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Fantasy Football – Tor Gaming’s ‘Relics Armistice League’

Golem“In a world as bleak and barren as Relicia it is somewhat difficult to believe there is any hope for the most dominant warring factions as most of the time they are hell bent on destroying each other in the most imaginatively brutal fashions possible. Yet to my amazement, in the midst of the black vortex of pain and suffering that has become second nature to the quirky inhabitants of Relicia, there seems to be a shining ray of hopeful light…”

What’s all this then?

It’s none other than the famous Britanan All-Stars Team.  Famous for their outright victory during last seasons Armistice League.  Here we have a number of images of the team, displaying the new kit for this coming year…

These models were painted by the talented team of Dan Twiss and Kate Evans (of whom the latter now has her own studio) and are painted in the colours of the older spurs away kit/very light pale blue (whichever is closer).

They are available directly from the Tor Gaming webstore, see here, and you can pick up the entire team of 14 for £35 + shipping.  A steal really for 14 well sculpted and cast metal miniatures including that huge Golem.

The rules themselves for the Relics Armistice League continue to be developed (you can find more here) there’s no reason why you can’t use these within any other Fantasy Football game.

So what are you waiting for?

Sadly, the whistle has been blown.  It’s time now for me to head home pondering this post…..


16th Regiment of Dragoons (Light) – 28mm Perry Miniatures

A spare few moments I have, and so another post I bring.

This time, my recently painted Perry Miniatures British Cavalry, depicted as the 16th (Queens) Regiment of Light Dragoons.  These chaps were painted by Artmaster Studio whom I use for all my Naps stuff as I love their style.  They’re not the cheapest but the end results justify the costs.

Recently I’ve posted the Highlander Battalion they painted up.  You can read/see more about that here.

So I was very happy to see the Cavalry turned around so very quickly (2-3 weeks).

Here’s a gallery of images.

I hope you agree they’ve done a fine job, and maybe one day soon I’ll play some more Black Powder and be able to field these.  Knowing the way I issue orders they’ll turn around and advance off the battlefield…but won’t they do this in a fine style!

My time is up, time to post this and move on….

A rather special post coming soon, not Black Powder, nor SAGA, nor 40k/30k, WHFB or Warmachine BUT something footy like…


SAGA Normans – 28mm WIP

Greetings All,

Due to severe lack of time and my eyes getting worse (along with hands that no longer remain stable) it’s hard for me to paint anything up to any degree of quality.  So I have entrusted O.R.C Studio (Kate is her name) with the task of taking my 4 points of (Gripping Beast) SAGA Normans and providing them with a paint job.

If SAGA means nothing to you, then have a look here at an earlier post (or understand that’s its a very quick set of Skirmish size rules for Dark Age period wargaming – it’s quite novel as that it uses battle boards to provide events).

Anyway this was O.R.C’s  first foray into Historical wargaming as she’s mostly done 40k, WHFB, Relics, Infinity etc.  So she had to learn a new technique.  All those other systems require blending to death to achieve gradual colour changes, but for me I like Historical to have a more noticeable colour changes (hence why I use Artmaster Studio for my Naps stuff).

Anyway without further ado here are the WIP images that she’s sent across.


So what did you think?  Personally I’m very happy with these.  They look the part and mean that very soon I can perhaps add 2 more points (Mounted) to give me a force as large as I should ever need for SAGA.

One extra point I noticed was that she has done hands free shield designs.. saves me buying any from Little Big Man Studios… so some unexpected work there.  Lovely.

All that’s left is a few touch up jobs, basing on the mounted troops and a varnish to stop my grubby figures erasing such fine brush strokes….  Once the work is completed I’ll post an update to this to show the final figures in all their glory!


Cameron Highlanders (79th Regiment of Foot) – 28mm Victrix

Greetings All,

I should have posted this a good while ago, but life…anyway onwards.

Last summer I picked up 2 boxes of Victrix Highlanders.

It took me a good while to make up 6 bases worth (4 to a base) as I’m not a fan of building plastic figures… at least they’re plastic and not resin as superglue loves me more than the figures I’m building.

As I’m building a primary Peninsular Army I looked through the history books and I decided to get this unit to be  the 79th Regiment of Foot, the Cameron Highlanders.  The next Highlander unit I’ll build will be the Black Watch of course…

They took part in the following battles during the Peninsular Campaign.

You can find more info on them here (it’s a Wiki so might not be 100% accurate – but it’s easy to link!)

I posted them off to Toby at Artmaster Studios as I knew he’d already painted up some of my other 28mm Napoleonics and I prefer each army I own to have the same style of painting, plus I like the job he does, to me, one of the best historical painters in the business.  They now have a Facebook page, so go over and like them!

I picked up the flags from GMB Designs and then somehow forgot to include them in the parcel and then lost them in the house. After a while Toby managed to get hold of some and so completed the job.

Here they are, there’s 24 figures in total.  6 bases with 4 figures.

Splendid job I think and they match the Perry’s Infantry and Cavalry that I have a treat.

So what’s next? Toby has (and completed now!) some Perry’s Cavalry and some Perry’s Line Infantry to do. I’ll do more posts when they arrive back with me.

(And the Cavalry have arrived – just need to get some pictures!).


Selling miniatures and all the hassle…well not the hassle but the cost

Been a good while since I’ve posted anything.

I’ve been rather busy post work time on my web skills as I’m looking to move my career into that realm.  Lucky really that I’ve been asked to help write a whole new website for some friends who want to launch an online wargaming webstore, but also a local friend who needed some help.

I’ve never tried to sell my miniatures online.  The closest I suppose is advertising some on the clubs forum or selling them when visiting people, either way I’ve never had to put up with taking pictures, typing in details, paying a fee and then if successful, paying a sale fee.

I’ve used a certain online auction site before but not within the last year.  I did log into my account and read the latest changes, and it seems that they’re quite happy that we lose around 15-20% of our sales total through fee’s to sell/post and fees when using PayPal.  We don’t need to use PayPal mind you, but almost everyone does, it’s the defacto standard I would think.

Anyway I digressing a little.

There’s a much easier way to sell your wargaming/rpg related goods that you no longer want…

MiniatureBids Logo

It’s an auction site that has no fee for posting or selling… so besides what PayPal steal from you, the rest is all yours..

It’s a fledgling site that needs attention.  Attention to get people to visit, people to post, people to bid/buy it now so that we the wargame/roleplayers of the world get top money for out goods.

The site itself is super secure (as secure as you can be) and we don’t have any details about the users (bar their email address and a location/shipping address – which doesn’t really need to be ‘real’ as PayPal require all the legit information not us.

So what’s my part in this?

Very basically a while ago this idea was discussed and recently when the large online auctioneer then said it was charging final fees on shipping (we can see why – but still unfair the masses that don’t inflate their shipping fees to bypass selling fees).  So the idea was taken a step forward.  A good friend bought a domain, some software and….. well then found the software had bugs, some nasty nasty bugs (despite the fact it was sold as a turn-key solution).

I stepped in (or should say was contacted and agreed to help) and in the last month or so have addressed all the niggles.  Now that they’ve been sorted, we’ve started to add extra features to the site.  These features are not just what we wanted to do/add, but also what the users are asking us for… just look here and you’ll see.  What that page/post doesn’t tell you is that I’ve already finished the next ‘sprint’ and he’s a sneak preview (pun intended).

The next push of development is to work on the shipping.  This is update 1 of 2 for shipping.  The first update will allow multiple rates to be entered per auction.

Now even though we’re a small team and don’t earn any money on the auctions, we do require advertising revenue to recover our costs.  So if you’re the kind of person who runs a business in this realm or wants someone to know that they have a service to offer (such as painting) then take out an advert please 🙂  Not only will it help with the running costs but may also help cover the cost of some biscuits for our tea (some way to go before there’s spare money!).

Please follow this link and have a look and spread the word.

Right I think I’ve waffled enough. I’ll sign off now.

Go to our Facebook page and like us.  Tell you friends.  Post in forums and erm spread the word some more.