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More Death Guard….

I’ve not written about my Horus Heresy Death Guard for a long time, a long long time, but over the last year I’ve been having a number of my models all painted.  I found online (using Facebook) a chap called ‘WarmasterPainting‘ and his stuff looked very very good.  So I messaged him and we spoke and well, 9 months later I’ve spent a large amount of money but have the best painted models that I’ve seen on the warfield around here…

So sit back, and have a good look at them.

In these pictures you’ll see:


Calas Typhon

2 Units of 10 Infantry

1 Unit of Plasma Heavy Weapons (5 models)

1 Unit of Missile Launchers (10 models)

1 Unit of Lascannons (10 models)

1 Unit of Deathshroud (5 models)

1 Unit of Grave Wardens (5 models)

Now I had been working towards 2500 points for 30k version 7, but with Edition 8 on the way, June? I’m going to wait before I pick up anything else.  But I have some models ready to get painted, (3 x Contemptor Dreads), 5 more Grave Wardens, 5 more Deathshroud, Mortarion himself, plus some vehicles….

But I’ll wait a bit, as I fancy some Heavy Flamers….

Anyway that’s all for now.






What’s new in MBM World

I’ve left this blog all alone for sometime whilst my life has moved on at such a huge fast pace.

I rarely wargame these days, more play card and boardgames with my girls/family, work has me busy far too often and post work I’m coding away on more Fantasy Grounds modules.

I’ve been busy on my Xbone, playing Final Fantasy XV and now Mass Effect: Andromeda, plus a bit of The Division and if I’m lucky EQ2 and GW2 on my PC…

Still about time I got back to this, and I will as I rebuild my Death Guard, eager for the 8th Edition of 40k to appear, what will become of the Death Korps of Krieg….

Who knows, but I’ll make sure I post again, need the space from life.