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Relics Reinforcements!

I’ve been a bit slow off the mark with this one as one of my favourite war games launched a new Kickstarter Project a few days ago.

As those of you who have read my ramblings before may know, I’m quite a big fan of the mechanics of Relics and one of the factions within, that of the Britanan’s who are a faction of mainly stuffed dolls brought back to life by a Puppeteer….

If you’re into you tabletop war gaming and fancy trying something different to 40k/GW/Warmahordes/Dystopian etc then this is a great little game.  Very quick, easy to pick up and the rules are free to download!

If you needed any other excuse then I suppose you should look at the quality of the current range of models.  You’ll  then see why I like them so much and am very interested in some of the remaining units from the main rulebook being released.  To aid you locate how great the current range of Britanan’s are then look no further!  I’ve made a gallery that I’ve nicked off the Tor Gaming store just for your (and my own)viewing pleasure!

So when I saw an email telling me that Tor Gaming had launched a Kickstarter Project to raise the funds to make the remaining models from the rulebook I was very excited.  A quick look and wow, they are going to make the Bomber model 🙂

Bomber Concept

That is good news and at time of writing it’s even better news as they’ve smashed their target, gone through a first stretch target and looks like they’ll be successful enough that I may see the Heavy Dragoon released!  Which also means there’s no worry that it may or may not reach it’s target and you get anything.

It didn’t take me long and I decided to back this project (why wouldn’t i?).  I chose the Colour Party as I love those figures and being added to some fluff through my own story type thing sounds ace.  Depending on what else gets released I may up my pledge, but I really would want a Hardback edition of the book – alas there’s no mention of this, but if you read the end there’s mention of possible Ridend and C’thu releases….. I can’t wait for the C’thu.

Anyway I can now display this can’t I?


So then folks, what are you waiting for?  I want the Heavy Dragoon model released so this project needs a lot of support, so why don’t you support it and tell all of your friends to support it?  You know you should.

Last thing, any of you around the South Yorkshire area who want a game, just let me know.


End of the year post, the bad wargaming points, well 5 of them…


Further to my post this morning here are the low points of 2012 for Wargaming for me personally.

1.  Empire of the Dead (Westwind Games)

I bought the rule book and some starter sets on the basis of some reviews and pictures.  When I picked up my rulebook I was very happy with the style and quality but amazed at the price and the short page count.

The rules were simple enough and seemed good at first read (only one reading session needed) plus they include campaign rules.  Well let’s just say that on first play we spent more of the night discussing what a rule meant rather than having fun.  Cut to the campaign and it proved that no-one bothered to play test it, as for the Hellfire club (who are masters of magic) the chances of them getting a spell is 1 in 5…

The miniatures are very basic and not as good as some of the older miniatures, the Gentlemens Club for example is not bad but the figures aren’t that great.

With work on the rules and the campaign this could prove to be a good game, sadly in its current state its a waste of time and Westwind seem to not like any critical posts on their forums…

2.  Clash of Empires

Not a bad point about the rules, but being told our local gaming club would have a campaign during 2012 which meant I bought the rules (and the Viking expansion) and then bought a full army and spent ages building up the figures only to find out that the campaign wasn’t going to happen.

I hope one day to resurrect this project, but at the moment it’s moot for Clash of Empires, but around 1/3 of the figures will work with the Saga rules…

3. Vikings Spears

Just a general complaint.  Perhaps due to me buying GW’s dwarfs with spears etc I actually expected when I bought some Crusader Miniatures Viking Spearmen to actually have spears in with the models.

Alas I was wrong and I had to purchase a separate pack of spears.

Now I don’t mind buying the spears BUT I would have hoped at time of purchase the Spearmen would have warned me that they didn’t have spears…

4.  Citadel Paints – New Release

Personally I prefer Vallejo paints over Citadels, but to make things easier with my 40k/Horus stuff I tend to use Citadel paints when necessary.

So which great mind at Games Workshop thought it was a great idea to copy Vallejo and have shading colours for all the colours (ie a lighter and darker version of all colours).  Good idea as that’s what I really like about Vallejo, no need to ever mix.

However who then decided to change the names even though some of the colours are identical?  Who then made sure the retailers had to send back all the ‘older’ paints so they had to shell out for the newer paints and paint rack.

Oh well, the Giants are free to continue their reign, depends on how long they keep top of the hill, which brings me to…

5.  Warmachine

What was billed to me as a simple game to pick up, alas I started to build an army and BAM!  Played someone (good bloke) who played a new caster and that made my army useless.

I had my 2 player starter set since 2011 but not unpacked it until Jan of 2012 and which point I knew I wanted to go Cryx but I’d learn the rules via the Menoth faction.

Not returned since but will do at some point to get value out of all the models I have and the lovely rulebooks.

And so that’s it from the gripes of 2012

Next post will be best and biggest let downs on the Xbox/PC games of 2012.

Until then, Huzzah!

End of the year post, the good wargaming points, well 5 of them…


So that’s it for 2012.  I’m about to head off to work today (3rd Jan) and over the last week or so I’ve been thinking about what to do for 2013 and how 2012 did.

First the good stuff from 2012 for me and my world regarding Tabletop Wargaming (

1. Relics (TOR Gaming)

I finally got into Relics via an IndieGoGo project during the early summer of 2012.

Relics is a tabletop wargame based in a world that’s very dark.  The miniatures are excellent and for the first time in years I found the rules to have something very different to others out there even though the rulebook was very hard to read.

For example, I tend to roll a lot of 1’s and in Relics pairings are what decides how many ‘hits’ you have.  So a pair of 1’s can someones be just as helpful as a pair of 6’s.

I’ve followed the goings on and it seems that 2013 is going to be a good year as my favourite faction (Britanans) has the ‘Bomber’ unit being released at some point.

2.  Horus Heresy (Forgeworld/Games Workshop)

Hard to decide where to begin.  Forgeworld are not cheap for figures, the make Games Workshop look good value (lies) but their work is top, nothing better I feel.

The first HH book is a work of art and well worth the money and it’s done its job of getting me to buy more of the Forgeworld minis as they’re the only ones who make the figures for the HH timeline.

3.  Maurice (Maurice/Honour)

Released in 2011 but I didn’t get into it until 2012.

A game written by Sam Mustafa (who also wrote Lasalle) that allows you to play ‘Gentlemen’ war games based in history.  Unlike other large history based games this is a lot of fun at times as it uses cards to allow you to change the game.  The big difference with the game system is that you can only move one formation each turn and only if you have the ‘points’ that allow your Armies Leader to send the order.

For this game I bought 2 armies and had 1 painted (the French).  I’ve sadly not played too many games as I’ve been too busy.

However Sam is writing a new game for Honour system about the American Civil War called ‘Longstreet’ and I look forward to playing that, just need to get an army…

4.  War of the Ring (Games Workshop).

Been around for a good while, but I finally picked up a copy (second hand) of the rulebook and proceeded to read away.  It is a very simple version of WHFB but works very quickly and rewards good tactics as it makes perfect sense that if you put a unit of swordsmen in range of a unit of archers, the archers will cause casualties.

No armour saving throw so if you hit, they fall.  I like this, makes for large battles in a short period of time.

The worst element of this is the need to pay daft prices for your models if you want the official figures, £20 for 12 is cheap for GW but still…

5.  Artmaster Studio Painting Services (Artmaster Studio)

I took a bit of a risk with outsourcing my British napoleonic army as my army is very large, but I knew I wouldn’t have time to build and paint, so I built them and got Artmaster Painting to well, paint them.

I found these chaps via searching around on the web, looking at figures that were painted and then I emailed them asking many questions and in the summer they painted my Rifles and they did an ace job.

So now they’re painting some Highlanders for me, and I hope in 2013 they can do more, it’s just the cost that’s not a friend of mine but you have to pay for good work.

And that’s it for the good points.  I have more but these are the 5 that I think are the top points of the year.

Next post it will be the worst 5 points of 2012.

Until then, huzzah!