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March is gone, so what have I been doing?


I should be out but instead I’m at home, writing this of course.

Now that March has gone (well nearly) it’s time to look at what’s happened.

First, let’s look at Relics.

As some of you might remember Tor Gaming ran a KS project called ‘Relics Reinforcements‘ during Jan/Feb, well time is moving on and so I thought I’d pop back to see what they were upto.

They’ve been busy.  If you look at the updates (some are only for backers) you can see that the models are still being sculpted (some are finished) and that Gavin has recently been working on the new rulebook.

That’s great news, my ONLY issue with Relics was the first Rulebook was a bit hard to read, the fonts and spacing, well let’s say they didn’t work with my eyes.  But look here, see how good the new Rulebook will look.

Reading from the update post it seems there will be two versions.  The first release a ~140 page A5 full colour hardback rulebook.  Nice.  A5 is a good size and I know if I have to take a Rulebook with me (40k/Warmachine) I prefer A5 versions and it being hardback means hopefully the cover/corners won’t get damaged too quickly.  Not that mine do, I take too much care, but I’ve seem some copies of them…

Next though and the interesting point is that they’re also going to release a Limited Edition release.  200 of these will be made and the cost is just £20, so I’ll order one of them via my KS pledge (limited to 1 per customer).  When I get mine, I’ll post a nice blog with photos.

Anyway onto some other KS projects that have my cash waiting for them and both have hit their targets so I know I’m going to get some goodies in the post later over summer.

First up we have Torn Armor (yes the U doesn’t exist but we the English can still read the word so no moaning).

A boardgame with some very nice figures being created for it.  I won’t go into much detail as you can find everything on their KS project webpage.  But time hasn’t run out yet for you to get a great deal so pop over now and pledge.

Second we have something very different, still a boardgame but a much darker game.

The KS project is called ‘Spinespur, the Survival Horror miniatures game‘.  Phew that’s quite a title.

This project has reached it’s goal but only just.  There are still 6 days left on it, so please if you like Horror games then take a good look at this.  It’s very interesting and one of the rules that I love is that when a character dies, they die with all their gear and you can pop over and loot them, amazing – now we just need Xbox/PC games to follow this.

And that’s the end of the KS stuff, back now to my SAGA Vikings.

During March I managed to paint 9 of them, a very poor result but a start.  That’s as many figures as I painted the entire of last year!  I will continue with them but I’ve been set a challenge that I shall post about in the week that follows.

Next we come to Warmachine.

This needs it’s own post, so I’ll just say that after looking at various rulebooks recently for a little project I picked up my Warmachine A5 rulebook and re-read parts of it.  Tonight I just happened to order more models and I’ve got a game of Warmachine on Thursday, I’ve not played Warmachine since last summer….

Lastly we come to GW.


There we are, quite simple wasn’t it.

I picked up the White Dwarf iPad subscription (£44 for the year was quite cheap) and had to go through reading all about the Tau.  Plus White Dwarf is 400 editions old, bloody hell I have some in the cupboard upstairs that are in their 70’s.  Yep, I’m old.

I had of course to order the Ltd Edition Tau Codex.  Tau have been a secret ‘like’ of mine for years but GW left them for dead.  So what we have is a small release, a few new models, a new codex and some existing models now in plastic.

Very much like the Warmachine section, this one needs a post all of it’s own and i’ll get that tomorrow I would hope.

Anyway I feel like painting some models, but I have guests and they are staying in my spare room/painting studio, so the Warmachine blog post next.


Good at buying, not so good at building, awful at painting

Morning Folks,

Last night I based up 16 more Vikings, some extra models I bought for my SAGA Viking Army.

I then looked on the painting station I use (it has the cutting board within) and on that station I have:

  • 3 Napoleonic British Line Infantry built an glued to their base.
  • 12 Napoleonic British Hussars, unbuilt and lying in pieces.
  • 8 Brotherhood models for the Westwind Empire of the Dead game.
  • 1 Gentlemens Club (Empire of the Dead) based and half painted.
  • 1 Plastic Gripping Beast Viking.
  • 16 Metal Vikings (Artizan and SAGA).
  • The Witch King on Horseback (unbased).
  • 1 Menoth UA (can’t remember the unit) undercoated and based.
  • 1 Menoth Light Warjack, based.
  • 5 Space Marines unpainted.
  • 1 Imperial Cadian Trooper.

and finally

  • 1 Space Marine painted in Black Templar colours.

This doesn’t include the bases (mainly wooden) 30 odd Vallejo paints and some tools.

What a mess.

So this lead me to think about do I just enjoy buying the miniatures and have a dream that one day I’ll have them all painted?  Well looking at the stats, seems for every 100 figures I buy, I base around 40 and of those 40 I painted around 4.

Should I stop buying miniatures?  Common sense would tell you that it would be a good thing, but part of me doesn’t like that idea.

If I then look at what I paint, seems I paint more of other peoples stuff than I do my own and get others to paint my stuff.  Why is that? Perhaps I know I won’t be happy with my own work, yet others seem to be very happy with mine, or is it the fact that when I paint something for someone else it’s always a unit….

I have been sorting out the spare room as we have friends staying in a few weeks and I must have around 1000 figures still in their boxes/blister packs, anything from Vikings/Normans through to Space Marines (FW and GW) through to Warmachine and Relics.


That’s a word I need to work with.

In my working world I’m good with that word, I can focus on what I need to complete before moving on, I can though also focus on many projects and switch between them as and when necessary, so why not with my home projects?

I could perhaps say that at work you’re are paid to complete these tasks, at home you’re not.  I don’t work for money but I do get the enjoyment out of delivering software on time.

How do I do this in my home world?  Maybe I do smaller things.  No point building and army if I’m going to paint a unit and then move on, but why not try the latter using the former?

The rest of March is a busy month for me with work and family so maybe I’ll try a project each month, and without going mad and planning ahead for the rest of the year maybe I start small.

Anyway I’ll sign off now, I’ve just brought down a Dwarf Battalion, so perhaps I’ll build some more Dwarfs that I won’t paint….