Fallout 3 or OU tonight?

My better half is working tonight, so once I have got my girls to bed I have the evening to myself.

Now I should be doing an Open Uni assignment now that I’m finally back working and thinking but after a busy week at work my brain just doesn’t feel like it wants to do maths.

I am behind on this assignment and have had my tutor contact me asking me what’s going on.  Lucky for me I was away, did have that xmas tree allergy and other stuff so I got an extension.

But I fancy trying out Fallout 3.

I reinstalled it last night.  I’ve had the game since the Game of the Year edition was released and at the same time I picked up the Official Game Guide but I just didn’t get on with it.

So why try it again?  First I have the investment of money, it was only £35 all in which is nothing but I don’t like having games not finished and now that I’ve completely finished Dragon Age I feel I should try.

Also I have all those lovely achievements to pick up, I think I have just 4 (from when I first played) so that’s another 68(?) ready for the taking.

My friends tell me it’s a feature rich game and let’s face it, Bethesda make some great RPG games, so I think I owe it to my Xbox and Fallout 3 to provide me with a nights entertainment.

So wish me some luck, with a bit of luck this’ll be my game of choice and Ezio will have to wait to reveal his latest story to me.

And I can convince myself that tomorrow night I can do the OU assignment…I do have until Monday!

Until then!

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