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All the paints in the world, well the Warhammer world.

So it’s that time of the year it seems.

Games Workshop are making available all of their paints in one large bundle again.  Yep that’s correct, they’re offering in one go all of the newest range of Citadel paints.  I can remember a similar bundle being offered at first launch for stupid money and now they’re repeating it but have done a clever thing.  They’ve included a shelving system to help store that many paints, see this nice picture below.

So what exactly do you get for your money?  Well you get all 144 of the paints that they’ve made.

  • 70 Layer Paints
  • 34 Base paints
  • 15 Dry Compounds
  • 12 Shades
  • 6 Texture paints
  • 4 Glazes
  • 3 Technical paints

That’s a lot of paint and so knowing that GW sell their paints for £2.30 each they are selling this lot for £280.  Ouch, that’s still quite a lot of money BUT it’s got everything you need and for myself I prefer to buy all the paints and there’s nothing worse in this world that not having one that paint you need.

However these days I prefer to use Vallejo rather than Citadel paints.  Why’s that?  Well the reason was over the last few years I’ve wanted to use paints that had the same colour with different shades, ie rather than adding white to purple to get a lighter purple, I’d just make sure I’d picked up all the purples (lighter and darker) from Vallejo and would use them to mix paints.  That way you got a decent highlight that looked correct rather than just ‘more white or more black’ shaded colours..

GW copied this when they relaunched their paints and basically learned from what Vallejo have done.  I’ve used some of the paints and I can say that they’re better, but are they good enough to re-use?

For me I can’t say I’m too sure.  I still have a lot of their older paints and I also have a larger range of Vallejo and P3 to use (depending on the model) but I do have a load of Forgeworld figures that need painting in Death Guard colours….

Now comes the blatant link here.  If this is of interest to you, then Wayland Games are selling it at £50 off of the GW cost.  Here’s a nice link that takes you to the Wayland website where if you kindly purchase I shall be rewarded.


I have noticed they’re also including free shipping at the moment, not sure though if that includes this ‘bulky’ paint set. I have though added the Paint Set to the cart and then applied this offer and I did get free shipping. So if you order over £50 and enter in FREESHIP50 between the dates of Saturday 27th and Friday 9th November you should receive free shipping! I also noticed the entire offer was £228.08! So seems they’re giving you the VAT off the shipping off the offer total – seems a bit of a mistake!

Right that’s enough for this post. If you want the Citadel paints and have a spare £230 then this is the best time to order it. If you though only need 20-30 paints and you know what you want then order them as it’ll be a lot cheaper.

Until next time!