Relics Reinforcements, what’s going on?

Well Folks, it’s been just over 2 weeks since I made this post here regarding the start of the new Relics Kickstarter Project.

So after my ramblings earlier on, I thought I’d actually check on the progress and see what else my local War gaming company is upto.

First the Kickstarter project.  Well things are looking good in a sense and not so good in other.

At the moment there are 65 backers and a Total of £5692 which seems to keep changing despite the number of backer remaining around the same.  I can only presume that people are changing their pledges, well I hope if they are, that they’re increasing them as to be totally selfish I want my Heavy Dragoons and these are way off at the moment.

Luckily the initial £3k target got smashed in a few days, which means we have got the initial 4 models coming to us, these are:

That’s great progress as personally I was looking forward to being able to field a Bomber in my Britanan list.

To wet my appetite, Tor Gaming have released a Work in Progress of the Bomber and he’s looking just like the concept – great stuff!

Britanan Bomber – WIP

To also continue this theme of showing Work in Progress, we do actually have the finished Orcnar Nappa figures, look here!

Ocrnar Nappa sculpts

Things have continued to progress nicely with Tor Gaming listening to various comments as initially the first Stretch Goal was set at £6250 which was quite a jump.  The changes then split the stretch goal into smaller stretches with one figure at a time being unlocked.

So far we have the following extra models unlocked, but look on in fear that someone withdrawing their pledge could once again lock the Puppeteer.

In order of how they’ve been unlocked, we have:

I have to admit that seeing the Neum Domini in resin will be excellent.  The price is not too bad either, £13 for a large model and these days that’s actually pretty cheap.

So we come onto the one concept that’s not going to hit the stores near you as we’re £500+ off from it, and that’s this:

I hope that we can find in the next 9 days a lot of support as the models that I really want are some way off, the Huntsman and Heavy Dragoons for my Britanan forces.

But let’s not get our hopes down as Tor Gaming have been super quick to listen again to comment about ‘free’ stuff, as it’s the norm to reward backers with extra stuff on to of what the initial pledges state.

So far, we have seen the fact that damage markers are coming :), depending on your level of pledge you can get:

  • Dragoon Reward: 1 of your choice
  • Marksmen Reward: 2 of you choice
  • Highlander Reward or above: 3 of your choice

Here we have some of the WIP of those damage markers and look at that poor Trooper, his stuffing is coming out!

Looking good don’t you agree?

And phew!  It doesn’t stop there!

Christian, the artist behind the concepts and other Relics art has been busy on the postcard art and here’s a lovely example of the Britanans actually doing some damage (unlike mine who are let down by my poor rolling dice).

Troopers! Open Fire!

I wish I could stop there, but no!

Seems also that Tor Gaming are going to get some T-Shirts made and we can buy these with our pledge money.  The pledges work a bit different, rather than getting some of this, some of that and one of them etc, you get an amount of money to spend on ANYTHING, and in return on some pledges you get the free stuff listed above.

And now there’s more still, crumbs, perahaps another post to explain this one, but just to include it Tor Gaming have released to us the mass battle rules for Relics.  These are not the finished item, they’re a work in progress but now we can take our Relics miniatures and fight mass battles with Troopers in unit.

Download a copy of the rules from here, have a read and let Tor Gaming know what you think (I will).

Anyway I’m signing of now, this has become a rather large post with lots of images, but also coming (no images available) are Effect Counters that we can use to mark Spell Effects that linger etc.

So what are you waiting for, go over to the Kickstarter project page and pledge away, we need this information spread – go and post this onto all the other forums that you post in and let’s support this, 9 days to go and plenty to get!



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