Relics Reinforcements!

I’ve been a bit slow off the mark with this one as one of my favourite war games launched a new Kickstarter Project a few days ago.

As those of you who have read my ramblings before may know, I’m quite a big fan of the mechanics of Relics and one of the factions within, that of the Britanan’s who are a faction of mainly stuffed dolls brought back to life by a Puppeteer….

If you’re into you tabletop war gaming and fancy trying something different to 40k/GW/Warmahordes/Dystopian etc then this is a great little game.  Very quick, easy to pick up and the rules are free to download!

If you needed any other excuse then I suppose you should look at the quality of the current range of models.  You’ll  then see why I like them so much and am very interested in some of the remaining units from the main rulebook being released.  To aid you locate how great the current range of Britanan’s are then look no further!  I’ve made a gallery that I’ve nicked off the Tor Gaming store just for your (and my own)viewing pleasure!

So when I saw an email telling me that Tor Gaming had launched a Kickstarter Project to raise the funds to make the remaining models from the rulebook I was very excited.  A quick look and wow, they are going to make the Bomber model 🙂

Bomber Concept

That is good news and at time of writing it’s even better news as they’ve smashed their target, gone through a first stretch target and looks like they’ll be successful enough that I may see the Heavy Dragoon released!  Which also means there’s no worry that it may or may not reach it’s target and you get anything.

It didn’t take me long and I decided to back this project (why wouldn’t i?).  I chose the Colour Party as I love those figures and being added to some fluff through my own story type thing sounds ace.  Depending on what else gets released I may up my pledge, but I really would want a Hardback edition of the book – alas there’s no mention of this, but if you read the end there’s mention of possible Ridend and C’thu releases….. I can’t wait for the C’thu.

Anyway I can now display this can’t I?


So then folks, what are you waiting for?  I want the Heavy Dragoon model released so this project needs a lot of support, so why don’t you support it and tell all of your friends to support it?  You know you should.

Last thing, any of you around the South Yorkshire area who want a game, just let me know.


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