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Slaying Gods anyone?

Morning Folks,

Some reason I’m up early today so I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up-to recently.

Well so far in February 2014 I’ve played more games than I’ve played in the last 18 months added together I think.

I’ve played some DUST Tactics and recently a few games of Godslayer.

So here I’ll speak about Godslayer.


Godslayer is a Skirmish style wargame that’s seemingly very similar to Warmachine when you first play it, but it’s different in a number of very good ways. It’s a point based game that allows you to field what you want (assuming you have a Warlord, aka your Hero) and a unit of troops.

They currently provide 6 factions with Starter Boxes. This is great as it means there’s a good amount of choice. Each Starter box contains a unit of troops, a Warlord and a character.

The 6 factions (with some words about them based on my knowledge):

  • Banebrood – Goat plague bearing large models that hit hard and take punishment.
  • Halodynes – Quick and agile warriors of Greek/Ancients origins
  • Mortans – Romanesque, hard to hit, quick to act.
  • Nordgaard – Norse/Dwarven (not just short folk).  Slow, heavy hitters and able to take a beating/
  • Troglodytes – Magic wielding Brutal units, nasty.
  • Wyldfolk of Annyr – The wood folk, quick, slick and able to out maneuver slower folk.

Here’s the faction art, taken from the Megalith games website (sorry I can’t work out how to show the top halves – too early maybe).

Warlords are your Generals, your Hero, your God (as such). They differ from everything in else in that as well as picking them, you can then equip them with a potion, a suit of armour, a shield and a weapon. Each of these different items of equipment has a number of items within that list, each providing different abilities and points cost.

This allows you to build your Warlord to play how you want.

Every model in the game have a profile with a series of stats. These stats cover Movement Speed, Melee/Missile Skill, their Defense, their Armour, their Leadership and so on. Nothing new here from a lot of other games so we’re in familiar ground.

Next we come to Abilities. Every unit, character or Warlord have a set of innate abilities that always apply to them. These abilities are small advantages that allow the unit to work ‘better’. It’s hard to explain but one of the Mortan (very Roman looking) Warlords called the Centurion has an innate ability to use weapons at a cheaper activation cost (i’ll explain activations later). Another Mortan unit (the Princeptor) has an ability to Riposte, so if you miss him then he’s at an advantage to hit you next melee.

So with abilities discussed we come to Tactics. Tactics are special rules that need to be activated to apply. The Mortan Legionnaires have Tetsudo. This tactic makes them much harder to hit and to hurt, but costs activation points and applies limitations to what they may do. They may not for example, charge into combat whilst under the Tetsudo tactic.

Each and every model in the game has a series of Abilities and Tactics. These make them different from round to round.

Now I’ll talk about activation and this is where things differ from the Warmachine system.

Each turn you roll off for initiative. The winner of this (2d6 plus your Warlords LEAD, +1 if you have the highest LEAD skill) gets to decide who goes first.  Each new game turn the FIRST person to act gets to activate ONE unit/character or Warlord.  After that is finished, each player takes it in turn to activate up to 2 and then in turn until all units have been activated.

Phew, that’s very different as it’s very tactical as to decide do I go first but just activate one unit and then they get two, or do I suffer them activating one and then I get two…  there were times last night in my Mortans vs Banebrood when I had this very difficult decision.  Lucky for me (despite my legendary bad rolling) I still came out top (my tactics were more sound).

So then, you’ve been allowed to activate a unit, what do you do with them?  Well this depends on how many ACT points they have.  ACT points are for this unit to use for their movement, charging, melee/missile or tactics.  Legionnaires (and most normal troop units) get 4.  So unlike Warmachine where each Jack is given activation points (I know the Avatar doesn’t etc), each unit in Godslayer generate their own.  Depending on the details of the Tactics, a unit may apply this tactic to another unit.  Allowing you to effectively ‘buff’ your units, or debuff your enemy.

This all comes together to form a very tactical game.  It’s more modern as well with the players activating in turn until all units are activated rather than the older ‘you move all your army, then I’ll move mine’.  Nice.

Combat is deadly but Warlords and Characters can take a bashing.  Innate abilities/tactics can make you rock hard or super quick, or plain deadly.  It’s your choice at the end of the day.

Magic.  I’ve only once played with a mage, he didn’t achieve much and died.  It’s refreshing to know that magic isn’t what it is in other fantasy games.  It’s not overly powerful, it’s simply another attack.  I need to learn more about this though, as the right spell at the right time can add that extra twist to something.

The models.  Some very nice models and quite nicely detailed when required without being over the top (I like that).  Someone told me they were 32mm, which feels about right (I’ll have to get some pictures for scale with some well known marines).  Not a huge range to choose from just yet (which is good on the pocket) but the prices are a little steep.

Here’s a picture of the Mortan (Romanesque) starter.  Within the starters you get around 160 points which is enough for a game.

The Mortans

Anyway that’s enough for now.  So far 3 games played, and 3 victories with last nights 200 point battle being such a victory I lost just 1 model (the mage) and my opponent lost nearly all (would have been all if he hadn’t thrown the towel in) his Banebrood.

I’ve been lucky enough to play the Mortan, Nordgaard (Norse & Dwarves) and Halodynes (very Greek) so just 3 more factions to play before I decide what I favour.

Right, I’ll play some more of this, so far it’s been exciting, but time I think to pick up the rulebook and have a darn good read.