SAGA Normans – 28mm WIP

Greetings All,

Due to severe lack of time and my eyes getting worse (along with hands that no longer remain stable) it’s hard for me to paint anything up to any degree of quality.  So I have entrusted O.R.C Studio (Kate is her name) with the task of taking my 4 points of (Gripping Beast) SAGA Normans and providing them with a paint job.

If SAGA means nothing to you, then have a look here at an earlier post (or understand that’s its a very quick set of Skirmish size rules for Dark Age period wargaming – it’s quite novel as that it uses battle boards to provide events).

Anyway this was O.R.C’s  first foray into Historical wargaming as she’s mostly done 40k, WHFB, Relics, Infinity etc.  So she had to learn a new technique.  All those other systems require blending to death to achieve gradual colour changes, but for me I like Historical to have a more noticeable colour changes (hence why I use Artmaster Studio for my Naps stuff).

Anyway without further ado here are the WIP images that she’s sent across.


So what did you think?  Personally I’m very happy with these.  They look the part and mean that very soon I can perhaps add 2 more points (Mounted) to give me a force as large as I should ever need for SAGA.

One extra point I noticed was that she has done hands free shield designs.. saves me buying any from Little Big Man Studios… so some unexpected work there.  Lovely.

All that’s left is a few touch up jobs, basing on the mounted troops and a varnish to stop my grubby figures erasing such fine brush strokes….  Once the work is completed I’ll post an update to this to show the final figures in all their glory!


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  1. That there them figures are niiiiice!

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