Horror on the Orient Express…..

Evening All,

I’ve been RPGing for more of my life than I haven’t.

Tomorrow night in fact I’m running a Call of Cthulhu game for 6 other wargamers who wanted to get back into RPG.  This will be the 4th session and we play every 2-4 weeks depending on what our lives are doing.

I loved Call of Cthulhu sessions back in the late 80’s, during 90’s and very early 2k’s, but not done any since I moved up here just over 8 years ago.

So this is a quick post, I should have done this a month ago or so but I’ll do it now.

Chaosium – the people who print the RPG are using Kickstarter to basically help pay for a re-print of the 90’s Campaign ‘Horror on the Orient Express’ you can find the details here.

I’ve supported it, I’ve gone for the Well-Heeled Dilenttate because that’s what I’m like these days.  Here’s details of what that gets you:

WELL-HEELED DILETTANTE — Patrons of this tier travel in comfort, style, and only keep the best company. Of course, you receive all CONDUCTOR benefits, plus all Hidden Benefits (with future benefits to come), with postage paid to any location. Need we mention luggage? Your goods will be packed in a fashionably small steamer trunk of faux-byakhee leather. Each trunk bears a metallic plate, consecutively numbered, identifying this as part of the ORIENT EXPRESS project funded by Kickstarter. This is a LIMITED EDITION item of 500 copies. We will allocate low-numbered copies to PENULTIMATE TRIP backers first, then SHEER CHAOS, EPHEMERAL DINNER, ONE-NIGHT AT GENCON, STRANGERS ON THE TRAIN, ROGUES GALLERY, ANCIENT HISTORY, and then WELL-HEELED DILETTANTE backers in that order and in order of support.

So go support it, only a few hours to go…


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  1. […] of you who follow this blog will know that last year I backed the Orient Express project (still waiting for it) and I’m a big fan of Cthulhu ever since playing the 3rd […]

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