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Playing the light fantastic – or the virtual version – Fantasy Grounds

This year has gone Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm it would appear.  We’re in the middle of October already.

Wow though what a year!

Right then, about 3 years ago my (old) RPG group was around the country (and some other countries) so we looked up about using the internet to play again.  That was done and one of us picked up  It looked very good and it was very cheap and it did what we needed.  Well we thought so…. after about 1 year playing we started to speak about some of the basic issues that there was with the dice.  Nothing bad as such, but sometimes the dice that showed me wasn’t the same as what it told the GM and so on.

So rather then dropping playing, we looked around and found Fantasy Ground.  Wow.  Within just about 2 sessions we all agreed that it was a lot better.  We were playing Savage Worlds using a Pathfinder campaign and it just got better over the next few sessions.

After that game was finished we changed to using D&D5 just as it was released.  Whist our GM was looking at a ‘community’ ruleset for D&D5E for Fantasy Ground, after a few months it was released and he bought some of the rulebooks for it and swapped over.  It was dead easy to use.  I mean really really easy.  We added our character that we’d rolled outside and added our items and that was all we needed to do (as players).

When we played it was just as easy for the GM.  He bought an adventure that had inside all the maps needed, all the enemies and all the NPC’s and story and so on.  So all he had to do was to read it, walk through it and then play with us!  When we got attacked he simply clicked a button and ‘BANG!’ we could see who was attacking us.  To see if we attacked and hit them all we had to do was to drag our ‘attack roll’ over to the NPC we were trying to hit and let it go.  IF we hit (it checked out their AC and our roll and told it), it rolled our weapon damages and then told the everyone the damage and of course applied that to the NPC itself.  Simple and quick.

So it wasn’t long before I had so many ideas about what I wanted to use FG for.  I love playing Shadowrun, plus my current Shadowrun group are now 100 miles from me so I wanted to swap them to FG.  Now FG doesn’t sell a ruleset for Shadowrun but I found one within the community.  I download it, tried it for free and bang, worked a treat.  Yes it’s a bit clunky and looks a bit dated but it works.  That lead on thinking about my own rulesets and adventures…

And this is where the best few months of my life have gone!

Since I got the ‘bug’.  I’ve so far:

Created a Token Set (the peices you use on the tabletop to represent your characters) – commissioned not created btw, cos I’m crap at art

  • Converted the Call of Cthulhu books Fatal Experiments and Canis Mysterium
  • Started work on 3 more CoC books (House of R’Lyeh, Beyond the Mountains of Madness and Horror on the Orient Express)
  • Started work on Traveller Ruleset (Mongoose Publishing)

and more bits!

I’ve learned loads and loads.  It’s been great fun.

But if YOU want to play some RPG over the internet with some friends, go and look at Fantasy Ground.  It’s that great.  Yes, really.

At the moment they’re having a small sale for the Ultimate Licenses.  It’s cheap I think, about £100 for it, which means that’s all you need to pay to have lots of campaigns and lots of friends who use the Free License.

Here’s a list of what each License gives you.

And finally here’s a few images of what you can see when you play (one is a Shadowrun Test Adventure – inside a Motel room and Fatal Experiment (the Keepers stuff!)).

FatalExperiments-UpdatedLayout5 ShadowrunTestScenario

Right that’s enough, going to play some GW2 or work on the House of R’Lyeh book…..