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The day after….

It’s Sunday, I should be doing other stuff, but alas I feel like not.

Went out yesterday with a good  friend up from Peterborough.  Wasn’t anything special couple of pints at the Kelham Island Tavern and then a trip to the Devonshire cat when my better half joined us.  A few more drinks consumed, nothing much but a few Pale Riders as Jaipur was not on (damn them!).

I then produced to come home when they went off clubbing , speak to the baby sitters for a little while before they went home.  A brief spat on the xbox and then bed as its me who has to get up with the girls.

Little did I know what was going to happen though, missus stumbles into the bedroom at 3:30, tells me the room is spinning then proceeds to spend the next 3 hours getting in and out of bed at one point she left to ‘evacuate’ her stomach into the bathroom sink, nice.

Then of course my angels got up at 7:45 so that’s a grand 4 hours sleep, split into 3 hours and then just over 1.  I am not tired, two cups of Typhoo! are doing a sterling job.

Received delivery of my 40k Tyranid force though from this friend who transported it from the chap whos house we play.  It’s now tidied away in the respective battlefoam boxes, I should paint them – but not sure.

Looking online now for my 40th birthday that’s coming soon. I’m being tasked with a ‘what do you want?’ and the trouble I find is that I tend to buy myself everything I need….. anyway family stuff to do now, need to replace the leaky fishtank.