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Going to War, raising a Viking Great Army – Stage 1 planning it.

Here we go then, I have a week without kids and so apart from the normal working day and the call of the pub in the evenings I have some spare time.

In an earlier blog I mentioned that I picked up the Clash of Empires war games rules and bought a Viking Great Army (VGA) direct from Great Escape Games and that I planned to partake in a short CoE campaign at the club.

To recap, here’s a picture of what I have available to build, and next to that a breakdown of what exactly it is..

The Viking Army Deal contained the following:

  • 2 boxes of Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen (88 figures total)
  • Artizan Designs Viking jarl and standard bearer, plus 2 hersir
  • Crusader Miniatures 20 bondi
  • Crusader Miniatures hirdmen command and berserkers
  • Crusader Miniatures 8 archers (skirmishers)

Plus as a bonus for buying the Age of Ravens source book I also received a Viking Lord Miniature (I need to find out where he’s ‘safely’ stored).

Right then, where to begin?  First I’ll look at how to base these models.

Reading the rules the Hirdmen/Bondi will need to be based on 20x20mm bases because these are classed as ‘closed’ infantry.  It would also then make sense to put the bases on movement trays to make that all easier to move around.  The Bondi Archers are classed as skirmishers and so will require 25x25mm bases.

Looking through the rules, seems 6 is an accepted frontage for a unit of Vikings.  With 20 Bondi that’s 3 rows of 6 (18) with  2 behind.  The Hirdmen number 96 (88 plastic, 4 command and 4 Berserkers) which makes for 3 larger units of 32 or 4 of 24 and works out well with 4 ranks of either 8 or 6.  This should mean that with a Berserker in each unit I shall get 2 more attacks added to the number of models in the frontage (not taking into account their commander/generals extra dice).

There are rules that benefit both the wider frontage and the number of ranks you have.  The wider your front the more attacks you get, the deeper your ranks the more bonus to the combat resolution score.  So it’s important to maximise both and with that knowledge I would think 8 with 3 ranks would work best.

Next we come to building the army list, for that I need to use the Age of Ravens source book as it has the VGA army list.

Reading Age of Ravens tell us that our army must be built using the following rules.

Must include 1 General
May include up to 3 Sub-Commanders

Core Units
Must include 2 units of Hirdmen
May include up to 8 other core units.

May include up to 5 support

May include up to 4 skirmish

Up to 30% available

Now that we know what we have to include and what we may include we can now take the 2500 limit for the Clubs CoE Campaign and start to design.

Around an hour later I have this:

Konnungr (50 points)
Hersir (55 points)
Hersir (55 points)
Hersir (55 points)

Total Points: 215

Core Units

Hearthguard – 24 models (624 points) (The Konnungr’s Bodyguards) – Throwing Spears added
Unit A – 24 models (432 points)
Unit B – 24 models (432 points)
Unit C – 24 models (432 points)

Add 1 Berserker to the Hearthguard and Units (A-C) (36 points)
Upgrade Hearthguard and Unit A to add Throwing Spears (48)

Total Points: 2004

Warband D – 20 models (200 points)
Warband E – 8 models – Skirmishers (56 points)
Upgrade HTH to 3 and ML to 7 (Swap Javelins for Bows) (24 points)

Total Points: 280

Total Army Points: 2499 (215 + 2004 + 280)

That’s all the easy bits done.  I need to order up the bases and movement trays, I’ll use my normal suppliers Products for Wargamers as they are cheap, efficient and generally good folks.

Counting the bases, 20x20mm I will need approx 118 of them, 8 of the 25x25mm, 3 of 30x30mm round (Hersirs) and 1 of 40x40mm (Konnungr).  I’ll write an email in a moment (sent it) so that’s all done and dealt with.

That’s it for preparation, next we come to building the miniatures that’s part of another post and now it’s time to do something else, i’ll start on these later today – 130 odd models will take their time…..


Clash of Empires – Vikings! The Age of Ravens Sourcebook and a bit more…

A few months back we had an offer posted on the Clubs forum, regarding Clash of Empires (CoE). This is described on Amazon as ‘Tabletop Wargaming Rules for Battles from Deepest Antiquity to the Medieval Era’.

I enquired into what CoE was really all about via our clubs forum and got told that it was all about historical gaming from all periods of history from Classical to Roman through to Viking, Dark Ages and through to the Medieval period of history, it sounded ace.

What was better though was that Great Escape Games were offering the club a great offer as they have recently released the second source book for CoE called ‘Age of Ravens’ which to my delight had Vikings.  As I keep being told I have vikings blood in me (I burn as soon as the sun comes out, I have a large frame, I am aggressive and I have a beard and a thirst for ale…) anyway I’ve always liked them since a school visit to the Viking Museum in York all those years ago.

The club deal was excellent and we received:

The main rulebook ‘Clash of Empires‘ nearly 200 pages of A4 lovelyness all contained within a hardcover.  Printed on what feels 115gsm silk paper showing that no expense has been spared and laid out in a way easy to find the section you want as they’ve colour coded the sections.

In this book as you’d expect you have rules concerning Army list creation, movement, combat, morale, game sequence, scenarios and everything you need to play. I’ve had a quick read of this, and I will write a blog post all about this in a few weeks when I’ve had the chance to do that and then had a chance to play this game at the club.

The next book we got was the ‘The Rise and Fall of Persia‘.  This is the first source book for CoE, just like the rulebook its a hardback, full colour, silk paper and it’s got 130 pages.  It allows you do built 28 armies lists from Classical armies, through to Persian Empire, Cyrus the Great, Peloponnesian Wars (Greek vs Greek) and Alexander the Great.

The last book we received is the book I first talked about above, the ‘Age of Ravens‘ and my favourite book (as it has the Vikings in it).  Once again it’s another hardbacked, full colour book with around 112 silky pages and allows you to build up to 18 different armies which are split into different times.

As it’s my favourite book of the three and I’ve read it more indepth than the others and so here I can go into a lot more detail. Do not worry, I plan to build an army for the first source book and when I do, I’ll let you know.

As mentioned, the book is split into three different times and within each of these are a number of Armies of that time.  Here are the three periods with the lists contained within.

  • Wolves Upon the Fold
    • Viking Raiders (c. 793-865)
    • Irish (Hiberno-Norse) (c. 795-1167)
    • Welsh (c. 700-1200)
    • Picts (c. 550-845)
    • Scots (c. 700-1124)
    • Middle Anglo-Saxon (c.700-1016)
    • Viking Great Army (c. 830-1130)
  • Invasion and Conquest
    • Later Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Danish (c. 1016-1071)
    • West Francia (c. 879-1100)
    • Breton (c. 750-1100)
    • Norman (c. 911-1100)
    • Anglo-Norman (c. 1072-1154)
  • The battle for Spain
    • Later Visigothic (c. 654-718)
    • Ummayad Invasion (c.711-750)
    • Early Christian Spanish (c.750-1040)
    • Al-Andalus (c. 756-1172)
    • Later Christian Spanish (c. 1040-1250)
    • Berber (c. 1039-1269)

Between each period you are given pages of photographs showing miniatures representing various units and armies from the period, pages of them in fact and all in full glorious colour.  Plenty of reference models shown and you’re told who makes them, and my flick through to find this information showed that a fair few seem to be made by Gripping Beast.

The book almost finishes up with three scenarios:

  1. Brunanburh 937 (Army of Atheistan (Middle Anglo-Saxon) vs Celtic-Viking Alliance (Viking Great Army))
  2. Val-ès-Dunes 1047 (Norman Rebel Barons (Norman) vs Franco-Norman Alliance (West Francia))
  3. Torrevicente 981 (Galib’s Rebel Alliance (Early Christian Spanish) vs Caliphate of Cordoba (Al-Andalus))

But then finally slips in some more information on wargaming in Viking Britain and Western Europe in the 9th-12th centuries.

My aim was to get into the Vikings and I was pointed towards the Viking Great Army.  Lucky for me Great Escape Games have read my mind and have produced a ready to purchase Army!

Here’s a link to that product, look at that £80 (plus a bit of P&P) for 128 models (28mm), of which it’s a mix of plastic (Gripping Beast) and soft metal (Artizan Designs and Crusader Miniatures).

The Viking Army Deal contains the following:

  • 2 boxes of Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen (88 figures total)
  • Artizan Designs Viking jarl and standard bearer, plus 2 hersir
  • Crusader Miniatures 20 bondi
  • Crusader Miniatures hirdmen command and berserkers
  • Crusader Miniatures 8 archers (skirmishers)

That looks like this:

As you can see, a great deal when compared with other games and this is enough for 2500 points.

So then my CoE plan, in a few weeks I’ll make the plastic figures up and then spend a week preparing them (trimming seams etc), give them a black undercoat (not sure how now my Shed has gone) and then get to work on overbrushing all the chainmail…

One thing I forgot was that as I was one of the first to get the new source book I received a bonus figure, according to the Great Escape Games website it’s a Viking Warlord!  Exactly what I need and here’s a picture.

Anyway until next time, have a good one and keep fighting.