Relics – The NEW rulebook, a first glimpse

So folks what brings me back here during a busy time in my life.

Well I’m happy to say that today I managed to get my hands onto the new Relics Rulebook.

As you may be aware if you’ve followed this blog I am a big liker of Relics because it’s quite different in how it’s rules work (which is copied in other games these days) from the ‘To Hit’ rolls also mean to wound and require you to roll pairs, ie with 2 dice you need 1’s on both or 6’s, as long as it’s a pair it doesn’t matter (well almost).  So I can with my snake eyes dice actually hit and do damage.

Anyway I digress, here’s a picture of the New Rulebook.

It’s the Collectors edition and so the cover is different from the main edition Rulebook and it cost just £22.  This is an absolute bargain when you consider the book is:

  • A5 Hardback – quality hardback with a square perfect bound spine.
  • 176 Full Colour decent quality paper pages
  • ~30 pages of rules using full colour diagrams
  • 13 profiles for each of the factions giving full breakdown of their stats and abilities – so no need to find out what ‘Doom Charge’ might mean.
  • Plenty of photo’s of the superb models
  • Full colour picture art from the amazing hands of Christian
  • Fluff – lots of fluff for everything but if you want more then visit the website.
  • v1.2 of the rules with all known issues resolved, updated rules for morale and more spells.
  • Only 200 Rulebooks printed for the Limited Edition all signed by Gavin

Enough of that, here are some pictures.

Anyway so my thoughts.

The new diagrams are superb and clear.   They functioned very well in the first edition of the rules but now they seriously stand out and are better than the GW versions.

Relics Collectors Edition v1.2 Rulebook - Full Colour Diagrams

The Profiles are expanded.  Each profile now has 2 pages.  Every one contains some concept art so now you can see/visualise what model you want, or find out what models you have plus some have expanded fluff, photo’s of the superb (and superbly painted) models and of course provide all stats, abilities and any spells that profile might have.

Relics Collectors Edition v1.2 Rulebook - Orcnar Profiles

Every page (bar the back pages for me!) are full colour.  Tor Gaming have used a system of tagging each page with the name of the section (top left or top right) and you’ll notice under the faction profiles that each profile has it’s factions logo in the corners of the pages.  Looks like a lot of time has been taken when updating the rule book for this edition and it’s done very nicely.

Now though the biggest change.  My major gripe with the first edition rules was the fact that I couldn’t read most of the fluff and some of the rules due to the lack of double line spacing and then font used.  This has been corrected.  Even though the font size is small (to fit all we need on an A5 page) it’s actually very clear.  I think this has to do with the coloured backgrounds, if so, that’s another excellent decision.

As I told you this is a A5 book, here’s a picture of it against the Osprey Game ‘In Her Majesty’s Name’ which itself is about two-thirds the size of A4.

Btw ignore IHMN it’s crap.

Lastly then the cover.  It looks like the Relics Logo and Tor Gaming Logo are branded in and this Rulebook was some journal.  That fits in perfectly with how some of the fluff is written and if you look at some of the pages you have journal notes as the background… very cleverly done.

Phew.  That’s a lot of praise.

Do I have any complaints?  Maybe a few niggles more than complaints.

I was expecting a ribbon bookmark as part of the book and my other niggle.  It’s a shame we still have a few profiles to be sculpted for each faction.  I am waiting for the Heavy Dragoons so I hope the sales of this rulebook go well as I know producing a book is not a cheap option and the funds could be used to build the last few.

Anyway best thing you folks can do is to pick yourself up a copy.  Looking at the TG website I can see the standard Edition (still A5 Hardback) is £18 and the very strictly limited edition (just 200 printed and I would guess they won’t last long) are just £22.

I welcome all decent comments and questions.



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