Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 2

Greetings All,

A simple blog post just to keep myself up to date with things happening to my SYW French.  Be aware this is a photo heavy post.

A week or so ago I posted the first part of the SYW French army that I’m having painted by Nik Harwood.

Since then Nik has kept in contact with me, keeping me informed as to his progress.  I’ve also been following his painting thread on the Pendraken Forums (linked in the first part, but here it is again).

Rather than trawl through that thread (which you should as Nik goes into details that I probably won’t here) I thought I’d collate all the pictures and basic details as to the progress.

To start then, here’s pictures of the figures all tidied, based and then undercoated.

You can see all the work that’s been put in.  First the tidying of the figures and 10mm figures are tiny. Then the sorting out into the various figure types and within that the actual troop type (ie Dragoons/Hussars).  Then comes the task of gluing them to a base, adding the base material (ie sand etc) then its time to undercoat and that’s it before any painting can be done!

So then that’s a good start from Nik, now he’s onto the base colours.  This is the stage you set the basic colours you want your figures to have.  It would seem looking through these Nik does paint the base colours en masse which leads (in his words) to some ‘messy figures’.  We’ve all been there (if you paint) so I know it’s just an early stage.

That’s it then for the base colours down, next stage of course is to paint on the basic colours.  That is the basic coat, hat, rifle etc all painted in the colours that they will end up before any finishing is done.

Let’s now look at the army once they’ve had their basic colours all painted.

That’s a lot of figures all painted up and ready for finishing.

I know that Nik has finished some of them already but I think this is enough for the moment, anymore pictures and it’ll take forever to load.

So far I’m happy with the work.  Nik appears to be doing a good job painting them.  It is of course too early to tell from these what the finished troops will look like and I’m hoping the finish troops will be here in a few weeks so I can see!

But so far I’d say that if you want 10mm figures Nik seems to be a great choice for a commission painter!

Signing off now, I’ll be back in around a week with Part 3 of this blog post series, until them “To War!”




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