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Prussians! Form ranks! – Part 1

Greetings All,

I had to do it.  I had zero choice.  I was thinking as my French Army was being finished up and being sent back to me that I needed a second force for Maurice.

Maurice is a game set in the time of Gentlemen (1690-1970).  I wrote a brief review of it here and it’s the system that I’m currently finding to be the one I want to play the most.

The reason then for a second army was so that I can introduce others to the game as they can play with one of my armies.  This is a great way to get people to just try a new system.  Zero investment prior to the game and it allows me to field an army that’s different and so depending on my mood, or just a whim I could field these instead of the French.

So down to the Prussians.  I’ve always liked the Prussians and I expect I’ll add them to my 28mm Napoleonic forces when I’m done with my British (if ever).  I can’t explain why, perhaps it’s the history of them or the fact that they don’t exist anymore, or that they’re not Russians but also not French or Austrian etc.

A quick look through the Maurice rules and I sketched out a 100 point army.

I want an Infantry army, so I must have a ratio of 3:1 (at the most) with Cavalry, so here goes.

  • Infantry – 44 points
    • 6 trained units (6 points per unit) = 36
    • 2 irregular units (3 points per unit) = 6
    • Upgraded 1 unit to Elite (2 points) = 2
  • Cavalry – 27 points
    • 4 trained units (6 points per unit) = 24
    • Upgraded 1 unit to Elite (3 points) = 3
  • Artillery – 6 points
    • 3 Guns (1, 2 and 3 points) = 6
  • National Advantages – 21 points
    • Lethal Volleys (12 points) = 12
    • Cavaliers (9 points) = 9

So that’s 44 + 27 + 6 + 21 which equals 98 points.  Not much can be done with the 2 points spare, another elite unit would cost +4 points (the first is 2 points, the second 3 and the third 4 and so on).  The same applies with Artillery, the first is 1 point, the second 2, the third 3….

I could drop one of the National Advantages or swap the Cavaliers for something like Cadence would free up 3 points (Cadence is 6 points) and then I could upgrade another unit to Elite, add another Artillery Unit or add a Conscript Unit (4 points).  I think I’ll try this list first.

When I agreed with myself that this was what I wanted I had to email Leon at Pendraken.  This was needed because Pendraken packs give you 30 infantry’s or 15 cavalry.  I need 32 figures for each infantry unit and 16 cavalry for the cavalry units.

When I sent this email I also sent the total number of figures that I’d need and this was:

The Fusilier Army Pack.

  • 1 x SYP7 – Grenadier foot march attack**
  • 1 x SYP13 – 3pdr gun with crew (3)
  • 1 x SYP16 – Dragoons*
  • 1 x SYP18 – Fusilier foot marching**
  • 1 x SYP19 – Fusilier foot advancing**
  • 2 x SYP17 – Fusilier foot march attack**
  • 1 x SYP20 – Fusilier foot firing**
  • 1 x SYP21 – Fusilier foot port fire**
  • 1 x SYP29 – Jagers**
  • 1 x SYP27 – Hussars*
  • 1 x SYP15 – Cuirassiers*
  • 1 x SYP30 – Bosniak Lancers*
  • 1 x SYP28 – Field officers (5)
  • 1 x SYW3 King Frederick the Great

* – need 1 more figure per pack
** – need 2 more figures per pack

Plus I asked for a couple of Civilians to put on the bases of the Officers and Frederick the Great.

A few days later Leon answered and told me that the total cost of this army would be £61.11 including VAT and P&P.  I did have a small credit for the French Flags so the total I paid was a bit less.  Reminder send those flags on Monday.  He sent me a PayPal invoice so I paid that quickly.

The next step was talking to Nik Harwood about painting my new army.  I know in advance that I won’t have the time to base it, or paint it, so why not speak to Nik again as his been great painting my French army.  So I emailed him and his up to paint it.  Great news really.

He also sent me a spreadsheet with the costs, and this army will be bit more higher cost than the French because there’s more figures.  So the cost is around £300 without P&P because I’ll get the picked up.

So for the moment this is all that I’ve done, I hope that Leon casts the army soon and sends it straight to Nik and then Nik can get the time together to paint this army – then I’m up for more games, a lot more games and if you want a game just get in contact.




Horror on the Orient Express…..

Evening All,

I’ve been RPGing for more of my life than I haven’t.

Tomorrow night in fact I’m running a Call of Cthulhu game for 6 other wargamers who wanted to get back into RPG.  This will be the 4th session and we play every 2-4 weeks depending on what our lives are doing.

I loved Call of Cthulhu sessions back in the late 80’s, during 90’s and very early 2k’s, but not done any since I moved up here just over 8 years ago.

So this is a quick post, I should have done this a month ago or so but I’ll do it now.

Chaosium – the people who print the RPG are using Kickstarter to basically help pay for a re-print of the 90’s Campaign ‘Horror on the Orient Express’ you can find the details here.

I’ve supported it, I’ve gone for the Well-Heeled Dilenttate because that’s what I’m like these days.  Here’s details of what that gets you:

WELL-HEELED DILETTANTE — Patrons of this tier travel in comfort, style, and only keep the best company. Of course, you receive all CONDUCTOR benefits, plus all Hidden Benefits (with future benefits to come), with postage paid to any location. Need we mention luggage? Your goods will be packed in a fashionably small steamer trunk of faux-byakhee leather. Each trunk bears a metallic plate, consecutively numbered, identifying this as part of the ORIENT EXPRESS project funded by Kickstarter. This is a LIMITED EDITION item of 500 copies. We will allocate low-numbered copies to PENULTIMATE TRIP backers first, then SHEER CHAOS, EPHEMERAL DINNER, ONE-NIGHT AT GENCON, STRANGERS ON THE TRAIN, ROGUES GALLERY, ANCIENT HISTORY, and then WELL-HEELED DILETTANTE backers in that order and in order of support.

So go support it, only a few hours to go…


Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 4 (The Army is marching off to War!)

Greetings All,

Part 4 already?  Seems so, and it’s quite logical as the previous posts are named as Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

If you’ve not had a read of them, perhaps go back and have a look at the progress made but I’ll do a quick catch-up for all of those who haven’t, don’t want to or can’t be bothered.

Back in July I was invited to watch (and ended up playing) a game of Maurice as I had shown an interest in our local club (Sheffield GIMPS).  After that evening (and losing due to poor help from my tutor – The Goat) I loved the system and vowed to get an army for it.

10mm was the size of figure being played with and the chaps pointed me towards Pendraken.  A quick visit to their site and by the time I had left, they had received a small order from me.  I had purchased the SYW French Army Pack.  A steal at just £22.20 for that pack (prices have risen recently but still great value) which got me:

  • 2 x SYF1 – Tricorn foot march attack w/o turnbacks (60 figures)
  • 2 x SYF2 – Tricorn foot marching w/o turnbacks (60 figures)
  • 1 x SYF6 – Grenadier foot march attack w/o turnback (30 figures)
  • 1 x SYF11 – 3pdr gun with crew (3 guns and crew)
  • 1 x SYF13 – Heavy cavalry (15 figures)

Total order cost: £23.20 (inc VAT and P&P)

So I picked up 120 infantry, 15 cavalry and 3 guns with crew.  A week or so after the order a large bag of tiny 10mm figures arrived in the post.  It was time to sort.

At this time I was given a load of mdf bases, measuring 2″ x 1″.  Should have been enough and was more than enough for that I had ordered.

Once I sorted these out and checked the size of armies the French would use for 100 points (Maurice rules).  Doing a basic infantry army it would appear that 5 infantry, 3 cavalry and 4-6 artillery are the requirements (plus taking some national advantages)

Each unit is based on 4 bases, so that would mean 20 Infantry, 12 Cavalry and 4-6 Artillery.

Looking at what I had, I could see that I didn’t have enough.

  • 120 infantry would make 15 bases (5 short)
  • 15 cavalry would make 4 bases (8 short)
  • 3 guns would make 3 bases (1 short).

A quick check back on the Pendraken website and I placed a second order, this time taking into account some variance in the troop types.

  • 1 x SYF8 – Grenadier foot advancing w/o turnbacks (30 figures)
  • 1 x SYF11 – 3pdr gun with crew (3 guns and crew)
  • 2 x SYF12 – 6pdr gun, limber, horses, crew (1 gun and crew)
  • 1 x SYF14 – Dragoons (15 figures)
  • 1 x SYF15 – Hussars (15 figures)
  • 1 x SYF21 – Field officers (5 figures)
  • 1 x SYW1 – General and ADC (2 figures)

Total order cost: £23.20 (inc VAT and P&P)

Now looking at my shortages from the original order, I’ve not got enough figures for:

  • 150 infantry would make 19 bases (1 short!)
  • 30 cavalry would make 8 bases (complete)
  • 5 guns would make 5 bases (complete).

At this point I had found Nik Harwood and commissioned his painting services.  He was good enough to dry base all of the above and advise me on any figures that we were missing.  It just happened that I need another pack of Grenadiers plus some civilians for the officer bases and the 30mm bases for them! (Officers are based on 30mm round, the General is on 40mm round).   I had supplied some flags but more were also needed.

Another call to Pendraken and I ordered:

  • 1 x SYF8 – Grenadier foot advancing w/o turnbacks (30 figures)
  • 1 x SYW12 – Civilians (15)
  • 1 x PNFL38 – French Flag pack 2
  • 1 x PNFL39 – French Flag pack 3

Plus a pack of 30mm round bases.

Total order cost: £6.60 (I received some Civilians for free – thanks Leon!)

That extra pack of Grenadiers allowed me to field the missing infantry base.  So now we had everything and Nik started work.

You can find details of then progress of painting this army in my earlier posts.

Zoom forward to Thursday 20th September and Nik tells me that all the work is done!   Along side with this great message he told me that he was going to take a number of hi-res images and the following day they appeared.

Here they are, please note there are a LOT of images.



Artillery & Command

So there we have it.  I do have a bag of spares, mainly bases but a few figures that were not needed – I did though learn a lot from this, and have used this knowledge for my next SYW army, Prussians – of which a post will be coming soon.

What did this all cost to be painted?

Nik has been kind enough to provide me with the spreadsheet that he used, from which you can see his individual prices.  I shall be creating a new set of pages (shown on the top menu) for the painting services that I use.

As you can see below his prices are very good and I think you’ll find that his work is also very good.

ItemPrice £

Commands: Cavalry figures1.569
Commands: Infantry figures144

Line infantry1120120
Grenadier infantry18080


Artillery + Crew5840




15% for payment in advance



Nik’s communication is very good.  I had many questions (wouldn’t you?) and he was kind enough to answer all of them.  Not only did he answer questions it seemed he understood my world of ‘very busy’ and he himself was in a similar situation – so how he found the time to paint these I’ll never know.  Maybe if I stop blogging I’ll have the time… reminds me, must continue with my Vikings.  Nik also helped out with the research into how the army and certain units should be painted.  There’s a great online web reference that I’m just getting used to, it’s called Kronoskaf and it’s a wiki.  Have a look and you’ll see so much information that it’s daft.  If you do use it then please donate, I have.

Now that I have the models with me I feel that the cost to paint over the time it would have taken me to be a good decision on my part.  Yes paying almost £280 to get an army painted isn’t cheap, however if you add the cost of the army £60, then it’s just £340 for something that I have and can use again and again.  Yes I could have waited and done them myself but let’s be honest here 100mm is so small, too small for me.  So they’d have been silver or maybe black for years to come.  One of my 15mm armies is still silver and I bought that back in 1994.

Right that’s it.  This is the end of the small series following my first 10mm and SYW army, there’s a new one coming, do let me know what you thought of these.  The Prussian series will contain more info of why I have bought what I have and why i’ve gone for the amount of infantry etc, more in line with Maurice.

Edit: I also forgot to say that I am returning the Flag Packs to Pendraken (thanks again Leon) as the figures come with cast on flags and so don’t need the paper flags.


Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 3 (The Army is ready!)

We happen to be at Part 3 already and I am already working on Part 4.

Time (not a good friend of mine) has moved on since my earlier posts (here and here), and I already find myself behind in posting this.

So what’s in store for this post?  To be frank, another quantity of pictures (more than last time so please note!).

I will though remind people that that chap who’s painting these figures (I struggle to see 15mm to paint let alone 10mm) is still keeping me well informed and he’s been good enough this past week to give me an updates.  His latest update was given the subject “All done!”.

Similar to the last post i’ve also kept following his painting diary thread (on the Pendraken Forums).  You can find on that thread more detail then I’ll mention here such as colours used on each troop type etc, so go take a look and let Nik know what you think.

To quickly recap.  Last weeks post showed you pictures of the undercoated French, then with base colours and then final basic colours, this weeks post shows the finishing touches that Nik has put to the figures, and without further ado here we go!

First the Artillery.

Next come the Cavalry, first the Heavy Cavalry

Next the Dragoons

And close behind the Hussars!

The Infantry march in next, starting with Grenadiers de la France

Following on the Grenadiers Royal Marine.

And to complete the Infantry, some pictures of them all together along with the Line Infantry (not shown here).

Finally we come to the Command, Nobles and Notables.

And even more finally a couple of pictures of the army all together, how excellent does this look?

So to recap once more.  Picked up the French SYW Army Pack deal from Pendraken Miniatures.  I added more packs to that.  Sent all these down, received a quote from Nik to paint them all.  Agreed with that, sent a few more figures down (Nobles etc) and some flags, and here and now the work is complete.  Very easy

In the next and final post in this series I’ll show pictures of the models hopefully being fielded against some British, perhaps also do a battle report (in another post) and give a complete breakdown of the costs so you can see if getting Nik (or any other professional miniature painter) works for you, it has for me on this occasion, a few occasions before and I suspect a number of occasions in the future.





Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 2

Greetings All,

A simple blog post just to keep myself up to date with things happening to my SYW French.  Be aware this is a photo heavy post.

A week or so ago I posted the first part of the SYW French army that I’m having painted by Nik Harwood.

Since then Nik has kept in contact with me, keeping me informed as to his progress.  I’ve also been following his painting thread on the Pendraken Forums (linked in the first part, but here it is again).

Rather than trawl through that thread (which you should as Nik goes into details that I probably won’t here) I thought I’d collate all the pictures and basic details as to the progress.

To start then, here’s pictures of the figures all tidied, based and then undercoated.

You can see all the work that’s been put in.  First the tidying of the figures and 10mm figures are tiny. Then the sorting out into the various figure types and within that the actual troop type (ie Dragoons/Hussars).  Then comes the task of gluing them to a base, adding the base material (ie sand etc) then its time to undercoat and that’s it before any painting can be done!

So then that’s a good start from Nik, now he’s onto the base colours.  This is the stage you set the basic colours you want your figures to have.  It would seem looking through these Nik does paint the base colours en masse which leads (in his words) to some ‘messy figures’.  We’ve all been there (if you paint) so I know it’s just an early stage.

That’s it then for the base colours down, next stage of course is to paint on the basic colours.  That is the basic coat, hat, rifle etc all painted in the colours that they will end up before any finishing is done.

Let’s now look at the army once they’ve had their basic colours all painted.

That’s a lot of figures all painted up and ready for finishing.

I know that Nik has finished some of them already but I think this is enough for the moment, anymore pictures and it’ll take forever to load.

So far I’m happy with the work.  Nik appears to be doing a good job painting them.  It is of course too early to tell from these what the finished troops will look like and I’m hoping the finish troops will be here in a few weeks so I can see!

But so far I’d say that if you want 10mm figures Nik seems to be a great choice for a commission painter!

Signing off now, I’ll be back in around a week with Part 3 of this blog post series, until them “To War!”




Preparing for Battle, Seven Years War French – Part 1

Way back in July I posted a quick blog based on my like of the Maurice ruleset.  I mentioned in that post that I was in the early stages of building a SYW French force using Pendraken 10mm figures.

Time has come to report on the progress of this and by now you should know I have zero time for a lot of stuff especially after posting blogs here.

So I decided back then to out source the prepping, basing, painting and finishing of the figures to a painting service.  As these figures are 10mm I wanted to find someone specialised in 10mm and so who better to advise I thought than the people who produce the figures Pendraken.  Leon replied to my email the next day and sent me some email addresses for the people who paint their figures so who couldn’t be better I thought.

After emailing all of them and talking to them I picked Nik Harwood.  I have no idea how to start painting 10mm, 15mm is a problem for my eyes these days but from the links Nik sent they looked perfect and better still I found his advice and prices to be excellent, a perfect choice I thought.

A series of emails went back and forth with Nik.  The figures that I’d bought off of Pendraken went over to Nik along with a KR Designs case so that they can be packed away and shipped back all nice and safe.

When they arrived Nik went though what I’d got and advised me of what units they would make and what figures would fit on what bases etc.  He was also great in advising me that I would be short in certain units and so they’d need to have less figures per base.  I didn’t want this so a quick email to Leon at Pendraken and I ordered a few more packs and had them sent directly to Nik saving time and postage!  How great are Pendraken for doing that?  I also added onto this small order a series of flags so that Nik had enough.

Once Nik had all the models he did continue to communicate asking questions such as regimental preferences etc.

Here are some pictures of what was sent to Nik.  As you can see there are no fancy boxes with masses of space, these are in those heavy duty grip seal bags.

You should also be aware these are 10mm figures, tiny, far too tiny for my eyes to make a reasonable job.  So you get a lot of figures for your money.  I think in total I’ve paid around £65 for this army for the figures and bases.

Nik has kindly kept me informed as to his progress but also give me a link to his painting diary that he’s created for this commission on the Pendraken Forums.  You can find his diary here.

Here are the latest pictures he’s sent me (these are repeated on his forum page).

I shall sign off now but I’ll post an update to this in a few days when I’ve had a chance to take a look at the progress Nik has made.  I am very much looking forward to seeing this army complete, it will be the biggest one complete that I’ve got painted (in figure count of course as a vast majority of my figures are all 28mm which take quite some time (for me) to paint).  Reminds me, need to continue with my Vikings.

So keep checking back if these things interest you and if this really does interest you then think about picking up the rules (and cards) and of course some miniatures.  Here’s a link to Pendraken for the French SYW army pack.


For King Jorje! (A Relics battle-report – 350 points)

Greetings All,

This is the first in a new type of blog post that I am writing.  I shall be taking reports from some of the battles I do and this is the first.  Please post comments as to what you think and what adjustments you think I should make.  I know I need a better camera (or a more steady hand!).

So here it is, the 2nd Relics game I’ve had and the 1st Battle report i’ve ever written!


“Company Sergeant Major Archadson looked across the fields watching the arrival of the Orcnar. He quickly barked orders to his own troops to assemble in a line and for his Markman to hide closer to their lines as he knew the onslaught would begin soon.  Moving to the middle of the line he held his sword aloft and whilst slowing pointing the sword to the approaching Orcnar he shouted “Move to war! Move for King Jorje!'”

What now follows is a recap of the events of that evening.

The picture below shows the two forces facing each other across the soon to be bloodied battlefield.  The Britanan forces are those closest to the bottom of the picture.  A breakdown of each force follows.

The two forces facing each other across the field.

Britanans (348 points) (starting from the left):

  • Trooper Company (9 models – 63 points – Squad)
  • Dragoon Company (4 models – 48 points – Squad)
  • Company Sergeant Major (24 points – Commander)
  • Grenadiers Company (3 models – 66 points – Squad)
  • Trooper Company (9 models – 63 points – Squad)
  • Royal Arcanum Guard (50 points – Commander)
  • Marksman (34 points – Independent) (Hiding in the trees on the right)

Orcnar (356 points) (starting from left of the picture)

  • Docga (2 models – 46 points – Squad)
  • Docga (2 models – 46 points – Squad)
  • Beorn (64 points – Commander)
  • Eotan Rifan (43 points – Independent)
  • Niwian (8 points – Commander)
  • Unmann (6 models – 84 points – Squad)
  • Niwian (8 points – Commander)
  • Grymann (3 models – 57 points – Squad)

Now with the two forces listed and show we commence to the goings on.

Turn 1

Britanans win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Marksman shoots at the Grymann.  Marksman have the Outrider ability and are always considered to always be in Command Range.  They have Unreliable of 2 meaning a 2+ needs to be rolled on a single d6 for them to act.  A 5 is rolled and so the Marksman may shoot.
    The Marksman have a Ranged score of 4 so that’s 4d6 dice to roll for a hit (any doubles are considered successes).  The Grymann have a Defence on 1 meaning you removed 1d6 from the attack so the Marksman has 3d6 to try and obtain a double.   The 3 dice are rolled and a 2, 4 and 5 are shown.  Using the Marksman’s Sharpshooter skill (increase any 1 dice score by 1) the 4 is bumped up to 5, meaning one hit and as Grymann have Damage of 1 then that’s one kill, first blood to the Marksman.

The Britanan Marksman hiding in the trees.

  • Grymann advance but are out of range for any of their attacks.
  • Britanan left flank troopers advance 4″ towards the far left Docgas.
  • Right flank Docgas advance 8″.
  • Dragoons advance 8″ towards the centre Docgas (that haven’t advanced).
  • Centre Docgas advance 8″ towards the Dragoons.
  • Beorn advances 6″ then performs a Howl ability which allows the Eotan Rifan advance 3″ for free.
  • Right Flank Troopers advance 4″ up the field.
  • Eotan Rifan advances 6″
  • Colour Sergeant Major advances 4″
  • Unmann start to advance with their 5″ movement
  • Guard Company advances forward toward the oncoming Eotan Rifan and Beorn.

Britanan Troopers and Dragoons advancing towards the Orcnar Docgra.

Britanan Grenadiers, Troopers and Royal Guard advance towards the Orcnar Eotan, Beorn, Niwian, Unmann and Grymann.










Turn 2

Britanans win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Marksman passes his Unreliability roll with a 3 and shoots at the Grymann.  The Marksman have 3 dice to roll for a hit.   The 3 dice are rolled and a 5, 5 and 6 appear.  No need to use the Sharpshooter skill so one hit and we have another Grymann casualty.
    Now that the Grymann are down to 1/3 of their starting Unit strength a Morale Test is required.  In Relics a total of 12 is required.  7 is rolled, add their Morale score of 7 and we have 14.  Take 1 away for 1/3 strength resulting in 13 which is a pass.
  • Centre Docga charge the Dragoons and achieve the 10″ distance between the two.  A pair of Docgas crash into the 4 Dragoons.  Docgra have a combat skill of 4 so 4d6 are rolled, an extra d6 is added for charging.  The Dragoons have 0 defence (so no dice are removed) meaning both Docga roll 5d6… 3 Dragoons fall.
    This causes the Dragoons to make a Morale Test and they fail!  The company of Dragoons are now Shaken.

The Docga make contact when they charge the Dragoon Company.

The result of the Docga charge leaving 3 Dragoons dead and 1 still alive!









  • Right Flank Trooper Company advances and fires at the Eotan Rifan.  The 9 Troopers are split into 3 groups of 3.  This allows their standard Ranged skill of 2 to have an extra d6 for each of the Ganged Up Troopers (2d6 in total).  Eotan Rifan has a Defence of 1 so that means 1d6 is removed for each group.  Troopers have an Unreliabilityof 3.
    • Group 1 rolls and 2 of the 3 may act, 2d6 are rolled (2d6 + 1d6 for the second trooper minus 1d6 for the Defence) and a double 2 is rolled, a hit!  The Eotan Rifan has Hardened 4 which allows it to ignore any hit on a roll of 4+ on a d6, a 5 is rolled, the hit is saved!
    • Group 2 rolls and 2 of the 3 may act, 2d6 are rolled and no doubles are rolled meaning a Miss.
    • Group 3 rolls and all 3 pass their Unreliability test!, 3d6 are rolled (2d6 + 2d6 for the second/third trooper minus 1d6 for the Defence) and a double 4 is rolled another hit!  The Eotan Rifan rolls against his Hardened 4 and another 5 the hit is once again saved!
  • The Grymann advance and are now in range.for their Special Ranged Attack.  This attack works better the more models in the firing unit, as they’ve only one model left, the unit just rolls 2d6 and fail to hit.
  • Royal Arcanum Guard moves up and casts his first spell of this battle.  He casts Distraction.  The distance between the Guard and the Unmann determines the drain for the spell, it’s a drain of 4 dice (leaving the Guard 3 dice left in his power pool).  All three of these dice are used and 2,4 and 5 are rolled.  As a roll of 5+ is required the spell is a success, the Unmann are now marked as being activated for this turn.
  • Beorn moves up another 6″ towards the Company Sergeant Major and the Trooper Company. It then uses Howl to move the Eotan Rifan up another 3″ towards the same targets and also moves in front of Beorn attacking as a shield for it.
  • Grenadier launch their Grenade attack and Gang Up.  The Company Sergeant Major applies his Rapid Fire ability which means the Grenadier automatically pass their Unreliability rolls.  He also uses the No! Like This! ability which gives the Grenadiers an extra Gang Upattack, meaning two groups of two Grenadiers.
    • Group 1 (2 Grenadiers) have 4d6.  They target Eotan Rifan who has a Defence of 1 which leaves them with 3d6.  A 4,4 and 2 are rolled meaning a hit!
    • Group 2 (1 Grenadier and 1 free Gang Up)  have 4d6.  They also target the Eotan Rifan and so have 3d6.  A 4,4 and 1 are rolled another hit!
    • The Eotan Rifan rolls against his Hardening 4 and fails both rolls with a 1 and a 2.  Eotan Rifan receives 2 wounds.
  • Eotan Rifan then takes umbrage and charges the Grenadier Company.  It rolls 3 on a 1d3 (making 9″ charge) and reaches the Grenadiers who were 8.5″ away.  It has 4d6 + 1d6 for charging against a 0 Defence Grenadier.  3,3,1,1,5 are rolled which means 2 doubles and thus 2 hits.  2 Grenadiers fall… (we made a mistake here and removed 2 Grenadiers – that shouldn’t have happened as they have 2 Damage each and so only one should have been removed).
  • Left Flank Trooper Company open fire on the approaching Docga!  3 Groups of 3 Troopers Gang Up and help each other.
    • Group 1 rolls 2 of 3 Unreliability rolls.  They shoot with 3d6 and a hit is scored!  The Docga makes a Hardened 5 roll and passes with a 6!  No wound.
    • Group 2 rolls 2 or 3 Unreliability rolls.  They shoot with 3d6 and a hit is scored!  The Docga makes a Hardened 5 roll and fails, it takes a single wound.
    • Group 2 rolls 2 or 3 Unreliability rolls.  They shoot with 3d6 and no hits are scored.
  • Those Docga then approached the Trooper Company.
  • Company Sergeant Major then loses his sense and charges the Eotan Rifan, he gets 3d6 to hit (3d6 + 1d6 charge – 1Defence) and rolls a 2,3 and 6, that’s a miss!
  • The Niwian moved forward.
  • The final Dragoon moves into combat with the Docga that destroyed them this turn and misses his attack.

Turn 3

Orcnar win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Right flank Docga charge the Left flank Troopers and crash into them!  5d6 (4d6 + 1d6 for charging) are rolled by both scoring 1 hit for the first Docga and 2 hits for the second.  That’s three dead Troopers.

Right flank Docga charge the left flank Trooper Company and 3 fall!

  • Royal Arcanum Guard moves up and casts Distraction on the Eotan Rifan,  All the power dice are needed for this but it’s a success and the Eotan is marked as activated for this turn meaning the Company Sergeant Major and the lonely Grenadier may live until the next turn.
  • The final Grymann advances further and attempts a Scream attack.  This affects the Marksman who now has to make a Morale Test.  A Morale Test requires a 12 or more.  The Marksman has a Morale score of 8 and rolls 11 on 2d6 meaning he’s passed.
  • Right flank troopers use their ranged attack on the approaching Beorn.  The Company Sergeant Major uses his Rapid Fire ability so the troopers automatically pass their Unreliabilityrolls.  3 Groups of 3 Troopers fire.
    • Group 1 roll 3d6 and get 1 hit.  The Beorn fails his Hardened 4 roll!
    • Group 2 roll 3d6 and get no hits!
    • Group 3 roll 3d6 and get no hits!
  • Beorn charges the Troopers that just shot at him.  On the charge he has 6d6!  Using his Ferocious ability (this allows you to re-roll any 1 dice) he gets 2 hits meaning 2 dead Troopers.
    Using the Blood Ceremony ability he is able to heal 1 point of damage taken this turn.  The Eotan Rifan’s damage was done last turn so many only remove the damage it has taken.  The Beorn is now fully healed.
  • Company Sergeant Major attacks the  Eotan Rifan but sadly misses as he has just 2d6 and rolls 1 and 4.
Company Sergeant Major attacks the Eotan Rifian

Launching himself at the hulking monster, the Company Sergeant Major fails to wound it whils the single Grenadier looks on after having his other comrades killed off it the previous turn.

Beorn charges at the Trooper Company that have just opened fire on him! He dispatches 2 of them on this charge.

Left Orcnar flank

The last Grymann approaches the Marksman whilst the Unmann and Niwian follow close behind.












  • Docga that were in combat with the single Dragoon continue their onslaught.  They each roll 4d6 and the first Docga misses and uses the Ferocious ability but still rolls no doubles.  The second Docga doesn’t make the same mistake.  On the original 4d6 a single hit is scored, Ferocious ability is used and that brings in a second hit!  The lone Dragoon is now dead, the Dragoon Company is no more.
  • The lone Grenadier walks into combat (he’s within 2″ of the Eotan Rifan so cannot charge) and on his 2d6 roll he rolls a 4 and 5, a miss.
  • Unmann moved up closer to the lone Marksman.
  • Marksman then shoots at the last Grymann (after passing his Unreliability with a roll of 3).  With the 3d6 a 4, 5 and 6 are rolled.  Using the Sharpshooter ability the 4 gets bumped up to 5 meaning a hit and the final Grymann falls.  The Grymann have been wiped out.
  • Niwian move closer to the Britanans but still behind the Unmann.
  • The Left Flank Trooper Company attack the Docga.  As they’re in combat there’s no need to roll Unreliability(who wouldn’t fight for their lives in hand to hand?).  The Troopers are down to 6 Troopers and so group up in 3’s for the best odds.
    • Group 1 roll 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 for each Gang Up attack) and score 1 hit!  The Docga makes its Hardened 5 save and passes with a 5!
    • Group 1 roll 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 for each Gang Up attack) and score 1 hit!  The Docga makes its Hardened 5 save and passes with a 6!

Turn 4

Britanans win the Initiative and decide to move first.

  • Royal Arcanum Guard moves up and attempts a shot on Beorn.  He has 2d6 and misses.
    He then casts King’s Anger on the approaching Unmann.  Choosing carefully 1 (of the 7) power dice are discarded for the Drain value of the spell.  Then 3 power dice were used for the spell success.  The 3d6 were rolled and 1,1 and 6 came up, a success!  As only 1 success was rolled, the Area of Effect is 3″ radius (6″ diameter).
    Looking at the template used, both of the Unmann (they are classed as Independent so are hit as so) are within the Area of Effect and both Niwian are as well.

    • 3d6 are rolled against Niwian 1 and 2,2 and 5 are rolled, the first Niwian falls to the spells effects.
    • 3d6 are rolled against Niwian 2, these are 2, 3 and 6 so no hits.
    • 7d6 are rolled against the Unmann – (the Spell allows 2d6 + 1d6 for each full unit member, so the larger the unit…) 2 hits are rolled and so 2 Unmann are removed as they have 1 Damage score.

    Finally he tries to cast Distraction upon the Eotan Rifan but due to the distance 2 dice are removed from the 3 remaining power pool.  Leaving 1d6 for a success roll and a 2 was rolled, the spell wasn’t successful.

The King’s Anger spell caused a 6″ diameter AoE. Under which all of the Unmann and both Niwian units were caught.

2 Unmann and 1 Niwian killed in that spell blast.











  • Unmann move up on the Marksman but due to the Marksman being in difficult terrain they are not able to charge and reach him.
  • Right Flank Troopers moved into close contact with the Beorn.  There are 7 Troopers so group up in 3, 3 and 2.
    • Group 1 has 3d6 (2d6 Combat score + 2d6 Gang Up – 1 Defence) and roll zero hits.
    • Group 2 has 3d6 (2d6 Combat score + 2d6 Gang Up – 1 Defence) and roll zero hits.
    • Group 3 has 2d6 (2d6 Combat score + 1d6 Gang Up – 1 Defence) and roll zero hits.

    The Beorn roars with laughter.

The Marksman safe inside the woods watches as the Unmann approaches – soon after this picture was taken another Umann lays dead.

The Troopers attacked last turn move into combat and try to kill the monster that is if front of them.










  • Beorn then returns the hurt.  5d6 are rolled and only 1 hit is scored, 1 more dead Trooper.
  • Marksman makes his Unreliability roll (6) and then shoots at the very close Unmann.   Rolls 3d6 (Unmann have a Defence of 1) and rolls 3,4 and 5.  The 3 is bumped upto to 4 using the Sharpshooter ability and that’s 1 dead Unmann.
    They are now down to 50% unit size in this round thanks to shooting as so are required to make a Morale Test.  Looking at this they have a base of 7, they are not supported (as Britanan’s are closer) so are at -2 for that, they’re not in Command Range so -2 for that.  An 11 is rolled, 11 + 7 = 18 – 4 = 14.  A success as 12 is required.
  • The Eotan Rifan then attacks the Company Sergeant Major.  It has 4d6 and rolls 3,3,4 and 5.  Using the Brutal skill a single dice may have the score increased by 1.  The 4 then becomes a 5 making 2 hits in total.  The Company Sergeant Major has 2 Damage and is therefore the latest casualty.
    When a Commander dies, all units within its Command Range that are not in range of another Commander need to pass a Morale Test.
    The Right Flank Troopers are within range of the Royal Arcanum Guard and do not require a roll.  The single Grenadier is not so he must do.  He has a base Morale of 9 and a 9 is rolled making a total of 18.  He has -1 applied due to being in combat, -1 for being below half original unit strength and -2 for not being in command, so 18-4 = 14 which means he succeeds as that’s above the 12 required.
  • That very brave Grenadier goes to attack the Eotan Rifan but misses.
  • The right flank Docga in contact with the left flank Troopers attacks them.  Each Docga has 4d6 and the first rolls 1 hit (after a Ferocious re-roll was made), the second rolls zero hits even with the Ferocious re-roll!
  • The Troopers return the attack and split into 2 groups, 1 of 3 and 1 of 2.
    • Group 1 rolls 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 1 hit landed.
    • Group 1 rolls 3d6 (2d6 + 1d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 2 hits landed and one Docga is removed as a casualty!

    The Docga then require a Moral Test as they’re 50% or below of the original unit strength.  The Docga has a base Morale of 7 and 2d6 are rolled… a 4!  That’s 11 and not enough even without the -1 for being in combat applied.  The last Docga is Shaken.

Turn 5

Orcnar win the Initiative and decide to move first and things are not looking good for the Britanans!

  • The Unmann change focus and charge the Royal Arcanum Guard!  They number 3 and so Gang Up meaning 4d6 are to be rolled (4d6 + 2d6 Gang Up – 2 Defence).  The dice roll 1,1,3 and 5 a single hit!  The Royal Arcanum Guard has 2 Damage and so takes the hit.
  • That very brave Grenadier once again goes to attack the Eotan Rifan and hits!  The Eotan Rifan rolls his Hardened 4 and rolls a 2 and takes the hit!  That’s 3 hits against him now and he’s dead!  The Grenadier looks smug.  (It was at this point I noticed I should still have another Grenadier due to them having 2 Damage each).
  • The smug look of the Grenadier doesn’t last very long as the Docgas that finished off the Dragoons 2 turns ago have made it within charge range of him and do so…. they get 4d6 each and between them land 2 hits killing off that Grenadier.

The Docga charge and collide into the Grenadier who doesn’t last long after their opening attacks…

The activation marker is all that remains of the Grenadiers now.










  • The lonely Marksman succeeds his Unreliability test with a 4 and shoots at the final Niwian.  He has 3d6 (4d6 – 1 Defence) and rolls 3, 5 and 6.  Using Sharpshooter that 5 becomes a 6.  The Niwian falls dead from the hit.  Both Niwians have now been removed.
  • Beorn attacks the Troopers.  With his 5d6 he rolls just 1 hit, using his Brutal ability that becomes 2 hits.  The Troopers are now down to 4 which is 50% of less of original unit strength, Morale Test time!  A roll of 7 is made which added with the base Morale of 17 is 14.  The modifiers are -1 for being in combat and -2 for no support.  That’s -3 meaning the total is 11, the poor Troopers fail and are now Shaken.
  • On the left flank the Troopers attack the single Docga and split into 2 groups, 1 of 3 and 1 of 2.
    • Group 1 rolls 4d6 (2d6 + 2d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 1 hit landed.
    • Group 1 rolls 3d6 (2d6 + 1d6 Gang Up and 0 Defence of the Docga) and roll 1 hit, the Hardened roll is failed!  That’s 2 hits landed and the Docga is removed as a casualty!  That unit of Docga are no more.
  • Orcnar player has no units left unactivated.
  • The Trooper Company in combat with Beorn give it another go after seeing their fellow Troopers (well hear them) remove the Docga.  As this unit is Shaken they may not Gang Up and are reduced to 1d6.  It’s not possible to roll 1d6 and get a double so you’re allowed 2d6 but you need to roll a double 3,4,5 or 6.  The Troopers go around in turn and between them only one hit is scored but the Beorn gets a 6 for its Hardened 4 roll.

Turn 6

Britanans win the Initiative even though the Orcnar get a +1 to Initiative due to having less units than the Britanans.  The Britanans decide to move first to see if they can defeat Beorn…

  • The Marksman succeeds in his final Unreliability roll with a 4 and takes a shot at the pair of Docga that are approaching the Troopers near him.  He rolls 4,5 and 6 and bumps the 4 upto a 5.  (It should have been 4d6 as the Docga have 0 Defence).  The Hardened 5 roll is failed with a 3 and so the Docga take another hit, that’s 2 hits now and so a single Docga falls dead.
    A Morale Test is now required. A 5 is rolled and this doesn’t look good as that’s 12 in total without the modifiers so that means the Docga is Shaken and has to fall back, 1d3 + 4″directly away from the Marksman.  A 1 is rolled so that single Docga moves 5″ away.

The lonely Marksman takes aim at the Docga, the Beorn continues his bashing of the Trooper Company and the Unmann continue their fight with the Royal Guard!

  • Docga is activated and moved and a Morale Test is re-taken.  This time the roll is 9 which is a success (9 + 7 base Morale – 1 50% or less).
  • The Royal Arcanum Guard splits his power dice and tries to cast Distraction on the Unmann on him and Reinforced Stitching on the Troopers near him.  He fails both spell success rolls!
  • Beorn then starts to lay some hurt on the Troopers.  With his 5d6 he manages to score 2 hits, that’s 2 more Troopers dead, they’re now down to 2 Troopers.
  • The 2 Troopers activate and roll to hit Beorn.  One of them rolls a double 2 but that’s not a hit when you have 1d6.  At the end of their activation they must make a Morale Test as they’re Shaken (to see if they recover).  They fail the Morale Test and are still Shaken.
  • The Unmann attack the Royal Arcanum Guard and using Gang Up they get 4d6 (4d6 + 2d6 Gang Up – 2 Defence) and get 1 hit!  That Guard now has 2 hits and so becomes the latest casualty.
    As the Royal Arcanum Guard is a Commander all units within his 8″ Command Range must make a Morale Test.
    The Troopers in contact with Beorn make a Morale Test and fail!  As they are Shaken they are removed as they run off screaming hoping their stitching lasts!
    The Marksman is cool as something in the freezer for a week and brushes off the Morale Test.

The Trooper Company are running off the field, the Unmann have killed off the Royal Guard and the single Docga goes after the only Britanan unit left on the field that’s not the Marksman…an Orcnar win.

That is it.  The final Troopers left the field after throwing in a hand-stitched towel in the direction of the Orcnar.

Here we have the casualty pile for the Britanan and Orcnar forces.  The Britanan pile is quite large!

The collection of Britanans that had to leave the field mainly due to ‘death’.

The various Orcnar dead on top of their data sheets.









It was a great game, looked like the Britanan’s were going to lose a lot quicker when the Dragoons vanished, but they fought back and the Kings Anger spell is very powerful.  The Marksman also took out 5 models on his own, more than any other unit!

The Orcnar had Beorn.  He needs to be removed as quickly as possible, it’s very hard with it’s ability to heal itself so a lot of hurt needs delivering in one round.

This is a long post so i’ll sign off now.  If you’ve not played Relics you really must.  The Britanan and Orcnar are two easy to learn factions, even easier if you don’t want to use magic.

I’ll be playing more games of this and so am looking for more opponents so drop me a comment below (based in Sheffield, UK).





Call of Cthulhu – LCG

I’ve not played CCG’s for a long time, perhaps over a decade.  I can remember in the 90’s playing the original Cthulhu CCG, Netrunner and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

For me I used to find with the time required for Wargaming or RPG games, the CCG’s allowed that quick pop to somewhere, play a game or two and pop home without the need to re-pack a hundred miniatures or a large bag of books.

So at the club we’ve been discussing resurrecting a card game night and the first of these happened last Tuesday.  This post isn’t a detailed post of the game and how it works (I’ll do that in the near future) but just my thoughts and a lot of research to find out what else is available.

I have had the Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game by Fantasy Flight Games for a few years.  I originally bought it to play in house with my better half, but she’s never shown any real interest, but we agreed to give it a go and we did just that.

I should really start to take pictures when I participate in games as pictures do say a thousand words, however it’s not the vital for this quick post (well I hope not!).

There were three of us, Gavin (from TOR Gaming), The Goat (from the club) and myself.  Gavin didn’t want to take part (as it is a 2 player game) and acted as rules referee.

We placed the Story Board out on the table and then sorted out which Factions to play.  We stuck with the factions that were contained within the three pre-packed packs (to make things easier to start) and then added then Neutral Cards.

There are 7 factions to choose from, and you build your decks (of 50 cards we later found out) using any 2 of these.

  • The Agency
  • Miskatonic University
  • The Syndicate
  • Cthulhu
  • Hastur
  • Yog-Sothoth
  • Shub-Niggurarth

I chose Cthulhu and Shub-Nigguruth and Goat chose Miskatonic and Agency.  The decks were shuffled and we each placed 3 spare cards face down (not from our decks) next to us and these acted as our Domains.  Domains are used to provide the resources required to play a card.  We then placed the story cards down and turned over 3 of these and placed one onto each of the empty Story slots ready for us to play.

Here’s some blurb taken from the rules-booklet you get with the core game box, it de we have a basic o

The focal points of the Call of Cthulhu LCG are the story cards, which are drawn at random from a fixed common story deck and placed on the game board between the players. During the game, players take turns playing character and support cards from their hands and then using these cards to achieve success at these stories.

While characters are committed to a story, they may face op-position in four different arenas: Terror, Com­bat, Arcane, and Investigation.

Every turn, as a story resolves, the active player may receive success
tokens on his side of a story card. When a player has accumulated

five success tokens on his side of a story card, he wins that story. A player that wins three stories immediately wins the game!

Goat took the first turn and we slowly started to play, very slowly.

It didn’t take long for us to get the basic rules of the game sorted.  You both take it in turns, add one card as a resource under Domain (if you wish) as you use the Domains to pay for cards to be played.  Early stages of the game saw Goat winning two stories of which we then discovered he had played an invalid character card.  You may only play faction cards if your Domain has resources associated with that faction.  We allowed him to continue as this was just a game to learn the rules and the outcome didn’t matter.

Many turns later and Goat was easily winning.  I had a series of cards that basically required huge resources to play, one of which was a Deep One card that the action text allowed it to give one wound to each of my opponents characters upon being added to a story.  This card killed off many of Goats characters.  He had the ability to deal with it but didn’t for some reason and I suspect this card won the game for me.

I also held Cthulhu himself and played him, he though sadly has an action that requires each player to sacrifice a character card, that of course meant me as well, which in the end cost some cards that were very expensive to play.  I played Cthulhu too early though, he’s the card you play to grab that final story.

So the game continued for a little while and I ended up being handed a win as the Goat could have easily picked up the final story.

When the game ended we all concluded that it had promise.  I also have the The Order Of The Silver Twilight Expansion which adds the Order of the Silver Twilight as the 8th faction, plus unlike the Core Game Set, you get multiple copies of each card so when you start to build your own deck you can add more than one of each card into your deck.

Once I returned home I did a quick check to see that the game is still very active and there are a large number of additional themed card packs available as well as a active forum.

After a bit of research at both Fantasy Flight Games I learned that there are:

3 Deluxe Expansions – These are single boxed and contain all needed (rather than split into separate packs as the other expansions are)

  • Secrets of Arkham – This expansion features a new 10-card story deck which provides an alternative to the story deck provided by the Core Game Set.
  • The Order Of The Silver Twilight Expansion – This expansion contains 55 new cards, 40 of which are from this new faction. There are also two cards for each of the other factions – The Agency, Cthulhu, Hastur, Miskatonic University, Shub-Niggurath, The Syndicate, and Yog-Sothoth – as well as a neutral card. There are three copies of each card in this expansion.
  • Seekers of Knowledge Expansion – This expansion contains 165 cards (55 cards with 3 copies of each) and is primarily focused on the Misktatonic faction but does contain new cards for each of the other Expansions.

Expansions – Which each expansion containing 6 packs which introduce 20 new cards with 3 copies of each.


  • Call of Cthulhu Card Game: Bag of Cthulhu – A bag containing 24 smaller and 6 larger Cthulhu Statues (plastic) that the smaller ones can be used as Wound/Success markers.  The larger ones come with the core game set and are used to indicate a domain has been used.
  • Cthulhu Domain Statue – 6 larger Cthulhu statues that can be used (rather than spare cards) as domains.

I’ve linked all the above to Amazon (where possible – which took ages!), but do note that the Core rules and Deluxe Expansions are good value, but the Expansion packs work out to be anything from £5 upto £50! (at time of writing) that means you should investigate which ones you require unless you happen to have around lots of cash to spare, or are insane.

As with all CCG’s I recommend you spend your time learning how each card fits with the others.  I did find that during one of the final turns in the game I managed to play one card to sacrifice another to then draw another more powerful card for free…

That’s it for this post.  We are due another game soon, and I’ll make more notes on that so I can post a decent blog about how the game turned up. I plan to purchase a few expansions, a set of card sleeves and deck protectors so that I can play many times without the need to re-purchase anything.

Until then Huzzah!