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Clash of Empires – Vikings! The Age of Ravens Sourcebook and a bit more…

A few months back we had an offer posted on the Clubs forum, regarding Clash of Empires (CoE). This is described on Amazon as ‘Tabletop Wargaming Rules for Battles from Deepest Antiquity to the Medieval Era’.

I enquired into what CoE was really all about via our clubs forum and got told that it was all about historical gaming from all periods of history from Classical to Roman through to Viking, Dark Ages and through to the Medieval period of history, it sounded ace.

What was better though was that Great Escape Games were offering the club a great offer as they have recently released the second source book for CoE called ‘Age of Ravens’ which to my delight had Vikings.  As I keep being told I have vikings blood in me (I burn as soon as the sun comes out, I have a large frame, I am aggressive and I have a beard and a thirst for ale…) anyway I’ve always liked them since a school visit to the Viking Museum in York all those years ago.

The club deal was excellent and we received:

The main rulebook ‘Clash of Empires‘ nearly 200 pages of A4 lovelyness all contained within a hardcover.  Printed on what feels 115gsm silk paper showing that no expense has been spared and laid out in a way easy to find the section you want as they’ve colour coded the sections.

In this book as you’d expect you have rules concerning Army list creation, movement, combat, morale, game sequence, scenarios and everything you need to play. I’ve had a quick read of this, and I will write a blog post all about this in a few weeks when I’ve had the chance to do that and then had a chance to play this game at the club.

The next book we got was the ‘The Rise and Fall of Persia‘.  This is the first source book for CoE, just like the rulebook its a hardback, full colour, silk paper and it’s got 130 pages.  It allows you do built 28 armies lists from Classical armies, through to Persian Empire, Cyrus the Great, Peloponnesian Wars (Greek vs Greek) and Alexander the Great.

The last book we received is the book I first talked about above, the ‘Age of Ravens‘ and my favourite book (as it has the Vikings in it).  Once again it’s another hardbacked, full colour book with around 112 silky pages and allows you to build up to 18 different armies which are split into different times.

As it’s my favourite book of the three and I’ve read it more indepth than the others and so here I can go into a lot more detail. Do not worry, I plan to build an army for the first source book and when I do, I’ll let you know.

As mentioned, the book is split into three different times and within each of these are a number of Armies of that time.  Here are the three periods with the lists contained within.

  • Wolves Upon the Fold
    • Viking Raiders (c. 793-865)
    • Irish (Hiberno-Norse) (c. 795-1167)
    • Welsh (c. 700-1200)
    • Picts (c. 550-845)
    • Scots (c. 700-1124)
    • Middle Anglo-Saxon (c.700-1016)
    • Viking Great Army (c. 830-1130)
  • Invasion and Conquest
    • Later Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Danish (c. 1016-1071)
    • West Francia (c. 879-1100)
    • Breton (c. 750-1100)
    • Norman (c. 911-1100)
    • Anglo-Norman (c. 1072-1154)
  • The battle for Spain
    • Later Visigothic (c. 654-718)
    • Ummayad Invasion (c.711-750)
    • Early Christian Spanish (c.750-1040)
    • Al-Andalus (c. 756-1172)
    • Later Christian Spanish (c. 1040-1250)
    • Berber (c. 1039-1269)

Between each period you are given pages of photographs showing miniatures representing various units and armies from the period, pages of them in fact and all in full glorious colour.  Plenty of reference models shown and you’re told who makes them, and my flick through to find this information showed that a fair few seem to be made by Gripping Beast.

The book almost finishes up with three scenarios:

  1. Brunanburh 937 (Army of Atheistan (Middle Anglo-Saxon) vs Celtic-Viking Alliance (Viking Great Army))
  2. Val-ès-Dunes 1047 (Norman Rebel Barons (Norman) vs Franco-Norman Alliance (West Francia))
  3. Torrevicente 981 (Galib’s Rebel Alliance (Early Christian Spanish) vs Caliphate of Cordoba (Al-Andalus))

But then finally slips in some more information on wargaming in Viking Britain and Western Europe in the 9th-12th centuries.

My aim was to get into the Vikings and I was pointed towards the Viking Great Army.  Lucky for me Great Escape Games have read my mind and have produced a ready to purchase Army!

Here’s a link to that product, look at that £80 (plus a bit of P&P) for 128 models (28mm), of which it’s a mix of plastic (Gripping Beast) and soft metal (Artizan Designs and Crusader Miniatures).

The Viking Army Deal contains the following:

  • 2 boxes of Gripping Beast plastic Viking Hirdmen (88 figures total)
  • Artizan Designs Viking jarl and standard bearer, plus 2 hersir
  • Crusader Miniatures 20 bondi
  • Crusader Miniatures hirdmen command and berserkers
  • Crusader Miniatures 8 archers (skirmishers)

That looks like this:

As you can see, a great deal when compared with other games and this is enough for 2500 points.

So then my CoE plan, in a few weeks I’ll make the plastic figures up and then spend a week preparing them (trimming seams etc), give them a black undercoat (not sure how now my Shed has gone) and then get to work on overbrushing all the chainmail…

One thing I forgot was that as I was one of the first to get the new source book I received a bonus figure, according to the Great Escape Games website it’s a Viking Warlord!  Exactly what I need and here’s a picture.

Anyway until next time, have a good one and keep fighting.


War of the Rings – and how I started my interest in it.

Some days my madness works it’s way through my pocket and into the hands of retailers.

After my visit to Warhammer World I had my interest in Lord of the Rings Wargaming renewed and so was determined to give it a blast.  War of the Ring is the mass battle version of Games Workshops’ Lord of the Rings battle system.  It’s designed for large numbers of troops to be fielded on the battlefield and to be honest even though it’s a Games Workshop product, I’m very very interested.  I grew up on the Lord of the Rings, I’ve played and ran the RPG ‘Middle Earth Roleplaying’ and I hope one day to play that game again, anyway this is about War of the Ring and my experience of it.

So I went to Wargames Emporium (WE) my local shop to pick up some other Warmachine stuff I’d ordered and asked about War of the Rings (WotR) as I couldn’t see any books/models in the shop (they are Independent and stock a number of systems) so I asked the chap behind the counter (John) and he told me he thought he had a second hand copy of the Rules.  Within a minute he had located it and I had agreed to purchase it from him at a princely sum of £18  (£20 minus 10% as I get a club discount).

Didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted the Angmar army and so I quickly raised my first order with WE.

I bought off them:

2 Boxes of Mordor Orcs (these chaps)

The Witch King

The Tainted

Barrow Wights

I did also ask for the Moria and Angmar army list book and the Lord of the Rings Rulebook itself, however they couldn’t match the price Wayland Games were selling the LotR Rulebook (£30) so I had to go with  Wayland for that (at this point I’m still waiting…..)

Knowing that these models wouldn’t be enough for an army I had to make the trek to Games Workshop on the Moor in Sheffield to see what they had.

So paying full retail price I added the following to my Angmar force.

Morannon Orc Commanders:

Warg Riders:

As such that was it.

When I got home and decided to start to build these, I knew from more reading that I didn’t have a valid Angmar force so over to Ebay for more…

I managed to pick up an Out of Production 20 figure ‘Army of the Dead’.  These models are used for the Ghostly Legion, I picked up the Box (sealed still) for £29 including postage.  I could have picked up 2 boxes of the newer ‘Warriors of the Dead’ but I don’t like the models so much and my thinking was that if I needed more of these companies, I buy the newer boxes and I don’t have many duplicates.

They turned up in time and I built them, I had an army and I had written a list for a 500 point introduction game I was going to be having at the club on Thursday 26th July.  Dan was played WotR before but not enough to be familiar with the rules.

I also before I read the lists wanted a Cave Troll, so popped to the GW website and bought one of these, which turned out to be a bugger to glue together, it needs some green stuff…

So Thursday came and we had our battle.

These were the forces.


Warband A
4 companies of Orcs + Captain + Shields (165 points)
Warband B
3 companies of Orcs + Bows (60 points)
Warband C
2 Companies Ghostly Riders (120 points)
Dwimmerlaik  (125 points)

Fate/Fortune – Balefire Arrows (25 points)

Total 495 Points.


Warband A
4 Companies of Haldirs Elves (Legendary Formation) (295 points)
Warband B
2 Companies of Galadhrim Regiment  (90 points)
Warband C
2 Companies of Galadhrim Warriors  (90 points)

Fate/Fortune – Ancient Lore (25 points)

Total 500 Points.

When I arrived at the club, Dan was already there and setting up the table, a balanced amount of scenery and cover plus a single objective – take the centre hill and hold it for 2 complete rounds without your opponent contesting the objective.

WotR games last 8 rounds so it’s important that we both got a move on…as that hill needed taking!

It didn’t take long really for us to get into the rules, but we did have a few sessions of ‘finding rules’ or in one case, not finding the rules.  For example when you declare a charge and you make the distance you move up to base to base contact with the charged formation.  Once the fighting has finished the two formations split apart a little to show they’ve finished.  My question was, are they still ‘fighting’ as at one point my opponent said that as we’re not in base to base contact he can shoot my Orcs.  I found this a bit hard, you’ve done melee and then your opponents allow you to draw your box, notch an arrow and fire off against you.  We in the end (after 20 minutes of searching) agreed he could, it didn’t make much difference as I charged him again and caused him to break.

It was a good game, I enjoyed it a lot, it’s a fast set of rules, designed for mass battles as there’s a single ‘to hit and injure’ roll which leads to lots of troops dropping on a series of good rolls.  I can see why people complain that WotR is all about rolling high, it is, but also planning what units attack what and in what order make it just as tactical.

So after 6 rounds (of the 8) the game was mine.  The bow fire from my 3 companies of orcs, the spells (or lack of) from my Nazgul and some good rolling on my main Warband meant I won the day.  Those orcs are almost as deadly as the Elves in melee, not as skilled but a few good rolls helps and I did get them, you need though to take large formations of orcs as they die quickly to Elven bows.

I like it, like it a lot and I will play more.

I’ll give a decent review of it once I’ve played a few more games and I hope over the rest of summer that I’ll play more.  I’m also looking to create some battle rep type blog posts, will think about that as the time they take to write up is quite large – so perhaps plenty of pictures instead?

Right time to do something else.


A short update….

Hello all,

Just a quick update on things.

Right, blog postings.  I’ve got a few on the go at the moment, these are all work-over-time type postings.

For example, I’m still typing up (and sorting out the pictures) for my 40k Open Day Blog 2 of 2 (which may become 3 posts!).  That’s taking some time as there’s a lot of messing and re-writing and so on.

However I also have a post on my Clash of Empires army that will soon be in full swing, on top of that I have a second post of Empire of the Dead showing my progress on my Gentlemen’s Club and off of that a, blog post on bases and basing, namely Black Cat Bases (being used for my EotD Gentlemen’s Club) and Product for Wargamers MDF bases that I’ve bought for my Black Powder Naps.

That is not the end, oh no.  I’ve also bought the War of the Ring rules, plus now ordered the Lord of the Rings (Games Workshop) rules, along with an army based on the Angmar lists as found in the Moria and Angmar army list book!

Phew, so much going on.

I’ve also sent GW an email, a plead more like.  I’ve asked them if I can arrange to interview Matt Ward, Jerm Votek or Adam Troke (the writers of 40k 6th Edition).

Anyway bed beckons, so I best sign off.

Hope to finish the 40k follow up blog tomorrow.


For the Emporer! – 40k Open Day (Blog 1 of 2)

Saturday 14th July 2012 after the launch of the latest edition of 40k, Games Workshop ran an Open Design day.  I saw this as a great opportunity to pick up some signatures for my collectors edition of the new rulebook.

Now before I go on, let me state that a number of these pictures are from a friend who came with me (thanks Greg), I, even had my camera with my but as I don’t take it many places I just didn’t think to take pictures!  I did a few of the models etc, but nothing of any real interest as to what was going on.

Due to my missus being away and the desire to not take my two young children I went down to Peterborough dropped them off with my folks, picked up a friend and his (older than my) kids and then headed up the A1 and across the A52 to find this:

After being directed to park up, we made our way into the Warhammer World building and were greeted by a couple of staff who replaced our tickets with wrist bands.  At this point sprung upon us were choices for which seminars we could attend during the day.  Let’s say we were very surprised at this and luckily for others trying to get in there wasn’t a mass of people being held up.

This wasn’t so well handled.  We umm’d and arrr’d and made a few decisions after which we were told we could pop down and pick up another seminar voucher if we changed our minds.

Anyway walking up the stairs and into the gaming hall we saw the stalls of the various departments, here are a couple of pictures of what we saw:

After going around and looking at what there was, we started to talk to a few people.

First we talked at a couple of sculptors.  One was working on creating a total new model.  I don’t what who he was, or what the model would be (Page 159 – middle picture) but he did say it was be quite hard because the picture was 2d.  I asked what concepts they got and he said that depends on what they’re creating.  Normally all weapons would be drawn for them to sculpt but some models themselves would just be some basic sketches and they would be allowed to create the model how they saw it, assuming it was in the spirit of what was needed.

We then spoke about why Plastic models are creating ‘3 up’.  I was given two answers, but the basic was that when creating the stainless steel moulds they had to be careful that there were no sharp points on the sides, and for the details that were needed, they were best created larger and shrank down by a computer to the correct size.  It did say that a normal 28mm model can take a few weeks to sculpt and that a 3-up model a lot longer and a lot more sculpting putty.  The models themselves seemed to be a mix of Super Scupley FIRM Grey and what looks like GW’s own ‘Green Stuff’.

So here are some pictures of what I saw on display – they really are excellent stuff.  Sadly the models were put in glass cabinets that had mirrors at the back (to keep them lighted I think).  However do you recognise any of these, I sure do…

I then next moved on to find some of the people responsible for putting the 6th edition together, I knew Matt Ward would be at the seminar later and hoped I could get him there.  So next over to the art area.

My first conversation was with a young chap who helped put the books together.  He’s one of them men who put all that time into making sure the text reads and flows well and fits into the space it has.  Oddly enough he was there to help people with their painting skills.  We talked about the new Citadel range of paints.  He explained how it had all been put together which now makes total sense.  You have the base colours and then all the highlighting layers available without the need to mix any.  Plus the layering paints are also thin enough that you don’t need you use a thinner.  I do also have the comment that the new Painting Guide book is excellent and very well thought about.

Once finished with him I went off and talked to some of the artists, finally I had found my cover artists, Mr. Alex Boyd.  He was kind enough to sign my book and we spoke about how long it took, how he did it and what he thought of it, the cover that was.  It was a shock to find out how long that cover art had taken, but when he told us of the story of it (and showed us the original painting it was based on) we could understand why.  I also spent a bit of time talking to the chap who does all the uniform guides for GW (not just the 40k but the WHFB stuff as well).  That was quite interesting and as we spoke he let me into some information that the Black Templars may NOT get another codex as they’re not a founding chapter, they are a second founding from the Imperial Fists.  Now that I look at the pictures we took, and some pictures in the new rulebook are all about the Imperial Fists – so are they about to get their own codex and the BT be a section within?  The word on the web is that BT are next then Tau, we shall see…

Popped over the the FW guys and bought a copy of the new release Aeronautica and some artwork for myself.  I picked up from the Black Library stall 3 limited edition prints.  All by Jon Sullivan we have 2 of the 3 prints right here, sadly I couldn’t find the best one that I have and the pictures are crap.

Another look around and then it was time for my friend and his youngest to go and take part in a sculpting and detailing miniatures seminar.  I took his eldest and went into Bugmans Bar, ordered lunch and drinks and of course I had to have a Bugmans…. it’s ok, not great.

Next up I looked around the Bugmans Shop and bought myself a hip flask.  No real need for one, but just wanted one.

After this half way point in the day and still a good 45 minutes until the Seminar on the ‘Rules design’ for 6th Edition, Liam and I headed up stairs to the hall of miniatures.

Sadly though this is the end of this blog, if I go on any further you’ll die of boredom, so come back in a days for part 2.  More info from various folks, a chat with John Blanche, chat with Matt Ward and a brief chat with Jerm Vortek.

Until then remember ‘For the Emporer!’

Black Powder – My Plan

I’m playing Black Powder on the 19th of this month, that’s 9 days.

Here’s what I require to take:

To have enough models ready for the 19th July.
  • 3 Battalions of Line Infantry (108 models)
  • 2 Battalions of Highlanders (48 models)
  • 14 Hussars
  • 12 Dragoons
  • 3 Cannons
  • 16 Rifles

So if we tally them up, that’s a lot o f models, now as at this time, here’s a breakdown of what I have:

  • Line Infantry (26 built – 82 to build)
  • Highlanders (24 built – 24 to build)
  • 1 Cannon (2 to build)
  • 16 Rifles (None)
  • 0 Hussars (14 to build)
  • 0 Dragoons (12 to build)

That’s quite a short fall I think, and with just 8 days to complete the majority of it!

Without further ado, here’s the plan.  I’ve decided to split what I need to do into smaller chunks so I don’t get bored of one thing.
  • 6 Highlanders
  • 12 Line Infantry
  • 6 Highlanders
  • 12 Line Infantry
  • 12  Line Infantry (Two Battalions now complete)
Not around.
  • 18 Line Infantry
  • 12 Highlanders (Two battalions now complete)
  • 18 Line Infantry (Three Battalions now complete)
  • 2 Cannon’s
  • 12 Dragoons
  • Colonels
  • Hussars if possible.
Base, and the spray the blighters!
That’s a lot of models, anyway it’s now 12:16am on Thursday, next update tomorrow.
Wish me luck, I’m going in!
Didn’t achieve much tonight, do have 1 Battalion of Line Infantry finished and based.
That means Thursday needs to be a busy day, I need to built at least 24 Line Infantry and 6 Highlanders!
24 Line Infantry complete, stinking headache so knocking it on the head
Due to work I may have to cancel the game, there’s a lot to do, but I could get more painted before the rescheduled match…..

Victrix Highlanders

As the gods are against me going down to Bristol for the weekend, i’ve decided to use the time i’ve ‘gained’ to start to build up the vast number of 28mm Napoleonic miniatures that I need for my upcoming game of Black Powder in a few weeks.

For that game I’m hoping to provide my own troops rather than borrowing from others.

My list of models I have are as follows:

  • 5 x Box of Perrys British Line Infantry (200 figures)
  • 2 x Box of Victrix Highlanders (1 Box of Centre Company, 1 Box of Flank Company).
  • 8 Blisters of British Cavalry
  • 2 Blisters of Colonels/Generals.

So my focus for the moment is to build up some Highlanders, as I need fewer of these than I do the Line Infantry.

If we open up a box, this is the contents and the amazement of 60 miniatures for £22!

This box gives us:

  • 4 Officers in trousers
  • 4 Standard Bearers
  • 4 Pipers
  • 4 drummers
  • 4 NCO’s
  • 24 infantry in march attack/advancing poses
  • 12 infantry in standing firing/loading poses
  • 4 infantry kneeling firing
  • 72 heads in feathered Highland Bonnets
  • 48 backpacks to be used with all figures with the exception of the officers, standard bearers and pipers

Anyway, let’s look at what we get when we open up the box.

The first thing I notice about Victrix figures is that the boxes are that bit deeper than anyone else and when you open up the box you see the large number of sprues.  The sprues are made from a  lighter plastic than you see from GW/PP/Perrry’s but the good news is that it’s easy to clean, easy to cut the pieces out and more importantly (for me) plastic glue works (I use Humbrol Poly Cement).

However it’s not all good for me, personally I find that Victrix arms are a law to themselves, they are just a real pain to fit, especially when you have to glue the two arms together as well (holding the rifle to aim for example).  This means that you have ‘gaps’ at the back of the arms as this picture shows.

This gap is easy to sort, but something you shouldn’t need to do so.  I am not alone in my issue with the arms, a number of fellow wargamers also speak of this.  What is worse though is that if you compare these models to the Perry Miniatures British Line Infantry I find that those arms 90% of the time fit without issue.

One thing we shouldn’t perhaps forget is that we get 60 figures in a box, that’s 37p each and you can forgive them a few annoyances as these figures are meant to be built en masse for large unts where you do a battlefield quality paint job and not a set of figures to enter for the Golden Demon award etc.

For Black Powder I’ve decided to use a base of 45x40mm as found on a great website here, It also agrees with the basic Perry base for their Line Infantry.  This means that only 4 figures will be on one base, and six bases are needed for a Unit/Battalion, so that means 24 figures per Unit.  This then means that each box will built two Units! and we’ll still have 12 other figures as well.  We could use these to build a large Unit (using 8 bases).

So to date I’ve built 24 of these, that’s enough for a Battalion for our Black Powder game.  I’ll do another post detailing my mad plane to field enough models to make it worth doing!

Until then Huzzah!

Empire of the Dead

A recent release from desks of West Wind Productions brings us ‘Empire of the Dead‘.  A VSF/Steam Punked Gothic Horror skirmish war game based in Victorian England in the year 1888….

I picked this up purely because of the title and the fact that it was a steam punk game and these days I seem to want to read as many rules sets as I can get my hands on (and for good reason).

First impressions are that this is a very well presented book.  The quality of the book is excellent, the feel and atmosphere of the game are contained within and you feel that it’s a great start.  My one issue with it was the asking price.  For £30 you get 152 pages of full colour, that’s very expensive.  For 50% more money you could pick up the new 40k Rulebook which is 450 pages.

In fact nothing is ‘reasonably’ priced if you look at EotD, as the figure sets are £25 for 8 figures.  You get them of course in a lovely box (the presentation is excellent) but the box is overly huge, and I mean overly huge, a complete waste of space.  You could get the 8 figures inside a large blister pack quite easily and as so I feel the cost is too much.

That didn’t stop me from picking up 3 of the boxes, I picked up:

    • Gentlemen’s Club

    • The Brotherhood

    • Victorian Zombies

After a first read of the book the rules seem very simple and didn’t require much re-reading to learn them.  I did find that during my first watching of the game that the simple rules didn’t work so well, a lot of down time due to having to discuss the rules and on one page an example of the rule (Bravery Test) contradicting the description of how to take the test.  It did seem quite apparent that these rules have not been that well play tested, or they didn’t put enough decent examples in the book to truly explain the rules.

There are four main factions in the game, these are:

  • Holy Order
  • Lycaon
  • Nosferatu
  • Gentlemens Club
    • Sons of the Empire
    • Darkfire Club
    • Wulfen Jaegar
    • Zendarian

That said, my wargaming group (GIMPS – Sheffield and Rotherham Wargames) are running a campaign.  EotD has a special campaign section in the main rules, which reads like a campaign is perhaps the best way to focus on a decent number of games.

I shall be having my first game on Monday night, I need to prepare my figures though, so that means a trip into the shed and some spraying…I am going to create a Gentlemen’s Club with the Darkfire Club Affiliation (so I can use my Zombies!).

The Darkfire club are practitioners of Black Magic…. according to the fluff, they’ll do anything to get what they want.  Nice. I just need to learn the rules, how to pick my spells and plan some use of them.  Of course the main issue with any game is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy and until I get any experience I won’t know.

Seem that you can’t pick the Mob or spells when you start and you only get a 1 in 10 change of a spell.  That in my opinion is a bit naff as you need to be able to raise a zombie mob or cast some spells around to make the Darkfire club come into their own.

So then if you want to play the game, you need to buy some more nice figures, these people have some great figures and i’m going to buy some my self.

The first place then in the UK:

Ironclad Miniatures

This figure is known as ‘Tobias’, for me he looks very very nice.

You can buy this man from here.

Next we come do someone else in the UK, Foundry Miniatures.

For some nice figures look here, here’s a picture of one pack.

But I’ve saved the best for last….

Love the figure of Clive, I can see him as the leader of my Darkfire club with a purple suit.

You can get this and a lot more excellent figures from ‘Lead Adventure’ here.  The are based in Germany and priced in Euro (€) with shipping for decent number of minis at €7.90

So tomorrow I’ll going to start to paint one of the Gentlemens Club, I hope anyway.

Have fun


Dare you enter the realm of Relica?

Relics is a ‘Stitchpunk’ tabletop war game from Sheffield (UK) based TOR Gaming.

It’s different, very different, different dare I say in a good way?

Look watch this and then continue reading.

See,  for a set of wargame rules it’s quite different, but also when you read it (or watch it again) it’s quite simple to pick up.  There aren’t the seven hundred rolls just to work out if something has happened, it’s quick and can be run with a very small number of miniatures.

You can find a free set of the rules just here (with scenarios here) and if you pop to their website you can order the 2 player starter box sets quite cheap.

The fluff behind the realm of Relica is very dark and twisted, it’s strange in that I must be equally as twisted as the writer(s) as I quite like it!

They (TOR Gaming) have recently had a successful Indiegogo project and have raised enough capital to push ahead with the new starter sets and some new models along with the new Neum faction starter box.

They’ve also employed the skills of Worthy Painting to paint up the new models, and you should see some of them – the painting is most excellent.

Lastly TOR Gaming have a facebook page as well, at the time of writing this blog they are using one of their new models all lovely and painted up as their cover image.

So download the quick start rules, pop over to the website, ask away on the forums and then order yourself some excellent miniatures.  Slap some paint on them and then go beat up some Neum!  After all that and you fancy a game, drop me a line and we can arrange that – assuming your UK based and near me 🙂



The Dawn of War, Day 6?

25 Years they say, has it really been 25 years since I first picked up Warhammer 40,000?  Then called Rogue Trader, that tome with the hardback cover all those pages of rules, drawings and some miniatures.  I can’t remember much about it.  I can remember building a Chapter and selecting the Space Wolves before GW went silly on them.

No such thing as a codex, but plenty of support in White Dwarf.  Good times, cheap figures, 2 Land Raiders in one box for £20 and plenty of drastic plastic beaked marines.  I though went Ork, picked up Waaarrggghhh the Orks and ‘Ere we go and built a bad moon force…. it was a shame what they did to the Dwarfs of Warhammer and I hope one day they return, return as Dwarfs are meant to be, short, strong and equally as stubborn.

So what’s the point of this post?

Not 100% sure is that answer, perhaps just an insight into how I think.  I played 5th Edition, only lost 1 game (only played a dozen) (and only lost that to a cheating opponent – as I later found out) and as such I can’t say I’m an avid 40ker..  Yet when GW announced 6th Edition I thought they’d actually learn from the changing wargamming world (where there share is shrinking) and as it’s 25 years later we would probably see a very nice effort to make this edition special.

Me being me, I bought the rulebook (from Wayland Games) and then went over to GW and bought the Collectors Edition.  The latter was £80 and a lot for a book?  Not really, i’ve seen books that cost much more that are half the size in pages, this is a collectors item and on Ebay I can already see them going for £300+.

Here are a few images of the standard and collectors editions.

So above you have images mainly of the covers, and more pictures of the various different coverings of the collectors edition.  That edition comes in a box that’s all marked up, it’s then inside a slip case which has a gate fold cover.  Inside the slip case is the rulebook and I have to say the quality of the book is excellent, well worth the £80 and for some worth over £300 already.

I have plans though for it.  I’m going to go down to Warhammer World for whatever events with some friends and I’ll take it with me, ask to see if I can get it signed by any of the artists/writers.  Some could say that’ll ruin it, I don’t agree.

What do I think of the new rules?  Not had a good chance to read them, I note the cover save still exists, which annoys me, since when does being behind a tree save me?  Surely it’s harder to hit me not hurt me if I’m hit….. vehicles have hull points and psykers have levels or somesuch.  I’m sure over time I’ll ingest all the rules and decide what I think.  Sadly the Black Templar don’t get too much of a mention in the miniatures showcase, not even a full page, yet the sisters do, I wonder if this is the future for the Templars?  I hope not, I want to finish painting my Templars at some point.

Talking of painting, finally booked myself an eye appointment on Thursday morning, assuming I get my glasses by the weekend I should be able to start reducing my massive collection of figures.

Anyway that’s enough for this post, 6th Edition, is it any better?  To early to say, but no big changes, nothing about 25 years and perhaps a pointless upgrade, time will tell.


95th Rifles

So then, sent off this chaps a few weeks ago… may remember I mentioned that I was having these done in a an earlier post.

And now I have them back and this is how they look now!

A marked improvement don’t you think?

I had these painted by Artmaster Studio after they did a test paint job for me on a Victrix 9dr British Artillery piece around a month ago and I was very happy with that.

Well now that the first set of Rifles have come back (16 models), the second set of 16 have been posted and have already arrived.  With a bit of luck I should have them back here for my next game of Black Powder on the 19th of this month.

Getting miniatures painted for you is not cheap, but it’s quick.  Well far quicker than I could possibly do them, I should though start to paint my own as I do have the skills, just need a new pair of glasses (yes even for 28mm).

Let’s look at the cost shall we?

£10 per figure (£1 off as it as a June Deal) with basing done for free and postage, so that’s 16 x £9 = £144.

The next set of 16 will cost slightly more as the June offer has finished, but Toby has agreed to do the basing for free and as already agreed I’ll get the 10% off for a larger order.  So it’s just the postage on top, which is 10% (minimum £10) which in my case will be £14.40.  That’s rather steep I hear you say?  Yes perhaps it is, however your figures arrive in a box fit enough for a regiment of any value, each figure is hand wrapped in tissue paper, then placed neatly into the box which is then padded so nothing moves about….. that’s worth the extra few quid.and Royal Mail requite £5.90 just for the next day special delivery – thieving goits they are.

So what’s next when the rifles return?  Well I’m going to build up 30 of these chaps and then send them off, ouch the cost?

Well let’s just say that it’s 30 painted figures, so that’s £9 (discounted remember) x 30 = £270 + 10% P&P = £27 = £297.

I think I’ll then send them the following 30 in August, hopefully for September completion, at which point I’ll have some of my own Line Infantry painted.

Talking of which, when I first spoke to Artmaster Studio I did explain I would be painting some of my own and so I requested that I get the colours used so that I can match the colours (if not the style).

This is the list of colours that Toby has said he uses (for base/highlights), and for reference these are all Vallejo paints, bar the Boltgun Metal which is GW.

  • Flesh
  • Shadows flesh
  • Flesh base
  • Flat Flesh
  • Jackets
  • Black red
  • Red 033
  • Vermillion
  • Trousers
  • Light grey
  • add offwhite to light grey
  • Offwhite
  • Blanket Rolls 
  • Dark Grey
  • London Grey
  • Light Grey
  • Bags
  • Light mud
  • Ivory
  • Water bottles
  • Field Blue
  • Pastel Blue
  • Wood
  • Germ camo black brown
  • Flat Brown
  • Gunmetal
  • Boltgun metal
  • Sashes
  • Black
  • Black Red
  • Red 033

I have some of those paints, but I’ll pick up the rest at my next trip into town.

So watch this space.  Seems (and I hope so) that I may have a friend in Peterborough who wants to play some Black Powder, i’d love to play more of it.

Anyway tomorrow I’ll make another post, seems some expensive rulebooks have turned up that require my attention….

Until next, Huzzah!