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Models left to build and paint in 2013 – Part 1

Evening Folks,

On Tuesday night I started to make a list of all the figures I have still to build let alone paint as I was tempted to buy yet more!

So let’s see, and this list isn’t complete as I couldn’t get to some of the boxes (smaller boxes though luckily!).

Pike & Shotte

Black Powder – all to build and paint

  • 144 Perry British Line Infantry
  • 14 mounted Hussars.
  • 90 Victrix Highlanders

Black Powder – Other

  • 24 other Perrys metal cavalry to paint

40K – all to build and paint

  • Space Marine
    • 2 Drop pods
    • Preadator
    • Land Raider
    • Vindicator
    • 2 Rhinos
    • 2 Boxes Death Wing Terminators
    • Terminators
    • Command Squad
    • 3 Boxes of Scouts
    • 2 Land Speeders
    • 1 Attack Bike
    • 2 Dreadnaughts
    • Dark Vengeance Box
    • Battleforce
  • Eldar
    • 2 Boxes of Dire Avengers
    • Guardians
    • 2 Grav Tanks
    • Harlequin Troupe + Death Jester and Shadowseer
    • Farseer and Warlocks
    • Battleforce
    • Shining Spears
    • 2 War Walkers
    • Striking Scorpions
    • Banshees
    • 2 Wraithlord
  • Necrons
    • 2 Boxes Warriors
  • Forge World
    • Horus Heresy
      • 2 Comtemptor Dreads
      • 60 Mark II marines
      • 10 Mark II marines
      • 1 Mark 4 command pack
      • 1 Legion Commander pack
      • 1 Medic pack
      • Eldar Wraithseer

40K – to paint (all built)

  • Space Marine
    • Approx 40 Marines
    • Approx 20 Scouts
    • 3 Rhinos
    • 5 Terminators
    • 1 Land Speeder
    • 1 Attack Bike
    • 1 Dreadnaught
  • Eldar
    • Approx 130 figures (misc)
    • Guardians
    • 1 Grav Tank
    • 2 War Walkers
    • 1 Wraithlord

So that will do for the moment, about 50% shown above.

Coming in Part 2:

  • Relics
  • Vikings
  • The Hobbit
  • Warhammer Fantasy
  • War of the Rings
  • Warmachine
  • Empire of the dead

and more….

But I have started to paint my Vikings 🙂




Relics Reinforcements, what’s going on?

Well Folks, it’s been just over 2 weeks since I made this post here regarding the start of the new Relics Kickstarter Project.

So after my ramblings earlier on, I thought I’d actually check on the progress and see what else my local War gaming company is upto.

First the Kickstarter project.  Well things are looking good in a sense and not so good in other.

At the moment there are 65 backers and a Total of £5692 which seems to keep changing despite the number of backer remaining around the same.  I can only presume that people are changing their pledges, well I hope if they are, that they’re increasing them as to be totally selfish I want my Heavy Dragoons and these are way off at the moment.

Luckily the initial £3k target got smashed in a few days, which means we have got the initial 4 models coming to us, these are:

That’s great progress as personally I was looking forward to being able to field a Bomber in my Britanan list.

To wet my appetite, Tor Gaming have released a Work in Progress of the Bomber and he’s looking just like the concept – great stuff!

Britanan Bomber – WIP

To also continue this theme of showing Work in Progress, we do actually have the finished Orcnar Nappa figures, look here!

Ocrnar Nappa sculpts

Things have continued to progress nicely with Tor Gaming listening to various comments as initially the first Stretch Goal was set at £6250 which was quite a jump.  The changes then split the stretch goal into smaller stretches with one figure at a time being unlocked.

So far we have the following extra models unlocked, but look on in fear that someone withdrawing their pledge could once again lock the Puppeteer.

In order of how they’ve been unlocked, we have:

I have to admit that seeing the Neum Domini in resin will be excellent.  The price is not too bad either, £13 for a large model and these days that’s actually pretty cheap.

So we come onto the one concept that’s not going to hit the stores near you as we’re £500+ off from it, and that’s this:

I hope that we can find in the next 9 days a lot of support as the models that I really want are some way off, the Huntsman and Heavy Dragoons for my Britanan forces.

But let’s not get our hopes down as Tor Gaming have been super quick to listen again to comment about ‘free’ stuff, as it’s the norm to reward backers with extra stuff on to of what the initial pledges state.

So far, we have seen the fact that damage markers are coming :), depending on your level of pledge you can get:

  • Dragoon Reward: 1 of your choice
  • Marksmen Reward: 2 of you choice
  • Highlander Reward or above: 3 of your choice

Here we have some of the WIP of those damage markers and look at that poor Trooper, his stuffing is coming out!

Looking good don’t you agree?

And phew!  It doesn’t stop there!

Christian, the artist behind the concepts and other Relics art has been busy on the postcard art and here’s a lovely example of the Britanans actually doing some damage (unlike mine who are let down by my poor rolling dice).

Troopers! Open Fire!

I wish I could stop there, but no!

Seems also that Tor Gaming are going to get some T-Shirts made and we can buy these with our pledge money.  The pledges work a bit different, rather than getting some of this, some of that and one of them etc, you get an amount of money to spend on ANYTHING, and in return on some pledges you get the free stuff listed above.

And now there’s more still, crumbs, perahaps another post to explain this one, but just to include it Tor Gaming have released to us the mass battle rules for Relics.  These are not the finished item, they’re a work in progress but now we can take our Relics miniatures and fight mass battles with Troopers in unit.

Download a copy of the rules from here, have a read and let Tor Gaming know what you think (I will).

Anyway I’m signing of now, this has become a rather large post with lots of images, but also coming (no images available) are Effect Counters that we can use to mark Spell Effects that linger etc.

So what are you waiting for, go over to the Kickstarter project page and pledge away, we need this information spread – go and post this onto all the other forums that you post in and let’s support this, 9 days to go and plenty to get!



Vikings in 2013, the SAGA so far….

Last Thursday whilst in the starting stages of my ‘stomach bug’ I drove (rather than trammed it) down to the club and played 2 games of SAGA.  Those of you who didn’t notice, I had to evacuate the club pronto as my lunch was trying to evacuate me, so a 10 minute drive home to relief….

So what’s this post about?

Well, I picked up SAGA last year as an alternative rules system to play with my Viking models that I had bought to play ‘Clash of Empires’ campaign with at my local club…. which never happened as the Chap going to run it moved away.

SAGA Rules

So when he moved away I kind of dropped my Vikings, I had made around 20 of the Plastic Hirdmen (Gripping Beast figures) and based up all my metal figures (Crusader and Artizan), you can see more about this on some early posts.

When I found out that a local SAGA campaign was to start (and had players ready) I contact Matt who was running it and then signed up on the forum.

What’s SAGA then?  Well it’s a Skirmish history war game that uses some faction from the 8th to 11th century.  Lucky for me that’s the time we had Vikings living and warring here in England.

It’s written by Tomahawk Studio who don’t have an English website just yet…..

The main rulebook is not a huge book like Warhammer Fantasy as it has just 74 pages which tells you the rules, some history stuff, the factions, how to use the battleboard and finally heroes, measuring sticks and some Fatigue tokens.  So it doesn’t take long to read the rules and not that long to build an army.

That’s because it’s nice and simple.

Your Warlord is free (unless he’s a Hero – then it’s 1 point).

You Hearthguards are your best warriors, and you get 4 of them for 1 point.

You Warriors are your normal warriors and you get 8 of them for 1 point.

Lastly your Levies are, well just them.  You get 12 for 1 point.

Most games are played at 6 points, however they tell you to start with just 4.

Looking at the campaign rules on the club forum told me that we needed to create a 6 points army with a Hero.  Just before I left for the club I create my army and this is what I took:

  • Hero – Ragnor Lothbrok, King of Sweden and Norway – 1 point.

I chose this Hero because he allows all the units to move for free (see later) plus he also ignores 2 hits per unit, when he’s attacked.

  • Heathguards – 8 figures – 2 points

These guys were going to be the body guard of Ragnor.

  • Warriors – 8 figures – 1 point

The left flank unit

  • Warriors – 8 figures – 1 point

My right flank unit

  • Levies – 12 figures – 1 point

These chaps are the ranged unit for Vikings.  Seems the Vikings preferred the up close and bashing kind of war.

When I arrived at the club I started to sort out my models.  I’ve been a bit lazy (and busy) and I’ve not even undercoated these chaps yet so they look silver and plastic.  I found out I had just 8 Bondi Bowmen, yet needed 12 to make up the Levy unit.

Also I’m not that happy with the 8 bowmen I have, they’re too duplicated with 4 basic models.  So my thoughts post club were to buy some more from elsewhere, a look online shows that a few places do them, but Artizan Designs (who I have some of their models already) have some:

VIK004 – Viking Bondi with Bows

I also had problems making up the 16 Warriors as I have just 12 Bondi, so I mixed in some plastic hirdmen with them.  Therefore I need to double check and see how many more Bondi (Warriors) that I need.

Looking at Artizan Designs again I see that they do a Bondi pack that’ll do just right.

VIK003 – Viking Bondi with Hand Weapons

Plus I need some flags I think, so I’ll look around for them later – need to actually paint my models.

So back to what happened on the night.

Let’s say that I lost.  I lost both games with the first one being closer than the second.

First off I played Dave who was running a Jomsvikings army.  I didn’t know what Wrath meant, nor was it was used for but now I know.  It allows their best abilities to be used and only when you have enough points.

His army was:

  • Sigvaldi Strut-Haraldsson, Lord of Jomsborg – 1 Point

Sigvaldi is only allowed to take his best warriors into the battle, so that means;

  • Hearthguard – 20 figures – 5 points

Split into 3 units from what I can remember, 2 units of 8 and 1 with 4 who was his Heros bodyguards it seemed.

During the start of your turn you roll your SAGA dice.  The total amount depends on the units on the table.  You then take these dice and place them onto your battle board.  These are the abilities that you may use in this turn (you may leave them on the board for the next turn if you wish).  These abilities allow your army to do certain things.  In the case of my Vikings I have an ability called ULLR which allow me to re-roll any missed hits.

I needed this but didn’t notice it as I was still learning what was what.

Daves Jomsvikings have abilities that tell you to either remove some of your own models or allow his wrath to build which affected me on 2 turns, lucky I had some levies to spare.

Fatigue is also a very important part of the game.  Fighting or making 2 activations in 1 turn earns you fatigue.  Your opponent can use your fatigue to lower your armour, increase his armour etc.

In the end I lost, this was to the way I set up my units on the battlefield, to the way I used my battleboard (I was learning) and to the way my dice rolled and Daves did’  For example my Hero took on 1 Hearthguard and depsite the five attacks and using fatigue to lower his armour (I needed 3’s on a D6) he didn’t die.

But it was Victory points that mattered.  Counting up VP’s I think Dave got 23 and I got 13 I think.

My second game was against Garys Welsh.

The main difference here is that he had plenty of ranged attacks and mounted Hearthguard with his Hero.

His army was:

  • Maredudd ad Owain, King of the Britons – 1 point

This Warlord limits how many SAGA dice you roll in the 1st two turns, doesn’t have much effect upon Vikings but could seriously inhibit some other factions.

  • Hearthguards – 8 figures  – 2 points

4 of these were mounted and used alongside Mardedudd.

  • Warriors – 16 figures – 2 points

These were split into 2 units, so 8 per unit.  Both units had Javelins.

  • Levies – 12 figures – 1 point.

These guys were armed with slings.

Very basically I didn’t roll the terrain on this one, and it was the terrain that cost me as much as my dice.  When entering rough terrain your move is dropped to 4 inches, however the Welsh have an ability to drop that to 2 inches which happened.  They can also Taunt a unit, who then must have towards the nearest unit and of course my Hearthguard were taunted onto rough ground and then slowed.

Just to make matters worth I still had 6 Hearthguard that smashed into his Warriors (6 vs 8) and the end result was that I lost 2 Hearthguard and he lost 3 Warriors.  I was not impressed with my dice as I needed against just 3’s to hit and I had 15 dice!

In the end I couldn’t move my units up fast enough and his mounted unit made short work of my right flank, this battle was ended due to the 6th Turn finishing and my Warlord survived along with around half of my army.

Gary scored 13 VP’s and I scored 7.  Not the highest scoring game but I learned a lot on this one, and started to remember to use my Battleboard.

So that was it.

My plan for the next round in 2 weeks is to paint some of my Vikings – yes I know that’s impossible but that’s the plan, well here is the plan.

Tomorrow – glue up some shields that missed off and undercoat at least 8 of the Bondi.

During the week, paint these 8 bondi!

Easy, oh well, check back here and we shall see.








Wargaming – the cost of making new games….well the models anyway!

Morning Folks,

I’ve been ill for a few days and now I’m really bored of it.

This morning I was thinking about war gaming again, well re-thinking about a game I wanted to create last year.

The problem is this.  The smaller companies just don’t have the money to make their games unless they’re lucky to have a friend who’s a sculptor, an artist for the concepts and a caster to make the models.  It seems that you really need these people unless you want to pay good money.

What am I talking about?

Very early last year I found out that Tor Gaming was based in Sheffield and when I really looked their are just 1.2 miles away from me at home.  I looked onto their website and it was one of the best around for indies/small wargaming companies so looked professional.

Plus then I looked at their main game (Relics) and the models that they’ve released, plus at that time they were about to run the Indiegogo project for the Neum faction.

That was great stuff and I thought, this is excellent, maybe they’ll be able to help me out with my ideas as I have some money I can spend.

Before I go on, can any of you think how much it costs to make a single metal 28mm model?

So I contacted them and Gavin replied and was happy to talk.  We had a get together and their offices and then I found out it wasn’t ‘them’ it was ‘just him’.  That’s not that correct really as his better half helps out and his dog, he has a writer elsewhere, plus he has some friends that help and so on, but day to day it’s Gavin and he does EVERYTHING.  You send TG an email and he answers, you post onto their forum and it would be him answering for TG, you check out their Facebook/Twitter and so on it’s him…. during the ‘day’ he also has to make sure the bills are paid, orders are processed and sent out, that he has a cup of tea and some lunch and that he’s made sure the new models are being created, sculpt or concepted, my lord what a lot of stuff to do per day and this doesn’t include testing, updating the rulebook etc etc!

I almost stopped in my tracks and thought he was mad.  Now we’re about a year on and I still think he’s mad because he’s continuing…. these days he’s got a number of other models released for Relics and now currently has a Kickstarter project running to help make up some of the last models from the initial factions in the rulebook.

But the project isn’t getting that much help.

I looked around at others over the last 6 months and some big companies using Kickstarter are making a small fortune (Mantic, MiniWargaming come to mind etc) yet the smaller companies who need the investment to continue their ranges get limited support.

At time of writing the Relics KS has just 65 supporters, that sucks.  I know that on average how many people read this blog and how many friends I have.

Anyway off I digress.

The cost of making a miniature stands at very high for those of us without the local friends.  I don’t know about Tor Gaming (who would share their costs with a madman?) but from my investigations last year I found:

Concepts – depending on your artist and the quality you can pay £40-£75 for a single concept (of a 28mm WWII soldier for instance)

Sculpting – depending on if you wanted multi-part or single cast you can pay from £80 – £300 for a single sculpt.

Casting – depending on the number of models per mould, but seems you need various moulds are these cost around £100-120 in total.

So let’s say I wanted pretty much the best, on par with the Perry Brothers then I can expect to pay per figure £375 just to have the figure concepted and sculpted.  Not to mention I’d perhaps have to pay for shipping and VAT on those prices.  Once we add in the casting and moulds we’re looking at £500 a figure.

How many figures do you need to launch a new range?  That all depends, but probably 2 factions with 8 figures on each side, blood and sand, that’s £8k for the ‘starter sets’.

Now coming back down to earth we can reduce costs by re-using the bodies and having new arms/heads but in a pack of 8 you don’t really want duplicates do you?

So on how on earth can we get back the 8k we’ve invested?

I suppose that all depends on the selling price, but we’ve also got to think about if we want to move the figures via a retailer and/or distributor market then it’ll take us a long long time.

For example, say we make £8 per box of figures (assume we have a GW price!) how many boxes do we need JUST to recover our costs?  Well basic sums say 900….

That’s not too shabby is it?  900 can’t be that many can it?  I’d be staggered if a new small company could shift that many boxes to retailers within the time frame they have to remain in business.  The chances are they’re trickle sell, but then to keep interest from the players who bought at the start, you need to continue to release new material, be that new figures, new rules, something and so the cost continues to build.

So this is where IndieGoGo/Kickstarter come in.  I could get some concepts drawn, I could then start a project and hope to raise the £8k just for the figures. Of course I’d need to set it higher to pay the 5% Kickstarter want, and the 5% that the payment system will want and so my £8k needs to be £9.6k.

It’s a huge effort, but with banks not wanting to lend money without very high costs it’s the only choice.

This is where we need to support our local games.

Any of you reading this have NOT pledged to the Relics kickstarter then please re-think this.  The rules are very good, the figures are excellent and you should feel proud that your money is going to help a company that is fighting against some very big companies and perhaps this year they’ll ‘make it’.

So click here, in fact find any project that means something to you and support it.  What’s £10/$15 to you?  Enough of them could make a difference.

Apologies for my ramble, but it irks me that the larger companies get thousands of sales every day (the products may be good) but that their taking away money from the smaller guys.