95th Rifles

So then, sent off this chaps a few weeks ago… may remember I mentioned that I was having these done in a an earlier post.

And now I have them back and this is how they look now!

A marked improvement don’t you think?

I had these painted by Artmaster Studio after they did a test paint job for me on a Victrix 9dr British Artillery piece around a month ago and I was very happy with that.

Well now that the first set of Rifles have come back (16 models), the second set of 16 have been posted and have already arrived.  With a bit of luck I should have them back here for my next game of Black Powder on the 19th of this month.

Getting miniatures painted for you is not cheap, but it’s quick.  Well far quicker than I could possibly do them, I should though start to paint my own as I do have the skills, just need a new pair of glasses (yes even for 28mm).

Let’s look at the cost shall we?

£10 per figure (£1 off as it as a June Deal) with basing done for free and postage, so that’s 16 x £9 = £144.

The next set of 16 will cost slightly more as the June offer has finished, but Toby has agreed to do the basing for free and as already agreed I’ll get the 10% off for a larger order.  So it’s just the postage on top, which is 10% (minimum £10) which in my case will be £14.40.  That’s rather steep I hear you say?  Yes perhaps it is, however your figures arrive in a box fit enough for a regiment of any value, each figure is hand wrapped in tissue paper, then placed neatly into the box which is then padded so nothing moves about….. that’s worth the extra few quid.and Royal Mail requite £5.90 just for the next day special delivery – thieving goits they are.

So what’s next when the rifles return?  Well I’m going to build up 30 of these chaps and then send them off, ouch the cost?

Well let’s just say that it’s 30 painted figures, so that’s £9 (discounted remember) x 30 = £270 + 10% P&P = £27 = £297.

I think I’ll then send them the following 30 in August, hopefully for September completion, at which point I’ll have some of my own Line Infantry painted.

Talking of which, when I first spoke to Artmaster Studio I did explain I would be painting some of my own and so I requested that I get the colours used so that I can match the colours (if not the style).

This is the list of colours that Toby has said he uses (for base/highlights), and for reference these are all Vallejo paints, bar the Boltgun Metal which is GW.

  • Flesh
  • Shadows flesh
  • Flesh base
  • Flat Flesh
  • Jackets
  • Black red
  • Red 033
  • Vermillion
  • Trousers
  • Light grey
  • add offwhite to light grey
  • Offwhite
  • Blanket Rolls 
  • Dark Grey
  • London Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Bags
  • Light mud
  • Ivory
  • Water bottles
  • Field Blue
  • Pastel Blue
  • Wood
  • Germ camo black brown
  • Flat Brown
  • Gunmetal
  • Boltgun metal
  • Sashes
  • Black
  • Black Red
  • Red 033

I have some of those paints, but I’ll pick up the rest at my next trip into town.

So watch this space.  Seems (and I hope so) that I may have a friend in Peterborough who wants to play some Black Powder, i’d love to play more of it.

Anyway tomorrow I’ll make another post, seems some expensive rulebooks have turned up that require my attention….

Until next, Huzzah!

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