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More Death Guard….

I’ve not written about my Horus Heresy Death Guard for a long time, a long long time, but over the last year I’ve been having a number of my models all painted.  I found online (using Facebook) a chap called ‘WarmasterPainting‘ and his stuff looked very very good.  So I messaged him and we spoke and well, 9 months later I’ve spent a large amount of money but have the best painted models that I’ve seen on the warfield around here…

So sit back, and have a good look at them.

In these pictures you’ll see:


Calas Typhon

2 Units of 10 Infantry

1 Unit of Plasma Heavy Weapons (5 models)

1 Unit of Missile Launchers (10 models)

1 Unit of Lascannons (10 models)

1 Unit of Deathshroud (5 models)

1 Unit of Grave Wardens (5 models)

Now I had been working towards 2500 points for 30k version 7, but with Edition 8 on the way, June? I’m going to wait before I pick up anything else.  But I have some models ready to get painted, (3 x Contemptor Dreads), 5 more Grave Wardens, 5 more Deathshroud, Mortarion himself, plus some vehicles….

But I’ll wait a bit, as I fancy some Heavy Flamers….

Anyway that’s all for now.






Death Guard (Loyalist) – Kill Team Project

Good Morning!

It’s been about time I looked at what team I wanted for the Kill Team Challenge.  Yes I know it was to be finished before Feb but I’ve been busy, very busy.

This time next week I shall be getting ready to go to the Forge World Open Day held in GW’s Warhammer World.  I’ve been for the last 2 years and I’m hoping that it will be a good day.

So my plan then is to pick up want I need for my 200 point kill team from the GW shop or from FW themselves depending on what exactly I need.

First off I had to pick which codex I wanted to use.

Looking at which armies that I like and have the codex for this was my list:

  • Tyranids
  • Tau
  • Space Marines
  • Eldar

I do have the older codex for Imperial Guards and thus I did think about that, however I wanted to use my Death Korps of Krieg but the rules state that you can’t use any Forgeworld lists which means the DKK wouldn’t really be DKK and thus I removed them (for the moment).

So with a bit of a umm, and errr and ummm and errr again, I decided that I’ll play some Space Marines.

Now as far as they go I had to choose from

  • Black Templars
  • Mantis Warriors
  • Death Guard (Horus Heresy era)

It didn’t take long for me to choose the Death Guard.  Recently I’ve been listening to the Black Library’s Horus Heresy Audiobooks whilst I’ve been working away so of course the Death Guard are in my mind (think the audio books are advertising…).  I also happen to like the very basic colour scheme, shouldn’t take too long to paint up… (he says).

I should of course have chosen the Black Templars, but I have enough of them built already so it wouldn’t really be a project.

As I prefer the Loyalist (non Chaos) version I’ve chosen to base my Kill Team list on the vanilla Space Marine codex.

Current thinking is for a unit of Tactical marines and some scouts.  Not sure yet on equipment but I believe this is a nice base to build up from.  I know I could look at using bikes/land speeder/razorback but for the moment I’ll stick to infantry.

So here are the scouts I’ll pick up:

Legion MKIV Recon Squad

For the tactical squad, some Legion Mk III Iron Amour with Death Guard shoulder pads.

Legion Mk III Iron Armour

Now FW aren’t cheap, but unlike Orcs/Nids, you don’t need that many to fill 200 points.  Of course these 200 points are going to be the basis of my 40k in 40 minutes force later in the year, but let’s start small…

As for painting them, I found this on the net, from FW.

So ‘lifting’ from that document, here’s the colour scheme (this may change a little) that I plan to use.

Death GuardArmour:

  1. Undercoat with Skull White spray
  2. Wash with 50/50 mix of Seraphim Sepia and Lahmian Medium
  3. Highlight with White Scar mixed with Lahmian Medium


  1. Basecoat with Castellan Green
  2. Highlight with 50/50 mix of Castellan Green and Elysian Green
  3. Highlight with Elysian Green


  1. Basecoat with Warlock Bronze
  2. Highlight with Runelord Brass

Right, time to clean the kitchen…. Cheers

What I won’t get for Christmas 2012

Evening All,

I had to do this.

Christmas isn’t a time that I myself find exciting. The pressure of being ‘happy’ and all that jazz just doesn’t do it for me. This is also the first in many years where I’ve not been in the pub with my friends drinking our way to our graves only to be kicked out at 2am and told to ‘go home’.

So a quick post.

Recently I’ve treated myself to a load of Forgeworld models, quite a sizeable amount in fact as I’m planning on building a Horus Heresy force for the near future.

But as it’s Christmas I’m hoping I get some more stuff, but the chances are that it won’t happen.

Spartan Assault Tank

Spartan Assault Tank

An armoured transport of truly massive proportions, the Spartan is a heavy assault tank previously all but unknown outside of the revered Space Marine Chapters and the secretive Adeptus Mechanicus. The Spartan is a huge armoured conveyer whose purpose is to carry a large body of troops into the very heart of an enemy’s battle lines, weathering weapons fire that would be the death of any lesser vehicle.

Its design bears clear connections with that of the mighty Land Raider, and its genius is such that the greater proportion of its interior space is given over to a transport capacity greater than any other Imperial vehicle save the super-heavy Gorgons – being capable of carrying twenty-five power armoured Space Marines into battle. It is, however, considerably faster on the battlefield thanks to potent reactor-driven motive drives, and it boasts an equally potent armament in the form of sponson-mounted quad lascannon batteries and secondary heavy bolters.

It’s expensive at £95, but you only need 1 (well I hope so).

I am looking at picking up some other vehicles, doing some research at the moment to see what’s worth picking up as I don’t want to at that price pick up something that won’t be used!

Thunderhawk Gunship

If madness strikes me this will be a purchase, its very very expensive and the model is huge…

Thunderhawk Gunship

This is a massive model of the famous Space Marine Thunderhawk Gunship. This mighty engine of destruction is armed with a pair of wing-mounted Lascannons, 4 twin-linked Heavy Bolters, a Thunderhawk Cannon that can be upgraded to a Turbo Laser, and wing mounts for up to 6 Hellstrike Missiles. Capable of carrying up to 30 Space Marines in various combinations, the Thunderhawk Gunship measures 19 inches/480mm longand 17 inches/440mm wide.

This model comes in at £399 and I really really do hope you need just 1.  However it’s a massive model looking at the size and so I’d need to make sure I got myself a new airbrush for the job!

Next up comes some more Infantry to fit alongside my Mk II and Mk III squads

Deathshroud Terminators Squad

Deathshroud Terminators

Forgeworld recently ran a little Jigsaw competition (with no prizes to be won) and at the end of it revealed the result.  Death Guards Legion Deathshroud Terminators.

So it looks like in the new year that we’ll be seeing these beauties up for sale.

Have a look at that picture, they look amazingly excellent and the Scythes they use do sweeping attacks allowing you to attack any figure in base to base contact.  These guys should be lethal if they’re dispatched from an assault vehicle.

Last we come to an assault Vehicle

Caestus Assault Ram

Caestus Assault Ram

Look at this model, doesn’t it look bloody impressive.  Yep I agree.  Picture that with the Death Guard colours and insignia and what we have is a vehicle able to send 10 of the Deathshroud Terminators down the throat of pretty much any enemy they choose to want to kill.

This vehicle has invulnerability save from frontal attacks including when it rams things of 5+, has excellent armour and well, it gets there and deploys whatever it’s carrying.  Talking of which, it can carry upto 10 Marines in Power Armour, Artificer Armour or Terminal Armour, perfect for the Deathshroud chaps above.

Anyway this is enough for me not to expect, one lot because they’re not available, another because it’s expensive and the other two because, well we spent enough on the extension, I will treat myself though.

So until next time, have a great Christmas if that’s your thing and I hope Santa brings you all the goodies you wanted!


All the paints in the world, well the Warhammer world.

So it’s that time of the year it seems.

Games Workshop are making available all of their paints in one large bundle again.  Yep that’s correct, they’re offering in one go all of the newest range of Citadel paints.  I can remember a similar bundle being offered at first launch for stupid money and now they’re repeating it but have done a clever thing.  They’ve included a shelving system to help store that many paints, see this nice picture below.

So what exactly do you get for your money?  Well you get all 144 of the paints that they’ve made.

  • 70 Layer Paints
  • 34 Base paints
  • 15 Dry Compounds
  • 12 Shades
  • 6 Texture paints
  • 4 Glazes
  • 3 Technical paints

That’s a lot of paint and so knowing that GW sell their paints for £2.30 each they are selling this lot for £280.  Ouch, that’s still quite a lot of money BUT it’s got everything you need and for myself I prefer to buy all the paints and there’s nothing worse in this world that not having one that paint you need.

However these days I prefer to use Vallejo rather than Citadel paints.  Why’s that?  Well the reason was over the last few years I’ve wanted to use paints that had the same colour with different shades, ie rather than adding white to purple to get a lighter purple, I’d just make sure I’d picked up all the purples (lighter and darker) from Vallejo and would use them to mix paints.  That way you got a decent highlight that looked correct rather than just ‘more white or more black’ shaded colours..

GW copied this when they relaunched their paints and basically learned from what Vallejo have done.  I’ve used some of the paints and I can say that they’re better, but are they good enough to re-use?

For me I can’t say I’m too sure.  I still have a lot of their older paints and I also have a larger range of Vallejo and P3 to use (depending on the model) but I do have a load of Forgeworld figures that need painting in Death Guard colours….

Now comes the blatant link here.  If this is of interest to you, then Wayland Games are selling it at £50 off of the GW cost.  Here’s a nice link that takes you to the Wayland website where if you kindly purchase I shall be rewarded.


I have noticed they’re also including free shipping at the moment, not sure though if that includes this ‘bulky’ paint set. I have though added the Paint Set to the cart and then applied this offer and I did get free shipping. So if you order over £50 and enter in FREESHIP50 between the dates of Saturday 27th and Friday 9th November you should receive free shipping! I also noticed the entire offer was £228.08! So seems they’re giving you the VAT off the shipping off the offer total – seems a bit of a mistake!

Right that’s enough for this post. If you want the Citadel paints and have a spare £230 then this is the best time to order it. If you though only need 20-30 paints and you know what you want then order them as it’ll be a lot cheaper.

Until next time!

For the Emperor! A Dark Vengeance is soon to be upon us.

It’s been a few months since Games Workshop released Warhammer 40k 6th Edition and from what I can see, a lot of players feel it’s a good improvement upon 5th.  This of course means that over the next few years we’ll see updated codices for many faction but first off, we have the new 2 player starter box coming very soon (1st September 2012).

It’s called ‘Dark Vengeance’ and features the Emperors’ Dark Angels against chaos, Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines.  We have here a picture of the box (I do like black) and its contents.

There’s plenty of chatter on the net and there’s not much more to be said at the moment but the images released by Games Workshop make you wish time would move forward and hurry up until release day.

First off they are releasing the Limited Edition of the Box set which contains a limited Dark Angel miniature, that of the Dark Angel’s Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus and what an amazing figure we have.

Once the Limited Edition is sold out, they’ll be releasing the normal edition.  So if you want Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus and knowing GW, the Limited Edition will sell out very quick so I’ve ordered my box set from Wayland Games, and I’d ask you to order from them as well (link below) or from your local independent shop.


So then, what does this Box Set Include?  Well the Limited Edition contains 49 miniatures, plus the much sought after mini-rule book, some dice, markers and more.

Dark Angel Army.

  • Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus
  • Dark Angels Company Master
  • Dark Angels Librarian
  • 5 Deathwing Terminators
  • 10 Dark Angel Tactical Marines
  • 3 Ravenwing Bikes

Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marine army.

  • Chaos Lord
  • 6 Chosen Chaos Space Marines
  • Hellbrute
  • 10 Close Combat Chaos Cultists
  • 10 Ranged Chaos Cultist

Lastly we have the extras in the box.

  • Mini Rulebook (168 pages)
  • 48 page How To Play Booklet
  • 1 Reference Sheet
  • 1 Flamer Template
  • 1 Small Blast Marker
  • 1 Large Blast Marker
  • 1 Dice Pack
  • 2 Range Rulers

So for your £65 (£58.50 plus P&P from Wayland) that’s one hell of a great deal and the figures do look amazing on both sides.

Here’s a gallery of the miniatures (taken from Games Workshop website) and as you can see, you must buy the box even if you have your own Dark Angels/Chaos Marines. I myself have an almost finished Deathwing Army and now I know where I can find the variance I wanted to help build up the last unit I need….

Not that much to say now really.  Of course go to Games Workshop website and look at what else you need and then go to your Independent shop or if you shop online use Wayland Games.

Anyway until next time (when the box arrives) I’ll let you know what I really think.

Until then, For the Emperor!

Sons of Medusa – Badab Wars Chapter – A new project?

Greetings again,

Just as I thought I had enough on my plate I go and post something on a Facebook Group and then get an idea about a new project for the upcoming Warhammer World Doubles Weekend November 17/18th. However my brain wakes up the following day and I notice that it’s a WARHAMMER event NOT Warhammer 40k…. but still…..

A friend of mine has built a few of the Badab Wars era Chapters and I’ve always been wanting to – just never found one I liked them blammo! Dan suggests the Mantis Warriors and I pull out the Imperial Armour Badab Wars Part II Book turn to page 64 and there they all are, in their lovely colour plate glory, but a further flick and I see the ‘Sons of Medusa’ another great looking Chapter, and a quick review of them and it’s them I choose.

But as with all non-supported Chapters the lack of official shoulder pads/decals is a pain. Fear not though, a quick look on google and I find that the Bolter and Chainsword forum have a pretty impressive project – they have a series of Decals for a lot of chapters, here is the link.

So I locate the Sons of Medusa and find two decals, the main issue being that I can only print these in black and not white like they are, I cannot freehand the number I would require, but what I could do is paint a white circle and then put the decal over the top, giving the impression of the white background.

Here’s the link to the PDF that I think I shall be using.

Of course to print these decals will require decal paper and an Ink-jet printer, I have neither and the latter is probably expensive to acquire just for a sheet of decals.  I shall look into this, it’s possible I can borrow one, but here are a few places that you can acquire what you need and some instructions.

Decal Paper

Acrylic Spray (seals the ink)

Next comes to the question of what force.  Well if this is to be a 750 point force for the doubles, then we don’t have a lot of points to mess with.

We have 2 choices as to where to build the list from, we have the Space Marine codex and the Badab War Space Marine Siege Assault  Vanguard list, I think the latter serves best.  However it does mean we are limited to what we can field, certain options are not available, Drop Pods, Bikes, Scouts etc as the list is designed for boarding and assaulting other spaceships and orbital attacks where those things would not be of much use (I personally see Drop Pods as a great use in Orbital strikes but…..)

So that also means the basic make up of the list is different, we require:

  • HQ
  • 2 x Troops
  • Heavy Support

The last item on that list is the different item, we must bring a Heavy Support unit, nice.

The list also allows me to add (for 50 points) the boarding assault shields (Siege Mantlets) which allow you to re-roll your armour saves against shooting attacks.  So against most attacks they stand a darn good chance of surviving, plus we get to field these, which when painted up look like the chaps on the right (Imperial Fists Chapter).

I fancy buying them just to paint them, need though to come to terms with the colour scheme for the SoM, a spray is required, perhaps Army Painter Green.  Then a lighter green to start to build up the highlights, as I prefer to use Vallejo paints these days, a Vallejo green would be good, but with a bit of luck I found this using the power of Google and then via a Dakka Dakka link.

It’s quite a long video but goes from start to finish (uses an airbrush for base colour/highlights) but is a great guide, and I will be using it (and it gives me an excuse to get the airbrush out!).


So next time I’m off into town I shall pop to Wargames Emporium and pick myself up the missing paint colours that I need.  I’ve not made a list but it’s perhaps just the greens I need, I know I have the Airbrush Silver for example.  One thing that is interesting is his ‘wash’, an oil based wash that he can wash off, makes me think of the gloss varnish wash, either way Id use a GW wash and be more careful with it – but I do understand that they taint the colour and you normally have to repaint/highlight something – perhaps time to try something new.

Right then, it’s a deal.  I shall make the SoM, it’ll be a winter project.  I’ll talk to Dan, get a decent 750 point list, buy it, build it, paint it and then play it.


For the Emporer! – 40k Open Day (Blog 2 of 2)

So where was I, writing a follow up to this blog post….

Oh yes, my friends eldest and I had just finished our lunch (I had the fat slob double burger thing – quite nice) and so after my hip flask purchase we ambled upstairs into the hall of miniatures.

Mighty impressive I think and a touch of humour as well in places.

Once again my lack of ‘I have a camera, let’s take lots of shots’ has caught me out here, but I took some (mainly Black Templar) and my friend took a lot more (see the Eldar Titan), so here goes the pictures in a nice gallery format.

So what happened next?

Well it was time to go to the Seminar ’40k – Designing the new rules’.  It was being held in an area through Bugmans Bar where previously I’ve eaten during a Forgeworld event.

Sitting on some sofa’s on a stage were Jeremy Vetok, Jervis Johnson and Matt Ward.

Sorry that I didn’t take pictures, again brain freeze.

They answered a series of pre-asked questions mainly regarding rules but also fluff.  After that they opened the floor for questions and I had two but only time to ask one directly.  My question was “Let’s say you’re a Space Marine and I’m trying to shoot you, why would hiding behind that sofa offer you cover save, when in fact it will make me harder to hit you, take it further imagine you’re in a pill box, if I hit you it’s your armour that saves you, not the cover around you.”.  Matt Ward answered and said something along the lines of “It’s a crazy old rule that we didn’t get rid of”.  Jervis then took the microphone and explained that in 4th Edition that decided to make a decision to remove modifiers from the to hit, to wound and to save rolls, so instead they thought of that and it’s the way things will stay for the moment.”

Then the session ended, it was a very quick hour.

I approached Matt Ward and first fumbled my ‘to find my autograph pen’ roll and he signed my 40k Collectors Edition using his own pen.  We had a brief chat about Blast templates and why Orcs are as accurate as Space Marines.  At first he didn’t get my point, as Marines have a BS of 4 and Orcs 2 so Marines would deviate 2″ less, it was then I pointed out that both had a 1 in 3 chance of hitting due to the dice having 2 faces with a hit.  Then he got it, explained again it was an older rule, but sadly didn’t suggest that there would be any changes in the future.  Perhaps it’s a bit too early to plan 7th Edition, but I suspect it’s not, I suspect things were wanting to be changed, but didn’t make the cut.  I also get the impression that they couldn’t have too many changes so the existing player base and I can agree with that.  A quick chat with Jeremy and he signed my book, top man really – really really into the passion of the 40k universe.

A saunter then back into the main hall, a look around, a few more photographs and then a chat with John Blanche, again I should have taken a photo! I had a good chat about upcoming British Artists and the lack of them, his style (and my lack of fondness for a lot of it) and then he signed my book. He wrote the words “Burn Heretic”, perhaps in reply to my words…

After a few more chats it was time for the trip home.

It was a good day, I enjoyed it.  I could have (and should have) made more of it, I was a little shell shocked, tired really as it was a long round trip – but I may go back in November for a painting Masterclass session…. perhaps the Hive Tyrant, not sure, the cost isn’t the issue – it’s what I get out of the day and I’m not a fan of doing these things solo.

However I did manage to get my 6th Edition Collectors book signed by Alex Boyd, John Blanche, Jeremy Votek and Matt Ward… a few more names to get I think!

Right, i’ll sign off now, I am thinking of doing a further blog post on this, mainly the additional pictures, not sure yet, but I’ll leave you with some excellent pictures of the 1st Founding Imperial Fists Chapter..

For the emperor!