Coming soon….

Right it’s been a while, busy I have been.

Off tomorrow to Warhammer World, going to pick up my copy of the Forgeworld book The Horus Heresy (so expect a blog posting on that book).  The book looks ace, it’s priced at £70 (ouch) but I’ll have one maybe two.  I’m meeting a number of 40k players that I talk to via Facebook, plus I know at least one of them, so its going to be nice to play some more 40k.  There will be a blog about these games I hope.  It’s going to be Dark Angels for me I think as I’m bringing my Deathwing.

My Prussian army (for Maurice) has arrived at the painters (must send him the money), so I’ll be posting about that.

My Viking army is still being built and soon I’ll be using that for some games of Saga.

My Relics armies are going to be started soon. I need to start to build and paint some of my Britanan’s.  I’ve decided on purple with white trim for the infantry, gold trim for officers and yellow for cavalry.  Plus TOR Gaming have launched a slow-grow campaign system called ‘The island of Ryne‘.  I need to sort my Brits out and then register, or maybe register and then sort them out…

So it’s a busy October and November for me (not to mention my better half has her birthday soon).

I also need to finish writing up my blog on wargame figure cases.  I’ve included Battlefoam, KR and Figures in Comfort for the first one.  I hope to be able to blag different cases/trays for the future as I’m hoping I can start to review stuff for the good of us all.  I’m lucky I have enough money to pay for what I want, not everyone is in that state of being so any help I can add to you making your choice of what etc then all good for that.

Anyway time to finish up packing for tomorrow, and here’s hoping that I’m more active here over the coming weeks.


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