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Prussians! Form ranks! – Part 1

Greetings All,

I had to do it.  I had zero choice.  I was thinking as my French Army was being finished up and being sent back to me that I needed a second force for Maurice.

Maurice is a game set in the time of Gentlemen (1690-1970).  I wrote a brief review of it here and it’s the system that I’m currently finding to be the one I want to play the most.

The reason then for a second army was so that I can introduce others to the game as they can play with one of my armies.  This is a great way to get people to just try a new system.  Zero investment prior to the game and it allows me to field an army that’s different and so depending on my mood, or just a whim I could field these instead of the French.

So down to the Prussians.  I’ve always liked the Prussians and I expect I’ll add them to my 28mm Napoleonic forces when I’m done with my British (if ever).  I can’t explain why, perhaps it’s the history of them or the fact that they don’t exist anymore, or that they’re not Russians but also not French or Austrian etc.

A quick look through the Maurice rules and I sketched out a 100 point army.

I want an Infantry army, so I must have a ratio of 3:1 (at the most) with Cavalry, so here goes.

  • Infantry – 44 points
    • 6 trained units (6 points per unit) = 36
    • 2 irregular units (3 points per unit) = 6
    • Upgraded 1 unit to Elite (2 points) = 2
  • Cavalry – 27 points
    • 4 trained units (6 points per unit) = 24
    • Upgraded 1 unit to Elite (3 points) = 3
  • Artillery – 6 points
    • 3 Guns (1, 2 and 3 points) = 6
  • National Advantages – 21 points
    • Lethal Volleys (12 points) = 12
    • Cavaliers (9 points) = 9

So that’s 44 + 27 + 6 + 21 which equals 98 points.  Not much can be done with the 2 points spare, another elite unit would cost +4 points (the first is 2 points, the second 3 and the third 4 and so on).  The same applies with Artillery, the first is 1 point, the second 2, the third 3….

I could drop one of the National Advantages or swap the Cavaliers for something like Cadence would free up 3 points (Cadence is 6 points) and then I could upgrade another unit to Elite, add another Artillery Unit or add a Conscript Unit (4 points).  I think I’ll try this list first.

When I agreed with myself that this was what I wanted I had to email Leon at Pendraken.  This was needed because Pendraken packs give you 30 infantry’s or 15 cavalry.  I need 32 figures for each infantry unit and 16 cavalry for the cavalry units.

When I sent this email I also sent the total number of figures that I’d need and this was:

The Fusilier Army Pack.

  • 1 x SYP7 – Grenadier foot march attack**
  • 1 x SYP13 – 3pdr gun with crew (3)
  • 1 x SYP16 – Dragoons*
  • 1 x SYP18 – Fusilier foot marching**
  • 1 x SYP19 – Fusilier foot advancing**
  • 2 x SYP17 – Fusilier foot march attack**
  • 1 x SYP20 – Fusilier foot firing**
  • 1 x SYP21 – Fusilier foot port fire**
  • 1 x SYP29 – Jagers**
  • 1 x SYP27 – Hussars*
  • 1 x SYP15 – Cuirassiers*
  • 1 x SYP30 – Bosniak Lancers*
  • 1 x SYP28 – Field officers (5)
  • 1 x SYW3 King Frederick the Great

* – need 1 more figure per pack
** – need 2 more figures per pack

Plus I asked for a couple of Civilians to put on the bases of the Officers and Frederick the Great.

A few days later Leon answered and told me that the total cost of this army would be £61.11 including VAT and P&P.  I did have a small credit for the French Flags so the total I paid was a bit less.  Reminder send those flags on Monday.  He sent me a PayPal invoice so I paid that quickly.

The next step was talking to Nik Harwood about painting my new army.  I know in advance that I won’t have the time to base it, or paint it, so why not speak to Nik again as his been great painting my French army.  So I emailed him and his up to paint it.  Great news really.

He also sent me a spreadsheet with the costs, and this army will be bit more higher cost than the French because there’s more figures.  So the cost is around £300 without P&P because I’ll get the picked up.

So for the moment this is all that I’ve done, I hope that Leon casts the army soon and sends it straight to Nik and then Nik can get the time together to paint this army – then I’m up for more games, a lot more games and if you want a game just get in contact.




Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 3 (The Army is ready!)

We happen to be at Part 3 already and I am already working on Part 4.

Time (not a good friend of mine) has moved on since my earlier posts (here and here), and I already find myself behind in posting this.

So what’s in store for this post?  To be frank, another quantity of pictures (more than last time so please note!).

I will though remind people that that chap who’s painting these figures (I struggle to see 15mm to paint let alone 10mm) is still keeping me well informed and he’s been good enough this past week to give me an updates.  His latest update was given the subject “All done!”.

Similar to the last post i’ve also kept following his painting diary thread (on the Pendraken Forums).  You can find on that thread more detail then I’ll mention here such as colours used on each troop type etc, so go take a look and let Nik know what you think.

To quickly recap.  Last weeks post showed you pictures of the undercoated French, then with base colours and then final basic colours, this weeks post shows the finishing touches that Nik has put to the figures, and without further ado here we go!

First the Artillery.

Next come the Cavalry, first the Heavy Cavalry

Next the Dragoons

And close behind the Hussars!

The Infantry march in next, starting with Grenadiers de la France

Following on the Grenadiers Royal Marine.

And to complete the Infantry, some pictures of them all together along with the Line Infantry (not shown here).

Finally we come to the Command, Nobles and Notables.

And even more finally a couple of pictures of the army all together, how excellent does this look?

So to recap once more.  Picked up the French SYW Army Pack deal from Pendraken Miniatures.  I added more packs to that.  Sent all these down, received a quote from Nik to paint them all.  Agreed with that, sent a few more figures down (Nobles etc) and some flags, and here and now the work is complete.  Very easy

In the next and final post in this series I’ll show pictures of the models hopefully being fielded against some British, perhaps also do a battle report (in another post) and give a complete breakdown of the costs so you can see if getting Nik (or any other professional miniature painter) works for you, it has for me on this occasion, a few occasions before and I suspect a number of occasions in the future.





Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 2

Greetings All,

A simple blog post just to keep myself up to date with things happening to my SYW French.  Be aware this is a photo heavy post.

A week or so ago I posted the first part of the SYW French army that I’m having painted by Nik Harwood.

Since then Nik has kept in contact with me, keeping me informed as to his progress.  I’ve also been following his painting thread on the Pendraken Forums (linked in the first part, but here it is again).

Rather than trawl through that thread (which you should as Nik goes into details that I probably won’t here) I thought I’d collate all the pictures and basic details as to the progress.

To start then, here’s pictures of the figures all tidied, based and then undercoated.

You can see all the work that’s been put in.  First the tidying of the figures and 10mm figures are tiny. Then the sorting out into the various figure types and within that the actual troop type (ie Dragoons/Hussars).  Then comes the task of gluing them to a base, adding the base material (ie sand etc) then its time to undercoat and that’s it before any painting can be done!

So then that’s a good start from Nik, now he’s onto the base colours.  This is the stage you set the basic colours you want your figures to have.  It would seem looking through these Nik does paint the base colours en masse which leads (in his words) to some ‘messy figures’.  We’ve all been there (if you paint) so I know it’s just an early stage.

That’s it then for the base colours down, next stage of course is to paint on the basic colours.  That is the basic coat, hat, rifle etc all painted in the colours that they will end up before any finishing is done.

Let’s now look at the army once they’ve had their basic colours all painted.

That’s a lot of figures all painted up and ready for finishing.

I know that Nik has finished some of them already but I think this is enough for the moment, anymore pictures and it’ll take forever to load.

So far I’m happy with the work.  Nik appears to be doing a good job painting them.  It is of course too early to tell from these what the finished troops will look like and I’m hoping the finish troops will be here in a few weeks so I can see!

But so far I’d say that if you want 10mm figures Nik seems to be a great choice for a commission painter!

Signing off now, I’ll be back in around a week with Part 3 of this blog post series, until them “To War!”




Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 1

Way back in July I posted a quick blog based on my like of the Maurice ruleset.  I mentioned in that post that I was in the early stages of building a SYW French force using Pendraken 10mm figures.

Time has come to report on the progress of this and by now you should know I have zero time for a lot of stuff especially after posting blogs here.

So I decided back then to out source the prepping, basing, painting and finishing of the figures to a painting service.  As these figures are 10mm I wanted to find someone specialised in 10mm and so who better to advise I thought than the people who produce the figures Pendraken.  Leon replied to my email the next day and sent me some email addresses for the people who paint their figures so who couldn’t be better I thought.

After emailing all of them and talking to them I picked Nik Harwood.  I have no idea how to start painting 10mm, 15mm is a problem for my eyes these days but from the links Nik sent they looked perfect and better still I found his advice and prices to be excellent, a perfect choice I thought.

A series of emails went back and forth with Nik.  The figures that I’d bought off of Pendraken went over to Nik along with a KR Designs case so that they can be packed away and shipped back all nice and safe.

When they arrived Nik went though what I’d got and advised me of what units they would make and what figures would fit on what bases etc.  He was also great in advising me that I would be short in certain units and so they’d need to have less figures per base.  I didn’t want this so a quick email to Leon at Pendraken and I ordered a few more packs and had them sent directly to Nik saving time and postage!  How great are Pendraken for doing that?  I also added onto this small order a series of flags so that Nik had enough.

Once Nik had all the models he did continue to communicate asking questions such as regimental preferences etc.

Here are some pictures of what was sent to Nik.  As you can see there are no fancy boxes with masses of space, these are in those heavy duty grip seal bags.

You should also be aware these are 10mm figures, tiny, far too tiny for my eyes to make a reasonable job.  So you get a lot of figures for your money.  I think in total I’ve paid around £65 for this army for the figures and bases.

Nik has kindly kept me informed as to his progress but also give me a link to his painting diary that he’s created for this commission on the Pendraken Forums.  You can find his diary here.

Here are the latest pictures he’s sent me (these are repeated on his forum page).

I shall sign off now but I’ll post an update to this in a few days when I’ve had a chance to take a look at the progress Nik has made.  I am very much looking forward to seeing this army complete, it will be the biggest one complete that I’ve got painted (in figure count of course as a vast majority of my figures are all 28mm which take quite some time (for me) to paint).  Reminds me, need to continue with my Vikings.

So keep checking back if these things interest you and if this really does interest you then think about picking up the rules (and cards) and of course some miniatures.  Here’s a link to Pendraken for the French SYW army pack.