Had a game a few weeks ago now of Maurice.

It’s a set of Tabletop Wargamming rules for the time when Gentlemen used to play at war.  Very simply put it covers a good range of years, pre Napoleonic so for us we played some Seven Years War stuff.

It wasn’t me who was meant to be playing though.  I got invited along to a game between Paul and Gavin at ‘the bunker’ and as it was my first time watching the system (even though I have the rules) Paul thought I should take over.

Let’s say that I lost, lost quite easily (even though I had some small victories) this was because it was all new to me and quite different from other games, even from other Sam Mustafa games such as Lasalle.

So then what makes is different?

The first big thing is the movement of your troops.  Very simply put you may only move one ‘force’ at a time.  A force is the name given to a number of units within 2 bases of each other.  Also to make things better, you need to ‘pay’ for the distance from your commander to the ‘force’ they want to order.

The game is used with cards, the cards offer events, bonuses, actions and you may play them at the right time.  They also have a number of it which you can use to ‘buy’ the order (pay for the distance as stated before).

Again, very different.  To add to the fun as well, depending on your actions you may or may not gather game cards, so you could end up (like I did) not being able to do anything as I didn’t have enough points on the cards to pay for anything.

I very much like this system and hope that as a club, we play more of it.

I picked myself up a French SYW army in 10mm from Pendraken, which cost a massive £23.20 for a complete army!

Paul (aka Goat – mentioned above) was good enough to provide me with some bases and some French flags.  All I need to do now is paint the blasted things.

Here are some pictures of what I bought:

As you can perhaps not see, that’s a lot of miniatures.

The SYW Army pack contains:

1 x Grenadier foot march attack w/o turnback (SYF6) – 30 Models
1 x 3pdr gun with crew  (SYF11) – 3 guns + crew
1 x Heavy Cavalry (SYF13) – 15 models.
2 x Tricorn foot march attack w/o turnbacks (SYF1) – 60 models
2 x Tricorn foot marching w/o turnbacks (SYF2) – 60 models

As a guide, we base 10 infantry or  5 cavalry per base which is 2″ by 1″.

So that’s quite a project must must must get my eyes checked and new glasses, would like to paint these chaps!

That’s enough for tonight, tomorrow I’ll post some details on the first of my 95th that have been returned….

Until then Huzzah!

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