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New Fantasy Grounds Modules

So we’re into April are we?

Wow, who’d have thought that?  Been a busy year for me, more recently I’ve dropped back into RPG’s rather than Wargames, mainly because I don’t have to cart around miniatures, buy more miniatures (that normally remain in boxes) or simply find I don’t have the evening for them.

So why RPG?  Chances are I have the ruleset, or have played it or it’s easy to learn.  Getting a group of players together is proving to be hard.  We’re all adults, some of us have kids, most of us have time demanding jobs and we all have other things that simply ‘get in the way’.  So as a group we started a few years ago to use Virtual Table Top systems.  A friend of mine created his own server and using Mumble he’s ran a D&D game, we though used  It was a mixed experience… and one of the group found Fantasy Grounds, what a revelation – for a start, the dice that rolled on the screen agreed with what we all saw (unlike Roll20) and the whole UI and systems in place, roll the attack dice over the top of the Mob you’re trying to attack and voila!  You get told if you hit or missed.. no need to check AC’s etc.

To get Fantasy Grounds, you need a GM with a licence (I have the Ultimate Licence).  There are 3 licence types available, click this link ‘here‘ for more information, but you can use the Free Client if your GM has a licence (the type of players that can play with their licence depends on the type of licence).  Simply put, it’s dirt cheap and opens up the world of RPG across the internet.

Then for games like CoC you need the ruleset, which again if the GM has this, you all get access to it, kinda like passing the rulebook around….  enough of FG, I’ll be doing a post very soon about all of its features.

So what have I been doing for FG?

Since last September I brought my coding skills to Fantasy Grounds and I’ve now produced a good few modules, all for Call of Cthulhu – which still happens to be one of my favourite RPG’s, and 6th Edition is supported and 7th Edition is coming soon.

Here’s the latest to be released: Secrets of New Orleans – A 6th Edition Sourcebook to the Crescent City (based in the 1920’s)

Coming soon will be ‘Secrets of San Francisco’.  I’ve done all the conversion – just going through now and double checking everything….

My other CoC conversions are:

Fatal Experiments – 3 scenarios all in the same book.
Canis Mysterium – A single scenario all about something not nice.
House of R’lyeh – 5 scenarios! all in the one book.

Also being worked on for CoC:

Beyond the Mountains of Madness – the EPIC campaign set in the Mountains of Madness.

Post that, we’re stepping up into 7th Edition (I’ll still convert a few 6th just to help fill the missing backlog)

But there’s something else I’m working on… Traveller RPG.  I’m converting Mongoose Publishings Traveller (now called 1st Edition) over to Fantasy Grounds…. here’s a series of Screenshots of the Rulebook being converted.  It’s safe to say I’m 80% done now….

More on this later though, need to finish it first!