Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 3 (The Army is ready!)

We happen to be at Part 3 already and I am already working on Part 4.

Time (not a good friend of mine) has moved on since my earlier posts (here and here), and I already find myself behind in posting this.

So what’s in store for this post?  To be frank, another quantity of pictures (more than last time so please note!).

I will though remind people that that chap who’s painting these figures (I struggle to see 15mm to paint let alone 10mm) is still keeping me well informed and he’s been good enough this past week to give me an updates.  His latest update was given the subject “All done!”.

Similar to the last post i’ve also kept following his painting diary thread (on the Pendraken Forums).  You can find on that thread more detail then I’ll mention here such as colours used on each troop type etc, so go take a look and let Nik know what you think.

To quickly recap.  Last weeks post showed you pictures of the undercoated French, then with base colours and then final basic colours, this weeks post shows the finishing touches that Nik has put to the figures, and without further ado here we go!

First the Artillery.

Next come the Cavalry, first the Heavy Cavalry

Next the Dragoons

And close behind the Hussars!

The Infantry march in next, starting with Grenadiers de la France

Following on the Grenadiers Royal Marine.

And to complete the Infantry, some pictures of them all together along with the Line Infantry (not shown here).

Finally we come to the Command, Nobles and Notables.

And even more finally a couple of pictures of the army all together, how excellent does this look?

So to recap once more.  Picked up the French SYW Army Pack deal from Pendraken Miniatures.  I added more packs to that.  Sent all these down, received a quote from Nik to paint them all.  Agreed with that, sent a few more figures down (Nobles etc) and some flags, and here and now the work is complete.  Very easy

In the next and final post in this series I’ll show pictures of the models hopefully being fielded against some British, perhaps also do a battle report (in another post) and give a complete breakdown of the costs so you can see if getting Nik (or any other professional miniature painter) works for you, it has for me on this occasion, a few occasions before and I suspect a number of occasions in the future.





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