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Death Guard (Loyalist) – Kill Team Project – Update #1


After my post last month (where does time go?), time for a small update.

So I picked up from FW (at the Open Day 2014) some Scouts, a set of Mark III (Iron) Marines (x2 for 10) (with Phobos bolters and Shoulderpads) and a Death Guard legion Contemptor Dreadnought (plus more for my 40k in 40mins army later in the year) but these are the ones I think I will work on.

Now going back to the post here, we have 200 points and must pick the following:

0 – 1 Elite
0 – 2 Troops
0 – 1 Fast Attack

You also need to make sure you have minimum unit numbers, ie 5 marines, plus if your codex states you need more than 1 unit and so on.  It’s worth reading the rules because not all models can be taken (wound limits).

With that in mind, here’s list one:

5 x Scouts (with Sniper rifles and Camo Cloaks), maybe with a Heavy Bolter – around 70-83 points)

1 x Comtemptor Dreadnought (with Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters/Heavy Flamer and Twin-Linked Autocannon – kill of those Orcs/Nids – 20 points)


Scouts can be placed last and in cover so with the Rifles should be able to take out Elites

Dreadnought should be able to cope with large troop numbers such as Orcs/Nids


Low figure count.  Orcs/Nids could finish killing just 5 scouts quickly with numbers.

List two:

5 x Scouts (with Sniper rifles and Camo Cloaks), maybe with a Heavy Bolter – around 70-83 points)

6 x Marines (with Missile Launcher and Sergeant will have a Power Sword/Axe – 70 points plus 15 for the ML and 15 for the Power Weapon – 114 points)


Higher figure count

Lots of firepower with the ML and Heavy Bolter.


No mass killing as the ML has just 1 shot and the strength of the Frag missiles and AP rating won’t be killing many Marines.

List three:

Same as List two except, swap Power Sword for Jump packs on the Marines (18 points for these)

200 points is hard though to get in any decent SM army list.  These lists won’t win but they’re forming the 400 point army for later.   This is a start though, and I hope to get some painted soon (the scouts/marines are built – just need painting).

I have though got more Death Guard, more of that in the first 400 in 40 mins post coming later in the week.