons
    • 2 Boxes Warriors
  • Forge World
    • Horus Heresy
      • 2 Comtemptor Dreads
      • 60 Mark II marines
      • 10 Mark II marines
      • 1 Mark 4 command pack
      • 1 Legion Commander pack
      • 1 Medic pack
      • Eldar Wraithseer

40K – to paint (all built)

  • Space Marine
    • Approx 40 Marines
    • Approx 20 Scouts
    • 3 Rhinos
    • 5 Terminators
    • 1 Land Speeder
    • 1 Attack Bike
    • 1 Dreadnaught
  • Eldar
    • Approx 130 figures (misc)
    • Guardians
    • 1 Grav Tank
    • 2 War Walkers
    • 1 Wraithlord

So that will do for the moment, about 50% shown above.

Coming in Part 2:

  • Relics
  • Vikings
  • The Hobbit
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • War of the Rings
  • Warmachine
  • Empire of the dead

and more….

But I have started to paint my Vikings 🙂




Vikings in 2013, the SAGA so far….

Last Thursday whilst in the starting stages of my ‘stomach bug’ I drove (rather than trammed it) down to the club and played 2 games of SAGA.  Those of you who didn’t notice, I had to evacuate the club pronto as my lunch was trying to evacuate me, so a 10 minute drive home to relief….

So what’s this post about?

Well, I picked up SAGA last year as an alternative rules system to play with my Viking models that I had bought to play ‘Clash of Empires’ campaign with at my local club…. which never happened as the Chap going to run it moved away.

SAGA Rules

So when he moved away I kind of dropped my Vikings, I had made around 20 of the Plastic Hirdmen (Gripping Beast figures) and based up all my metal figures (Crusader and Artizan), you can see more about this on some early posts.

When I found out that a local SAGA campaign was to start (and had players ready) I contact Matt who was running it and then signed up on the forum.

What’s SAGA then?  Well it’s a Skirmish history war game that uses some faction from the 8th to 11th century.  Lucky for me that’s the time we had Vikings living and warring here in England.

It’s written by Tomahawk Studio who don’t have an English website just yet…..

The main rulebook is not a huge book like Warhammer Fantasy as it has just 74 pages which tells you the rules, some history stuff, the factions, how to use the battleboard and finally heroes, measuring sticks and some Fatigue tokens.  So it doesn’t take long to read the rules and not that long to build an army.

That’s because it’s nice and simple.

Your Warlord is free (unless he’s a Hero – then it’s 1 point).

You Hearthguards are your best warriors, and you get 4 of them for 1 point.

You Warriors are your normal warriors and you get 8 of them for 1 point.

Lastly your Levies are, well just them.  You get 12 for 1 point.

Most games are played at 6 points, however they tell you to start with just 4.

Looking at the campaign rules on the club forum told me that we needed to create a 6 points army with a Hero.  Just before I left for the club I create my army and this is what I took:

  • Hero – Ragnor Lothbrok, King of Sweden and Norway – 1 point.

I chose this Hero because he allows all the units to move for free (see later) plus he also ignores 2 hits per unit, when he’s attacked.

  • Heathguards – 8 figures – 2 points

These guys were going to be the body guard of Ragnor.

  • Warriors – 8 figures – 1 point

The left flank unit

  • Warriors – 8 figures – 1 point

My right flank unit

  • Levies – 12 figures – 1 point

These chaps are the ranged unit for Vikings.  Seems the Vikings preferred the up close and bashing kind of war.

When I arrived at the club I started to sort out my models.  I’ve been a bit lazy (and busy) and I’ve not even undercoated these chaps yet so they look silver and plastic.  I found out I had just 8 Bondi Bowmen, yet needed 12 to make up the Levy unit.

Also I’m not that happy with the 8 bowmen I have, they’re too duplicated with 4 basic models.  So my thoughts post club were to buy some more from elsewhere, a look online shows that a few places do them, but Artizan Designs (who I have some of their models already) have some:

VIK004 – Viking Bondi with Bows

I also had problems making up the 16 Warriors as I have just 12 Bondi, so I mixed in some plastic hirdmen with them.  Therefore I need to double check and see how many more Bondi (Warriors) that I need.

Looking at Artizan Designs again I see that they do a Bondi pack that’ll do just right.

VIK003 – Viking Bondi with Hand Weapons

Plus I need some flags I think, so I’ll look around for them later – need to actually paint my models.

So back to what happened on the night.

Let’s say that I lost.  I lost both games with the first one being closer than the second.

First off I played Dave who was running a Jomsvikings army.  I didn’t know what Wrath meant, nor was it was used for but now I know.  It allows their best abilities to be used and only when you have enough points.

His army was:

  • Sigvaldi Strut-Haraldsson, Lord of Jomsborg – 1 Point

Sigvaldi is only allowed to take his best warriors into the battle, so that means;

  • Hearthguard – 20 figures – 5 points

Split into 3 units from what I can remember, 2 units of 8 and 1 with 4 who was his Heros bodyguards it seemed.

During the start of your turn you roll your SAGA dice.  The total amount depends on the units on the table.  You then take these dice and place them onto your battle board.  These are the abilities that you may use in this turn (you may leave them on the board for the next turn if you wish).  These abilities allow your army to do certain things.  In the case of my Vikings I have an ability called ULLR which allow me to re-roll any missed hits.

I needed this but didn’t notice it as I was still learning what was what.

Daves Jomsvikings have abilities that tell you to either remove some of your own models or allow his wrath to build which affected me on 2 turns, lucky I had some levies to spare.

Fatigue is also a very important part of the game.  Fighting or making 2 activations in 1 turn earns you fatigue.  Your opponent can use your fatigue to lower your armour, increase his armour etc.

In the end I lost, this was to the way I set up my units on the battlefield, to the way I used my battleboard (I was learning) and to the way my dice rolled and Daves did’  For example my Hero took on 1 Hearthguard and depsite the five attacks and using fatigue to lower his armour (I needed 3’s on a D6) he didn’t die.

But it was Victory points that mattered.  Counting up VP’s I think Dave got 23 and I got 13 I think.

My second game was against Garys Welsh.

The main difference here is that he had plenty of ranged attacks and mounted Hearthguard with his Hero.

His army was:

  • Maredudd ad Owain, King of the Britons – 1 point

This Warlord limits how many SAGA dice you roll in the 1st two turns, doesn’t have much effect upon Vikings but could seriously inhibit some other factions.

  • Hearthguards – 8 figures  – 2 points

4 of these were mounted and used alongside Mardedudd.

  • Warriors – 16 figures – 2 points

These were split into 2 units, so 8 per unit.  Both units had Javelins.

  • Levies – 12 figures – 1 point.

These guys were armed with slings.

Very basically I didn’t roll the terrain on this one, and it was the terrain that cost me as much as my dice.  When entering rough terrain your move is dropped to 4 inches, however the Welsh have an ability to drop that to 2 inches which happened.  They can also Taunt a unit, who then must have towards the nearest unit and of course my Hearthguard were taunted onto rough ground and then slowed.

Just to make matters worth I still had 6 Hearthguard that smashed into his Warriors (6 vs 8) and the end result was that I lost 2 Hearthguard and he lost 3 Warriors.  I was not impressed with my dice as I needed against just 3’s to hit and I had 15 dice!

In the end I couldn’t move my units up fast enough and his mounted unit made short work of my right flank, this battle was ended due to the 6th Turn finishing and my Warlord survived along with around half of my army.

Gary scored 13 VP’s and I scored 7.  Not the highest scoring game but I learned a lot on this one, and started to remember to use my Battleboard.

So that was it.

My plan for the next round in 2 weeks is to paint some of my Vikings – yes I know that’s impossible but that’s the plan, well here is the plan.

Tomorrow – glue up some shields that missed off and undercoat at least 8 of the Bondi.

During the week, paint these 8 bondi!

Easy, oh well, check back here and we shall see.








Coming soon….

Right it’s been a while, busy I have been.

Off tomorrow to Warhammer World, going to pick up my copy of the Forgeworld book The Horus Heresy (so expect a blog posting on that book).  The book looks ace, it’s priced at £70 (ouch) but I’ll have one maybe two.  I’m meeting a number of 40k players that I talk to via Facebook, plus I know at least one of them, so its going to be nice to play some more 40k.  There will be a blog about these games I hope.  It’s going to be Dark Angels for me I think as I’m bringing my Deathwing.

My Prussian army (for Maurice) has arrived at the painters (must send him the money), so I’ll be posting about that.

My Viking army is still being built and soon I’ll be using that for some games of Saga.

My Relics armies are going to be started soon. I need to start to build and paint some of my Britanan’s.  I’ve decided on purple with white trim for the infantry, gold trim for officers and yellow for cavalry.  Plus TOR Gaming have launched a slow-grow campaign system called ‘The island of Ryne‘.  I need to sort my Brits out and then register, or maybe register and then sort them out…

So it’s a busy October and November for me (not to mention my better half has her birthday soon).

I also need to finish writing up my blog on wargame figure cases.  I’ve included Battlefoam, KR and Figures in Comfort for the first one.  I hope to be able to blag different cases/trays for the future as I’m hoping I can start to review stuff for the good of us all.  I’m lucky I have enough money to pay for what I want, not everyone is in that state of being so any help I can add to you making your choice of what etc then all good for that.

Anyway time to finish up packing for tomorrow, and here’s hoping that I’m more active here over the coming weeks.


Prussians! Form ranks! – Part 1

Greetings All,

I had to do it.  I had zero choice.  I was thinking as my French Army was being finished up and being sent back to me that I needed a second force for Maurice.

Maurice is a game set in the time of Gentlemen (1690-1970).  I wrote a brief review of it here and it’s the system that I’m currently finding to be the one I want to play the most.

The reason then for a second army was so that I can introduce others to the game as they can play with one of my armies.  This is a great way to get people to just try a new system.  Zero investment prior to the game and it allows me to field an army that’s different and so depending on my mood, or just a whim I could field these instead of the French.

So down to the Prussians.  I’ve always liked the Prussians and I expect I’ll add them to my 28mm Napoleonic forces when I’m done with my British (if ever).  I can’t explain why, perhaps it’s the history of them or the fact that they don’t exist anymore, or that they’re not Russians but also not French or Austrian etc.

A quick look through the Maurice rules and I sketched out a 100 point army.

I want an Infantry army, so I must have a ratio of 3:1 (at the most) with Cavalry, so here goes.

  • Infantry – 44 points
    • 6 trained units (6 points per unit) = 36
    • 2 irregular units (3 points per unit) = 6
    • Upgraded 1 unit to Elite (2 points) = 2
  • Cavalry – 27 points
    • 4 trained units (6 points per unit) = 24
    • Upgraded 1 unit to Elite (3 points) = 3
  • Artillery – 6 points
    • 3 Guns (1, 2 and 3 points) = 6
  • National Advantages – 21 points
    • Lethal Volleys (12 points) = 12
    • Cavaliers (9 points) = 9

So that’s 44 + 27 + 6 + 21 which equals 98 points.  Not much can be done with the 2 points spare, another elite unit would cost +4 points (the first is 2 points, the second 3 and the third 4 and so on).  The same applies with Artillery, the first is 1 point, the second 2, the third 3….

I could drop one of the National Advantages or swap the Cavaliers for something like Cadence would free up 3 points (Cadence is 6 points) and then I could upgrade another unit to Elite, add another Artillery Unit or add a Conscript Unit (4 points).  I think I’ll try this list first.

When I agreed with myself that this was what I wanted I had to email Leon at Pendraken.  This was needed because Pendraken packs give you 30 infantry’s or 15 cavalry.  I need 32 figures for each infantry unit and 16 cavalry for the cavalry units.

When I sent this email I also sent the total number of figures that I’d need and this was:

The Fusilier Army Pack.

  • 1 x SYP7 – Grenadier foot march attack**
  • 1 x SYP13 – 3pdr gun with crew (3)
  • 1 x SYP16 – Dragoons*
  • 1 x SYP18 – Fusilier foot marching**
  • 1 x SYP19 – Fusilier foot advancing**
  • 2 x SYP17 – Fusilier foot march attack**
  • 1 x SYP20 – Fusilier foot firing**
  • 1 x SYP21 – Fusilier foot port fire**
  • 1 x SYP29 – Jagers**
  • 1 x SYP27 – Hussars*
  • 1 x SYP15 – Cuirassiers*
  • 1 x SYP30 – Bosniak Lancers*
  • 1 x SYP28 – Field officers (5)
  • 1 x SYW3 King Frederick the Great

* – need 1 more figure per pack
** – need 2 more figures per pack

Plus I asked for a couple of Civilians to put on the bases of the Officers and Frederick the Great.

A few days later Leon answered and told me that the total cost of this army would be £61.11 including VAT and P&P.  I did have a small credit for the French Flags so the total I paid was a bit less.  Reminder send those flags on Monday.  He sent me a PayPal invoice so I paid that quickly.

The next step was talking to Nik Harwood about painting my new army.  I know in advance that I won’t have the time to base it, or paint it, so why not speak to Nik again as his been great painting my French army.  So I emailed him and his up to paint it.  Great news really.

He also sent me a spreadsheet with the costs, and this army will be bit more higher cost than the French because there’s more figures.  So the cost is around £300 without P&P because I’ll get the picked up.

So for the moment this is all that I’ve done, I hope that Leon casts the army soon and sends it straight to Nik and then Nik can get the time together to paint this army – then I’m up for more games, a lot more games and if you want a game just get in contact.




Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 4 (The Army is marching off to War!)

Greetings All,

Part 4 already?  Seems so, and it’s quite logical as the previous posts are named as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

If you’ve not had a read of them, perhaps go back and have a look at the progress made but I’ll do a quick catch-up for all of those who haven’t, don’t want to or can’t be bothered.

Back in July I was invited to watch (and ended up playing) a game of Maurice as I had shown an interest in our local club (Sheffield GIMPS).  After that evening (and losing due to poor help from my tutor – The Goat) I loved the system and vowed to get an army for it.

10mm was the size of figure being played with and the chaps pointed me towards Pendraken.  A quick visit to their site and by the time I had left, they had received a small order from me.  I had purchased the SYW French Army Pack.  A steal at just £22.20 for that pack (prices have risen recently but still great value) which got me:

  • 2 x SYF1 – Tricorn foot march attack w/o turnbacks (60 figures)
  • 2 x SYF2 – Tricorn foot marching w/o turnbacks (60 figures)
  • 1 x SYF6 – Grenadier foot march attack w/o turnback (30 figures)
  • 1 x SYF11 – 3pdr gun with crew (3 guns and crew)
  • 1 x SYF13 – Heavy cavalry (15 figures)

Total order cost: £23.20 (inc VAT and P&P)

So I picked up 120 infantry, 15 cavalry and 3 guns with crew.  A week or so after the order a large bag of tiny 10mm figures arrived in the post.  It was time to sort.

At this time I was given a load of mdf bases, measuring 2″ x 1″.  Should have been enough and was more than enough for that I had ordered.

Once I sorted these out and checked the size of armies the French would use for 100 points (Maurice rules).  Doing a basic infantry army it would appear that 5 infantry, 3 cavalry and 4-6 artillery are the requirements (plus taking some national advantages)

Each unit is based on 4 bases, so that would mean 20 Infantry, 12 Cavalry and 4-6 Artillery.

Looking at what I had, I could see that I didn’t have enough.

  • 120 infantry would make 15 bases (5 short)
  • 15 cavalry would make 4 bases (8 short)
  • 3 guns would make 3 bases (1 short).

A quick check back on the Pendraken website and I placed a second order, this time taking into account some variance in the troop types.

  • 1 x SYF8 – Grenadier foot advancing w/o turnbacks (30 figures)
  • 1 x SYF11 – 3pdr gun with crew (3 guns and crew)
  • 2 x SYF12 – 6pdr gun, limber, horses, crew (1 gun and crew)
  • 1 x SYF14 – Dragoons (15 figures)
  • 1 x SYF15 – Hussars (15 figures)
  • 1 x SYF21 – Field officers (5 figures)
  • 1 x SYW1 – General and ADC (2 figures)

Total order cost: £23.20 (inc VAT and P&P)

Now looking at my shortages from the original order, I’ve not got enough figures for:

  • 150 infantry would make 19 bases (1 short!)
  • 30 cavalry would make 8 bases (complete)
  • 5 guns would make 5 bases (complete).

At this point I had found Nik Harwood and commissioned his painting services.  He was good enough to dry base all of the above and advise me on any figures that we were missing.  It just happened that I need another pack of Grenadiers plus some civilians for the officer bases and the 30mm bases for them! (Officers are based on 30mm round, the General is on 40mm round).   I had supplied some flags but more were also needed.

Another call to Pendraken and I ordered:

  • 1 x SYF8 – Grenadier foot advancing w/o turnbacks (30 figures)
  • 1 x SYW12 – Civilians (15)
  • 1 x PNFL38 – French Flag pack 2
  • 1 x PNFL39 – French Flag pack 3

Plus a pack of 30mm round bases.

Total order cost: £6.60 (I received some Civilians for free – thanks Leon!)

That extra pack of Grenadiers allowed me to field the missing infantry base.  So now we had everything and Nik started work.

You can find details of then progress of painting this army in my earlier posts.

Zoom forward to Thursday 20th September and Nik tells me that all the work is done!   Along side with this great message he told me that he was going to take a number of hi-res images and the following day they appeared.

Here they are, please note there are a LOT of images.



Artillery & Command

So there we have it.  I do have a bag of spares, mainly bases but a few figures that were not needed – I did though learn a lot from this, and have used this knowledge for my next SYW army, Prussians – of which a post will be coming soon.

What did this all cost to be painted?

Nik has been kind enough to provide me with the spreadsheet that he used, from which you can see his individual prices.  I shall be creating a new set of pages (shown on the top menu) for the painting services that I use.

As you can see below his prices are very good and I think you’ll find that his work is also very good.

ItemPrice £

Commands: Cavalry figures1.569
Commands: Infantry figures144

Line infantry1120120
Grenadier infantry18080


Artillery + Crew5840




15% for payment in advance



Nik’s communication is very good.  I had many questions (wouldn’t you?) and he was kind enough to answer all of them.  Not only did he answer questions it seemed he understood my world of ‘very busy’ and he himself was in a similar situation – so how he found the time to paint these I’ll never know.  Maybe if I stop blogging I’ll have the time… reminds me, must continue with my Vikings.  Nik also helped out with the research into how the army and certain units should be painted.  There’s a great online web reference that I’m just getting used to, it’s called Kronoskaf and it’s a wiki.  Have a look and you’ll see so much information that it’s daft.  If you do use it then please donate, I have.

Now that I have the models with me I feel that the cost to paint over the time it would have taken me to be a good decision on my part.  Yes paying almost £280 to get an army painted isn’t cheap, however if you add the cost of the army £60, then it’s just £340 for something that I have and can use again and again.  Yes I could have waited and done them myself but let’s be honest here 100mm is so small, too small for me.  So they’d have been silver or maybe black for years to come.  One of my 15mm armies is still silver and I bought that back in 1994.

Right that’s it.  This is the end of the small series following my first 10mm and SYW army, there’s a new one coming, do let me know what you thought of these.  The Prussian series will contain more info of why I have bought what I have and why i’ve gone for the amount of infantry etc, more in line with Maurice.

Edit: I also forgot to say that I am returning the Flag Packs to Pendraken (thanks again Leon) as the figures come with cast on flags and so don’t need the paper flags.